Complete Marketing Course

Complete Marketing course provides students with a basic grasp of marketing fundamentals. With more and more organisations striving to develop a greater online presence, it has become the most prominent keyword in the industrial sector. The use of online technology to facilitate the promotion of a product or service is referred to as digital marketing. As a result, comprehensive marketing as a course is gaining much traction in today's society.

  • 6 Months
  • 50 Sessions
  • Advanced
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Course Overview

Everyone wants to learn about the tools and tactics used in this unique marketing style. Because there are so many digital marketing opportunities for freshers in the business, taking a programme in this subject has potential.

Who needs this digital marketing course?

This course is appropriate for

  • Local businesses, including B2B and B2C
  • Digital Marketers
  • Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • Content producers
  • Facebook Marketing Consultants
  • Facebook Ads Consultants
  • Advertisers and Graphic Designers
  • Website owners and administrators
  • Real Estate Agents
  • People in search of work
  • Those that want SEO assistance
  • People want to improve their local area's digital marketing and SEO abilities.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their Facebook Ads knowledge.

Course Modules

Marketing creates, communicates, provides, and exchanges value-added services for consumers, clients, partners, and society. It won't have a voice if you don't advertise your firm. If you don't have a voice, you won't be able to communicate with others.

Scientific and technological advancements ushered in a time of massive societal change. The Industrial Revolution gave birth to marketing principles as we know them today.

Mainstream, high-end, and low-end consumer categories are starting to go away. Segmentation will grow more complicated in the future. Personalisation will become increasingly widespread in product design and messaging.

Marketing will be centred on mobile communications. Personalised data-driven marketing will become friendlier, and brand-customer connections may become more transparent.

The marketing mix represents the four Ps of marketing: product, price, placement, and promotion. These are the most crucial aspects of marketing a product or service, and they are highly intertwined. Considering these variables is one method to approach a holistic marketing strategy.

The study of how people, communities, and organisations acquire and dispose of products and services to meet their requirements is known as consumer behaviour. You will learn to Understand customer behaviour that may assist you in determining who to target, how to target them, when to reach out to them, and what message to convey to persuade them to purchase your product.

Market segmentation breaks a big consumer or business market, generally made up of current and potential consumers, into sub-groups based on common characteristics. Interests, lifestyles, age, gender, and other market group traits are prevalent. You will learn the marketing segmentation variety of ways, including geographical, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural.

Pricing strategies refer to a company's tactics and processes for determining the pricing of its goods and services. Almost all businesses, large and small, base their prices on manufacturing, labour, and advertising expenses, then add a percentage to account for profit margins.

Marketing tools such as logos, slogans, and other well-known identifiers used to sell goods and services are frequently conflated with brands. A brand comprises all the features that distinguish one seller's goods and services from those of another. It has an identity, personality, name, culture, vision, emotion, and intelligence like a living being.

It is the process of bringing a new product to market. Customer preferences, increased competition, and technological advancements may force your company to participate in this process, or you may need to seize a new opportunity.

When a product is first introduced to the market, it is referred to as its product life cycle. In this course, you will study the stages of a product's life cycle.

You will learn to Collect, Convert, and create the three phases of a lifecycle marketing plan. Each step is divided into three parts, with fundamental concepts and tactics merging into a single, self-contained process.

You'll discover that a distribution channel is a group of enterprises or intermediaries through which the ultimate customer purchases a product or service. The maker sells directly to the customer through a direct distribution channel. Wholesalers, merchants, distributors, and the internet are possible distribution channels.

Marketing law and marketing ethics are two themes that are intertwined. Antitrust law, which protects rivals from unethical marketing practices, and consumer law, which protects customers, are relevant areas of law.

Enhancing organic traffic on the google page is SEO (SERP). It's also known as "organic search" or "listings." You'll need to employ SEO to appear top for all keywords to enhance your ranking.

It would help if you grasped how search engines function to rank well on the SERP. This SEO course will teach you how Google ranks websites, the many forms of SEO, and the SEO keyword tactics you can use to increase your rating.

The process of optimising website components is known as on-page SEO. You will learn important things while you're doing SEO. As an end-user, you have complete control over all of these aspects.

Off-page SEO is another way to improve your SERP ranking. It also aids in the strengthening of your website's credibility and the development of a perception of page authority and reliability. Increased traffic, page rank, and brand exposure are advantages of off-page SEO.

Adding websites to Google's search results is known as indexing. Search engines use different crawlers or bots to examine a website, copy the material, and store it in their index. No one will be able to locate your website if it is not in a search engine's index.

