Course Overview

AAT level 2 is the initial level into the AAT qualification. Level 2 is the most significant level of them all because this will explain to you the basics of accounting and set the foundation for you to be capable of doing well in the later levels of the qualification. Without level 2, without the knowledge of basics, you will struggle with the advanced levels as you need the learning from level 2 to be able to form on it.

The AAT Accounting qualification provides you practical, internationally recognised finance and accounting skills that can open doors for you in any business industry across the world. This course will lead you to the basics in accounting and finance, giving you the skills to improve in finance administration, basic costing principles, bookkeeping, sales and general ledgers.

AAT Level 2 has two different courses:

  1. AAT Level 2, Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping -including 2 Subjects
  2. AAT Level 2, Foundation Certificate in Accounting -including 5 Subjects

If you presently work in accounts but would like a proper qualification, this course could be your first step. The course will let you gain confidence and progress onto intermediary and advanced levels which will allow you to continue into an advanced study in accountancy and finance. This qualification aims to familiarise you with basic accounting and finance skills. You’ll grow your skills in finance administration. As an objective qualification, or as a first step towards the advanced levels, it will let you move forward to further study in accounting & finance. Best if you are new to investment or you want to enhance your foundation knowledge & skills. Once you have achieved the introductory level, you will be awarded the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting.

This course is planned For:

  • Those students or professionals wishing to follow a career in accountancy, finance or business
  • Those presently in employment or training and requiring workplace skills
  • Those students want to excel in the accounting field
  • Those learners who ultimately progress to chartered status in the accounting profession.

What Our Course Will Offer You:

If you are fresh to an entry-level role, have no current experience or have experience but no specific training, the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting or bookkeeping is the ideal course for you. The course will offer you with a solid understanding of auditing and the knowledge required for developing your career. You will absorb essential accounting processes used through businesses worldwide, such as double-entry bookkeeping, manual and computerised accounting systems, basic costing principles, and the disciplines required to work as part of an accounting team.

Key Benefits of AAT Level 2

You can expect a considerable number of benefits from studying AAT courses. These include:

  • An exciting career: Accounting and bookkeeping is a fascinating job. However, you can suppose a diverse career with quite several employment opportunities. Financial management is the base of every business. There is a high demand for Bookkeepers and accountants.
  • Excellent employment prospects: AAT certifications are incredibly reputable, recognised and reliable within the accountancy industry. The skills and knowledge learnt from these certifications are real-world vital financial skills that can be easily transferred into job roles and tasks.
  • Ability to study with full-time work and a family: Although time and devotion are required if you want to attain study success, AAT courses are flexible considering your family life, social life, work-life and leisure time. You can receive constant support and supervision.
  • Value for money: If you’re able to dedicate time to the qualification fully, you can see a quality investment that will be gratifying and beneficial for your career. Once you have completed your course, you can expect a great job. You can apply for membership of AAT –MAAT.

Course Modules

Latest course syllabus materials for AAT Level 2 Certificate in accounting course consist of five Modules:

  • Learn the double-entry process
  • Cashbook and petty cash documentation
  • Trial balances
  • Prepare and check business documents
  • Reconciling a supplier’s statement
  • Completing simple transactions and keeping payment records
  • Be able to prepare control accounts
  • Use journals
  • Understand the banking system
  • Manage cash books
  • Petty cash and control account
  • Learn how to compute product costs and budget effectively
  • Using spreadsheets including cost behaviour
  • Manufacturing accounts
  • Labour costing
  • Product coding and costing for inventories
  • Improve the skills needed to process transactions using sage one extra software
  • Manage ledgers
  • Learn how to effectionality set up a company
  • Create customer and supplier records
  • Manage balances, sales And purchase
  • Understanding bank and cash receipts and payments
  • Discover how to work within an accounting team
  • Complete accounting and payroll function
  • Learn about professional ethics and key business skills such as managing workload
  • Personal development and literacy and numeracy skills

Jobs You Can Apply For

This course will offer you the knowledge and skills to rapidly start earning up to £38,000 on average! The kind of job roles you would be able to apply for include:

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounts Administrator
  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Trainee Accounting Technician
  • Purchase/Sales Ledger Clerk
  • Chartered Accountant


  • AAT Level 2
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate

More Courses For You

AAT Level 2: Foundation Certificate in Accounting

AAT level 2 is the initial level into the AAT qualification. Level 2 is the most significant level of them all because this will explain to you the basics of accounting.

AAT Level 3: Advanced Diploma in Accounting

AAT level 3 is an intermediate level in the AAT accountancy qualification because it extends on the knowledge you have studied at level 2, and sets you up for level 4.

AAT Level 4: Professional Diploma in Accounting

AAT level 4 is the foremost level of the AAT qualification. Once you have achieved level 4, you will have added AAT Accounting Technician qualification.