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Xero Qualification

Xero Qualification

Xero Qualification delivers Xero national accredited qualification program. We have developed a range of understanding database for groups and individuals who wish to enhance their skills of Xero software. Xero Qualifications delivers a range of learning programs and qualifications for, colleges, schools, universities and individuals who want to enhance and accredit their skills in the use of Xero software for bookkeeping and payroll.

Our work with the organisation started a few years ago when we helped them advance their E-Learning Portal, from which all of their training material can convey. Since then, we have gone on to form a full portfolio and e-commerce site for their services. The Xero Qualifications site is a simple and intuitive website, which display the company’s full range of bookkeeping and payroll courses. It is built using our desired content management scheme and includes a webshop so that clienteles can choose and then buying a class that best fits their needs.

We provided a full sourced imagery, created a sitemap, and then designed and built the website.

Xero Qualification uses carefully crafted learning materials and assessment techniques. The Xero training courses award you Xero qualifications which confirm your knowledge and understanding of the widely used Xero accounting software. When you get training to become a bookkeeper, payroll administrator or Accountant, many people take the academic route of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or ACCA training and membership. Through the knowledge of the theoretical side of accounting, they provide little practical experience. You can put the theory into practice, working through a series of exercises. To gain one of our Xero qualifications which allow you to become familiar with how to use Xero for a variety of real-life demonstrating a range of standard business transactions, tax regulations, reports and business situations, shows how the theory relates to real-life usage of Xero. Our professional training courses programs enable you to become familiar with Xero and enhance your understanding of the accounting principles. The Xero qualifications show potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge they are looking for. Courses are accredited; your professional experience will always recognise Xero training. Xero Qualifications understands the widely used Xero accounting software, created by the United Kingdom’s leading accounting software.

Xero qualification is dedicating to providing skills that make a difference in business and employment. Xero Qualifications have worked in the industry with awarding bodies and professional bodies to create and build a unique accredited qualification programed that aligns skills and knowledge of computerised accounting software with accounting principles and practice to form accredited qualifications that are recognised by employers.