Course Overview

The Comprehensive SQL course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to effectively work with databases. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the standard language used to communicate with and manage relational databases. In this comprehensive training program, you will learn the fundamentals of SQL and progress to advanced techniques, enabling you to become proficient in handling databases efficiently.

Key benefits of SQL Training

  • Acquire a highly sought-after skillset: SQL is widely used in various industries, making this course valuable for career advancement opportunities.
  • Improve data management abilities: Gain the skills to efficiently handle and manipulate data, ensuring its accuracy and integrity.
  • Boost employability: SQL proficiency is in high demand, and this course can significantly enhance your job prospects in the IT and data-related fields.
  • Open doors to advanced database concepts: Mastering SQL forms the foundation for diving into advanced database technologies and systems.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills: SQL requires logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are transferable skills in many domains.

Course Modules

  • For managing database objects and data manipulation, become familiar with MySQL's DDL and DML. Installing and configuring the database server will set up MySQL.
  • Understanding ERD diagrams and relational mapping can help you to see and map the relationships between the entities in a database.
  • Eliminating redundancy and guaranteeing data integrity through master data normalisation for effective and organised database design.
  • Learn how to retrieve, add, alter, and remove data using SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
  • Learn useful methods for modifying databases, such as inserting, updating, and removing records, changing tables, and managing indexes.
  • Learn useful methods for modifying databases, such as inserting, updating, and removing records, changing tables, and managing indexes.
  • You will learn about relational algebra in this course, which is a fundamental query language for relational databases. You will discover how to employ relational algebra operators including selection, projection, join, and set operations to carry out effective data retrieval and manipulation tasks.
  • Using your existing SQL knowledge as a foundation, this course will study advanced SQL subjects. You will learn sophisticated methods for combining data from several sources, nesting queries for retrieving complex data, and designing views as virtual tables for easier data access.
  • Understanding user authentication, authorization, and data encryption is essential for strong database security and protection from unauthorised access.
  • To reinforce learning and improve problem-solving abilities in database management and query execution, you will take part in a variety of activities, including practical exercises, projects, and conversations.

Skills after SQL Course

  • Proficiency in SQL
  • DataBase Management (DBM)
  • Data Manipulation
  • Query Optimization
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • DataBase Administration (DBA)

Career options After SQL Certification

  • Database Administrator
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • SQL Developer
  • Quality Assurance Analyst


  • Participants who successfully complete the training will receive certifications from Future Connect Training to honour their accomplishment and the knowledge they have gained.

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