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Future Connect offers a wide range of Accountancy Training, allowing you to enhance your skills and make you more employable. You would be confronted in the form of quizzes, group discussions and pseudo interview sessions to help build your confidence. We consider that all our learners should have access to the latest software information and assessability not only from our centres but from the comfort of their home.

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Corporate Accountancy Courses

Finance and accounting courses are most important for the company as it plays a significant and core role in managing the finances of the company. It has importance in both private and public sectors such as government and non-profit organisations and companies cannot work without operation finances.

Softwares Included

Sage Practical Training
QuickBooks Training
Xero Training
Advance Excel Training

What kinds of employment can you obtain after accounting training?

Accountancy is a lucrative profession with good job possibilities in audit and accounting firms, local businesses, multinational corporations, and domestic and international banks. The domain has survived the test of time. As companies increasingly recognize the importance of professional principles, ethics, and good governance, employment possibilities for Chartered Accountants and other degree holders in this sector are opening up.

Accounting and auditing employment anticipates increasing faster than all other vocations in the future years. Growing businesses, securitization of company finance, and changing and new up-and-coming laws and regulations in the financial industry are all elements that will propel this vocation forward.

Internal Audits

Internal auditing offers project-based work rather than the pure auditing you'd find in an external auditing position. It provides a chance to be very visible and cultivate critical relationships within the organization. It's an excellent approach to become acquainted with the work of other departments.

Accounting for Management

Accounting, management tactics, and company strategy are all abilities that management accountants use in their jobs. Rather than simply keeping the books and documenting data, you will participate in the business decision-making process of a firm in this field of accounting.

Group accounting

Group accountants play a critical role in some of the world's largest and most complicated corporations, ensuring that they remain profitable and sustainable. As a group accountant, you'll likely work in the business's headquarters, ensuring that the company is compliant and following proper accounting practices.


The Bookkeeper position matches your accounting and mathematical skills, from daily account administration to keeping firms informed about late payments. You are a skilled administrator with a high level of attention to detail. You also get along well with your clients and assist them in meeting their tax deadlines.

Inspector of Taxes

A Tax Inspector is an analytical individual with a curious and investigative disposition who investigates a company's tax issues, especially if suspected of fraud. You have strong numeracy and arithmetic abilities, as well as a desire to solve challenges. You understand how businesses operate and can work independently or as part of a team.

Chartered Certified Accountant

As a Chartered Certified Accountant, you have a high level of numeracy and financial forecasting abilities. Your business intellect is outstanding, and you can work effectively with others while also acting on your initiative since you're self-motivated. You must be polite, discreet, and dependable.

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