You will learn about keywords and determine which phrases and words will most influence your SEO.

Voice search is searching anything on the internet just by speaking. You'll discover that a gadget can recognise your speech and use artificial intelligence to submit your query to a search engine.

You'll understand how picture size on your website influences image rendering, and you'll be able to construct excellent social media posts that cause flawlessly on any social network. If you generate it precisely, you'll have prettier content with more interaction and visitors to your website.

You'll learn in the SEO course how to use Google Analytics' interface and reports and how to create dashboards and shortcuts. The course will also cover how to look at fundamental Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior statistics and to set up goals and track campaigns.

There are various aspects to consider when SEO to keep your website current. The On-Page SEO cheat sheet contains a prioritised set of best practices to help you with the technical aspects of the process.

Our Marketing course will teach you how to set up a Facebook page for a company, organisation, brand, or individual. If you have a Facebook Business Page, people will be able to locate and connect with you, your brand, your company, or your organisation more quickly.

The complete marketing course will teach you to become an expert in Facebook Ads Manager. Learn how to create and manage Facebook ads and assess and improve the results of your Ads Manager campaigns. You will learn how to use Facebook Ads Manager to create campaigns by choosing the right ad objectives, target audience, budget, and placement.

If you're new to Facebook and want to build your business, we can help you gain the digital skills you'll need. If you have a Facebook Business Page, people will be able to locate and connect with your brand more quickly.

We'll demonstrate how to set up Facebook storefronts to advertise your company or items. This strategy might assist you in attracting more consumers and marketing your business or brand swiftly.

This course, which we teach you using Creator Studio, will teach you how to create and manage your Facebook presence. You may post, monetise, and measure performance, produce and schedule content, receive alerts, move between pages, and communicate with fans.

By providing economical and highly targeted Facebook traffic to your website, we'll teach you how to get more clients, enhance sales, and increase income. If you already have a website that needs immediate traffic but don't want to spend much money on Facebook traffic, this course will help you

This course covers the fundamentals of Facebook campaign reporting and analytics. Reporting against company goals, excellent measurement examples, and how to link campaign insights to reporting are all highlighted.

You can use WhatsApp to enhance the sales of your products and services after finishing our social media training. Our specialists will teach you how to correctly set up your Whatsapp profile for your sort of company, grow your connections, increase your Whatsapp status views, and sell efficiently on Whatsapp.

Complete marketing courses are the best way to remain updated on Instagram's ever-changing upgrades, and You will learn to set up your Instagram account step by step to gain followers.

Complete Marketing course is the best way to remain updated on Instagram's best practices if you're looking to improve your professional Instagram talents.

We're all aware of the significance of Instagram marketing. The Instagram marketing training course will show you how to construct your first Instagram marketing campaign and use Instagram ads. After completing our marketing course, you will be able to grasp the process of generating Instagram advertising and obtain a competitive advantage.

This training session will explain what Instagram is and how it differs from other social media platforms. You'll discover how to use Instagram to grow your following. Install Instagram straight now and start using it.

Another large professional platform is LinkedIn. Designers may utilise LinkedIn to promote themselves, show off their work, and create a good first impression. Learn how to use LinkedIn to help your design company grow.

Learn how to utilise today's most powerful technologies to build, implement, and evaluate a profitable marketing strategy. With LinkedIn's professional network, you may quickly receive several tasks.

If you want to start from basics with your brand or channel, it is your training. Social media training is for anyone who wants to build their brand by making YouTube videos.

The social media course is for people who want to create video content but aren't interested in making a short film or a documentary. Students will learn how to make a YouTube video from start to finish, including picking the right equipment, production accessories, and editing and N.L.E. software fundamentals.

Email marketing is a potent marketing tool for promoting your company's products or services. It is a sort of digital marketing as well as direct marketing. You may be able to inform your clients of new items or offers by adding them to your marketing automation efforts.

Consumers have the freedom to read their email whenever it is convenient for them. It may give them the impression that you are thinking about them. You will learn to track delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates.

Any communication delivered one-to-one or through a complete email builder or automation platform to a subscriber, customer, or prospect's inbox is considered email content. You will have Everything from weekly and monthly mailings to automated marketing and new product releases.

It may aid in developing a relationship with your audience while also driving traffic to your blog, social media accounts, or wherever else you want them to go.

