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Core Modules In This Course

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Learn the essentials of Excel for data analysis, including how to import data, clean and format data, create charts and graphs, use pivot tables, and write macros in this module of the Data Analysis Course.

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Mathematics and Statistics

Learn the fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics behind Machine Learning Models/Algorithms in this module of the Data Analysis Course.

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SQL Databases

Learn how to use SQL for data manipulation and analysis in our SQL module of the Data Analysis Course.

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Learn how to use Python for machine learning and data science in our comprehensive Python module of the Data Analysis Course.

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Machine Learning

Learn the theory and practice of machine learning, including key algorithms and techniques, in our machine learning module of the Data Analysis Course.

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R Language

R is a highly regarded programming language in the realm of data analysis for its powerful statistical analysis capabilities, comprehensive library support, and graphics facilities.

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Data Pipeline

Learn the fundamentals of data integration with Talend—an ETL/ELT software offering seamless data pipeline creation, transformation, and loading, simplifying complex workflows for efficient data management.

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Power BI

Learn the Power BI tool that helps you connect to, analyze, and visualize your data. It can be used to create interactive dashboards and reports that can be shared with others.

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Tableau is an intuitive data visualization and business intelligence tool that helps transform data into interactive graphics, supporting data-driven decision-making in organizations.

Projects You Will Add To Your CV

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Weather Prediction (Time Series Data)
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Predicting Cancer Malignant Or Benign Based On Data
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Predicting Stock Prices
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Wine Quality Prediction
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Power BI Projects
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Tableau Projects
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