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Learn how to get your website to the top of Google's search results. This interactive SEO short course will show you how your website's content, mobile optimisation, and usability can all help you enhance your site's overall performance. Learn how to create an SEO strategy and track its effectiveness over time. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process that helps enhance the ranks of a website, but it may be complicated and perplexing.

  • 2 Months
  • 20 Sessions
  • Advanced
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Course Overview

This task-based, hands-on experience of SEO course introduces principles and trends before laying out a day-by-day method for creating, maintaining, and evaluating a successful SEO campaign. It's the ideal answer for busy marketers, company owners, and others whose jobs require increasing Website visitors, with tools you can download and case studies to demonstrate central themes.

Who needs an SEO course?

This course is appropriate for

  • Website owner
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Internet-based marketers
  • Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners and Experts
  • Web designers and developers want to make a search engine friendly website.
  • WordPress website owners who want to rank #1 in Google will benefit from SEO 2022 training.
  • If you're a content provider who wants to expand your subscriber base but has problems discovering new visitors through organic search, there's a solution for you.
  • Anyone who wants to improve the search engine rating of their website.

Course Modules

Marketing is a commercial process that must create a profit for farmers, transporters, merchants, processors, and others to stick and survive in business. As a result, the production-marketing chain must supply the correct items at the right time while making enough profit to stay in business.

Customers must be at the top priority of the marketing process; therefore, the marketer must identify consumers and learn what items they want and how they want to be served.

Marketing principles as we know them now initially appeared throughout the Industrial Revolution. This period included the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It was a time of enormous societal change, fueled by scientific and technological achievements.

Marketing will become more hyper-personalised, one-to-one, real-time, and data-driven. Marketing may transform into consumer advocacy, and the era of obtrusive, pointless, and irrelevant advertising will end.

Consumer buying behaviour of how people decide what they buy, want, need, or do with a product, service, or company. Understanding consumer behaviour is critical for anticipating how potential customers will receive new products or services.

Any organisation will find doing a market segmentation analysis and committing to a long-term market segmentation plan challenging and time-consuming.

The SEO course will take you through the whole market segmentation study process and show you how to segment customers in an effective and organised way.

In this SEO course, you will learn and practise concepts and approaches and deal with the most up-to-date thinking on price strategy evaluation and design.

After completing this training course, you will be able to assist in developing price plans for your services and products and those of your company.

A brand is a symbol that distinguishes your notion from other existing concepts, whatever that concept may be. It sends a message to customers about how to establish their expectations.

Branding is important for your business since it creates a lasting impression on buyers or customers and informs them about what to anticipate from your firm.

Your brand accurately reflects who you are as a company and how you want to be viewed. It's a technique to set yourself apart from the competition by stating what you have to offer, making you the superior option.

Product development is bringing a new product to market. Customer preferences, growing competition, and technology improvements may compel your organisation to engage in this process, or you may need to embrace a new opportunity.

Product life cycle refers to when a product is new to the market and when it is removed from the shelves. The four stages of a product's life cycle are introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

A lifecycle marketing plan is a three-phase framework, Collect, Convert and Create. Each phase consists of three stages, including basic strategies and tactics that merge into a single, autonomous process.

Enhancing organic traffic on the google page is SEO (SERP). It's also known as "organic search" or "listings." You'll need to employ SEO to appear top for all keywords to enhance your ranking.

It would help if you grasped how search engines function to rank well on the SERP. This SEO course will teach you how Google ranks websites, the many forms of SEO, and the SEO keyword tactics you can use to increase your rating.

The process of optimising website components is known as on-page SEO. You will learn important things while you're doing SEO. As an end-user, you have complete control over all of these aspects.

Off-page SEO is another way to improve your SERP ranking. It also aids in the strengthening of your website's credibility and the development of a perception of page authority and reliability. Increased traffic, page rank, and brand exposure are advantages of off-page SEO.

Adding websites to Google's search results is known as indexing. Search engines use different crawlers or bots to examine a website, copy the material, and store it in their index. No one will be able to locate your website if it is not in a search engine's index.

You will learn about keywords and determine which phrases and words will most influence your SEO.

Voice search is searching anything on the internet just by speaking. You'll discover that a gadget can recognise your speech and use artificial intelligence to submit your query to a search engine.

You'll understand how picture size on your website influences image rendering, and you'll be able to construct excellent social media posts that cause flawlessly on any social network. If you generate it precisely, you'll have prettier content with more interaction and visitors to your website.

You'll learn in the SEO course how to use Google Analytics' interface and reports and how to create dashboards and shortcuts. The course will also cover how to look at fundamental Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior statistics and to set up goals and track campaigns.

There are various aspects to consider when SEO to keep your website current. The On-Page SEO cheat sheet contains a prioritised set of best practices to help you with the technical aspects of the process.

In SEO analytics, you may make use of your marketing data. When determining where your website ranks for a keyword, you look at what people search for or the ranking positions of data on other websites.

You'll discover how KPIs help determines a company's strategic, financial, and operational achievements, especially compared to rivals in the same sector.

An SEO competitive analysis's purpose is to figure out where we are now compared to our rivals and help us build a plan that matches their level. You'll also learn about the 7 Dimensions of Marketing Analysis.

Skills You Will Gain

After finishing this SEO Training Course, students will have the following abilities.

  • Auditing for SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Planner by Google
  • Google Search Console
  • Keywords planning and implementation
  • Backlinking strategies


  • Certified S.E.O. Professional
  • C.P.D. Certificate
  • Work Experience

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the most common SEO tactics for commercial and revenue-generating websites.
  • Discuss the steps involved in efficient SEO, such as keyword research, generating optimal content, indexing web pages by search engines, and monitoring results.
  • To assist in implementing effective SEO strategies, and gain access to online employment and the local market.
  • Discuss the importance of 'link popularity in the optimisation process.
  • Examine how to create a successful link-building strategy.
  • Determine how to use Google Ads and Google Analytics in a search marketing campaign.

Jobs You Can Apply For

Most SEO specialists stay in marketing, where they may use their analytical talents and extensive knowledge of digital marketing to carve out profitable careers.

  • Marketer for Search Engines
  • Consultant in Business Marketing
  • Digital marketer
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketer of Content
  • Manager of SEO
  • Entrepreneur
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