You'll learn how to pick the best email design for each letter using Mailchimp's campaign builder. You may also segment your emails and target clients based on their qualities, ensuring that they only receive the material they want to see.

Google Ads is a powerful tool for attracting qualified visitors to your business or customers seeking things and services comparable to yours. Using Google Ads, you can boost website traffic, phone calls, and in-store visits.

It's a service that allows companies to pay to have their websites appear at the top of a search results page for particular keywords. You'll discover how to set up a Google AdWords account and run ads.

You'll create a Google Ads account and learn how to use Smart campaigns to advertise on Google. The problem is that your rivals are almost certainly using the same search terms and keywords as you. You'll need to know how to set up a Google Ads campaign, but you'll also need to know how to stand out.

Radio commercials are substantially less expensive to make than television commercials since they require audio. They also allow you to reach out to large audiences. Learn how to target customers in a certain geographic region.

This thorough training was created in partnership with broadcasters, agencies, and advertisers to help improve vital skills and knowledge throughout the industry. It covers all the present and developing ways businesses may interact with T.V. to generate commercial success, from the most advanced T.V. technologies to the realities of planning and buying a T.V. campaign.

It has been the most popular type of advertising for businesses to sell their goods and services for the longest time. But, in most cases, newspaper advertising is placing an advertisement for your company in a print or digital magazine. Learn about all aspects of creating a newspaper ad based on your objectives.

The act of publicising an event is what event advertising is all about. It comprises using every available channel to raise awareness, spread the word, and ensure that your event is a sellout.

Cinema advertising is a form of product or service promotion in movie theatres. The commercials appear as soon as the movie begins, usually at the beginning or shortly before the midway point.

Giving away free samples is a terrific approach to get new clients interested in your products. To help free samples lead to sales, you'll learn how to gather contact information, which you'll use to entice the potential buyer.

Design theory covers the fundamentals and principles of visual communication and all types of art. It is concerned with how consumers perceive and comprehend visual information, distinguishing between ideas of style, taste, and trend and universal aesthetic principles that apply to all.

Psychology knowledge contributes to creating designs that encourage users to engage in common actions like making a purchase or contacting the team.

The content creation tools will help you figure out what is important to your attentive audience, package it effectively, and do editorial assessments in the most straightforward way possible.

A/B design testing is a simple experiment in which users are shown two or more different website versions at random. Statistical analysis determines which variation is most effective for a specific conversion goal.

In SEO and social media analytics, you may use your marketing data. When determining where your website ranks for a keyword, you look at what people search for or the ranking positions of data on other websites.

You'll discover how KPIs help determines a company's strategic, financial, and operational achievements, especially compared to rivals in the same sector.

An SEO competitive analysis aims to figure out where we are now compared to our rivals and help us build a plan that matches their level. You'll also learn about the 7 Dimensions of Marketing Analysis.

Skills You Will Gain

After finishing this Digital Marketing Course, students will have the following abilities.

  • Management of social media
  • Expert in Hashtags
  • Marketing on Instagram
  • Content Marketing on Facebook
  • Marketing on WhatsApp
  • Management of a brand
  • Creating Content
  • Monetisation
  • Expert in Marketing Management Tools
  • YouTube C.M.S.
  • Expert in LinkedIn Management
  • Auditing for SEO
  • Keywords: planning
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Planner by Google
  • Google Search Console
  • Backlinking
  • Marketing with Content
  • Marketing via email
  • Inbound marketing


  • Certified S.M.O. Professional
  • Certified SEO Professional
  • Certified SMM Professional
  • C.P.D. Certificate
  • Work Experience

What will you learn?

  • Understand the principles of social media and digital marketing.
  • Learn how to reach marketing and organisational goals by utilising existing social and digital marketing technologies.
  • Understand how to create interesting content and use it to drive online marketing.
  • Establish a system for assessing the current status of digital assets.
  • Learn how to select the best budget allocation and how to evaluate the success of events and campaigns.
  • Examine methods for analysing post-campaign information and connecting digital marketing outcomes to the company's broader business strategy and objectives.
  • Manage external agencies efficiently and establish performance evaluation measures, resulting in increased responsibility and better results.

Jobs You Can Apply For

  • Business Marketing Consultant
  • Marketer of Content
  • Manager of a Community
  • Strategist for Social Media
  • Manager of Social Media
  • Creative Design
  • Director of Social Media
  • Consultation on Social Media
  • Strategist for brands
  • Consultant in Business Marketing
  • Marketer of Content
  • SEO manager
  • Director of Marketing
  • Email Marketer