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Core Modules In This Course

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Network Devices and their Configuration

Learn how to manage and configure network devices in the network. Also learn how to troubleshoot problems in their connectivity.

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Endpoint Security

Learn to safeguard individual devices from threats by focusing on antivirus, firewalls, patch management, encryption, access control, and user training to prevent data breaches and cyber attacks.

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Network Defense

Learn how to proactively safeguard computer networks from unauthorized access and cyber threats by employing security measures, monitoring, and incident response to maintain network integrity and protect sensitive data.

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Cyber Threat Management

Learn identifying, assessing, and mitigating cyber security threats to safeguard digital assets and networks and how to document cyber threats.

Projects You Will Add To Your CV

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Simulate networks using Packet tracer
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Understand Phishing Attacks and Defenses
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Work with Kali
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System Hacking Using Metasploit
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Performing DOS Attacks and down the service
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Analyzing http, UDP, TCP and different network traffic using Wireshark
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Password Cracking & Password Recovery using John the Ripper
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Password Cracking with Hashcat
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Participants who successfully complete the training will be able to acquire a certification recognising their knowledge of the course subject. This certification witnesses to their learned skills and can boost their credentials as professionals.

  • Validation of Skills
  • Credibility and Recognition
  • Commitment to Professional Development
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