The Social Media Marketing Course

Future Connect's Social Media Marketing course will teach you all you need to know about social media marketing from the ground up. We will give An introduction to Social Media Marketing to you initially. After that, you'll learn about its value in marketing methods and its role in marketing.

  • 3 Months
  • 25 Sessions
  • Advanced
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Course Overview

To comprehend the mechanics of Social Media Marketing, you will study from the basics of social media. In Social Media Marketing, you will learn about the planning, posting, and monitoring processes. You'll also learn about the various social media marketing tactics.

You'll also learn how analytics plays a part in social media marketing. Future Connect's Social Media Marketing course will teach you how to create a tailored experience for your audience, develop a community for them, utilise brand advocates, run cross-channel campaigns, have storytelling sessions, and use chatbots.

Finally, you will be provided with a summary of previously acquired topics to assist you in revising them and gaining hands-on experience with various case studies. Enrol in this extremely useful Social Media Marketing course and receive a certificate upon completion.

Who needs this social media marketing course?

This course is appropriate for

  • People who want to learn how to advertise on the internet in the most cost-effective and highly focused way possible!
  • Building advertising across all social media channels appeals to new and seasoned marketers!
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Influencers, bloggers, celebrities, and public figures are all examples of public figures.
  • Employees that work in the field of social media marketing

Course Modules

Marketing is a commercial process that must create a profit for farmers, transporters, merchants, processors, and others to stick and survive in business. As a result, the production-marketing chain must supply the correct items at the right time while making enough profit to stay in business.

Customers must be at the top priority of the marketing process; therefore, the marketer must identify consumers and learn what items they want and how they want to be served.

Marketing principles as we know them now initially appeared throughout the Industrial Revolution. This period included the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It was a time of enormous societal change, fueled by scientific and technological achievements.

Marketing will become more hyper-personalised, one-to-one, real-time, and data-driven. Marketing may transform into consumer advocacy, and the era of obtrusive, pointless, and irrelevant advertising will end.

Consumer buying behaviour of how people decide what they buy, want, need, or do with a product, service, or company. Understanding consumer behaviour is critical for anticipating how potential customers will receive new products or services.

Any organisation will find doing a market segmentation analysis and committing to a long-term market segmentation plan challenging and time-consuming.

The SEO course will take you through the whole market segmentation study process and show you how to segment customers in an effective and organised way.

In this SMM course, you will learn and practise concepts and approaches and deal with the most up-to-date thinking on price strategy evaluation and design.

After completing this training course, you will be able to assist in developing price plans for your services and products and those of your company.

A brand is a symbol that distinguishes your notion from other existing concepts, whatever that concept may be. It sends a message to customers about how to establish their expectations.

Branding is important for your business since it creates a lasting impression on buyers or customers and informs them about what to anticipate from your firm.

Your brand accurately reflects who you are as a company and how you want to be viewed. It's a technique to set yourself apart from the competition by stating what you have to offer, making you the superior option.

Product development is bringing a new product to market. Customer preferences, growing competition, and technology improvements may compel your organisation to engage in this process, or you may need to embrace a new opportunity.

Product life cycle refers to when a product is new to the market and when it is removed from the shelves. The four stages of a product's life cycle are introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

A lifecycle marketing plan is a three-phase framework, Collect, Convert and Create. Each phase consists of three stages, including basic strategies and tactics that merge into a single, autonomous process.

Learn how to optimise your Facebook Page for engagement by setting it up and optimising it. Before you start marketing your Page, make sure it's active and interesting, so start publishing updates as soon as it's up and running.

In this module of our Beginner's Guide to Facebook Ads, we'll walk you through building your first ad campaign in Facebook Ads Manager. The Ads Manager is where you create and manage your ad campaigns.

The social media course will teach you how to create a Facebook business account. The lecture is designed for beginners and covers setting up and operating your Page. You'll see how quick and easy it is to create a page.

Before starting your company, you will get an email or notification that you may now use Facebook Shops. Businesses with a linked Facebook Page shop and an Instagram profile may be eligible for a dual-platform storefront.

Creator Studio has all of the tools you'll need to effectively post, monetise, monitor performance, and engage with your followers in one place. You'll learn to get the maximum of Creator Studio by taking these basic courses.

We'll walk you through every step of generating successful Facebook Traffic Ads that are laser-focused on your target consumer. In addition to our secret Facebook Traffic Ads tactics, we're also providing you with some powerful tools to help you enhance your marketing efforts across the board.

This training path focuses on the essentials of Facebook campaign reporting and analytics. The topics of reporting against corporate goals, instances of good measurement, and how to connect campaign insights to reporting are all discussed.

After completing our social media course, you will know how to utilise WhatsApp to increase your products and services sales. Our experts will show you how to properly set up your Whatsapp profile for your type of business, develop your contacts, boost your Whatsapp status views, and market on Whatsapp effectively.

If you're trying to enhance your professional Instagram skills, our courses are a great way to stay up to speed on Instagram's ever-changing updates and best practices.

We all understand the importance of Instagram marketing. The social media marketing training course will teach you how to create your first Instagram marketing campaign and use Instagram advertisements. You will be able to comprehend the process of developing Instagram advertising and gain a competitive advantage after finishing this course.

This training course will teach what Instagram is and what makes its network unique. You will learn how to use Instagram to build a following. Install Instagram and start using it right away.

Another large professional platform is LinkedIn. Designers may utilise LinkedIn to promote themselves, show off their work, and create a good first impression. Learn how to use LinkedIn to help your design company grow.

Learn how to utilise today's most powerful technologies to build, implement, and evaluate a profitable marketing strategy. With LinkedIn's professional network, you may quickly receive several tasks.

If you want to start from basics with your brand or channel, it is your training. Social media training is for anyone who wants to build their brand by making YouTube videos.

The social media course is for people who want to create video content but aren't interested in making a short film or a documentary. Students will learn how to make a YouTube video from start to finish, including picking the right equipment, production accessories, and editing and NLE software fundamentals.

You may make use of your social media marketing analytics data. You'll discover how consistent social media analytics and analysis contribute to effective social media marketing activities.

You'll discover how KPIs help determines a company's strategic, financial, and operational achievements, especially compared to rivals in the same sector.

Competitive analysis in social media marketing aims to determine where we are now compared to our rivals and help us build a strategy to match their level. You'll also learn about Marketing Analysis Dimensions.

Skills You Will Gain

After finishing this SMM Training Course, students will have the following abilities.

  • Social Media Management
  • Hashtag Expert
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Content Marketing
  • Facebook Content Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Content Creation
  • Monetisation
  • Marketing Management Tools Expert
  • YouTube CMS
  • Inbound Marketing
  • LinkedIn Management Expert


  • Certified SMO Professional
  • Certified SMM Professional
  • C.P.D. Certificate
  • Work Experience

Learning outcomes

  • Create a social media plan for your company that is interesting and successful.
  • Create an inbound social media strategy that satisfies your consumers while increasing your revenue.
  • You can get the most of social media's potential to revolutionise your company and career.
  • Create and assess a successful ad campaign for your target market.
  • Make a creative brief for your paid ad that contains all of the materials.
  • Meta Adverts Manager allows you to create, update, and troubleshoot ads.
  • Make a social media presence and keep it up to date.

Jobs You Can Apply For

Most SEO specialists stay in marketing, where they may use their analytical talents and extensive knowledge of digital marketing to carve out profitable careers.

  • Business Marketing Consultant
  • Content Marketer
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Creative Design
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Brand Strategist
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