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Xero Certification


Xero is a web-based software which is design for the small and growing organisation. Small business can view their workflows, transactions and account details from any location at any time as Xero can be accessed from any device with an active internet. It’s a great software to start to get a process to save your time and get you on the proper position with the help of financial reports.

We provide one-to-one training which is flexible and can be done over weekends or to suit your schedule. This training gives you the confidence to use XERO software and how to deal with technical aspects. Upon the completion of the Xero course, you will get a Xero Certificate.

To get the Xero Certificate, all you need to do is complete the course which includes:

Setting Up New Accounts

Sales Invoices
  • Setting up new customer accounts
  • Setting credit limits
  • Entering sales invoices
  • Recording sales credit
Purchase Ledger
  • Setting up new supplier accounts
  • Entering and coding purchase invoices
  • Recording purchase credit notes
Bank Transactions
  • Recording sales and non-sales receipts
  • Entering supplier/bank payments
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Customising Reports
  • Debtor/creditor analysis
  • Trial balance
  • Profit and loss account
  • Balance sheet
VAT Returns
  • Preparing quarterly VAT Returns
  • Reconciling the VAT Return
  • Online submission of VAT Return to HMRC

Why Xero Certificate?

After the successful completion of the Xero course, you will get XERO Certificate which gives you the skill needed to set up new clients and carry out day to day activities.

Xero Certificate Will Provide You To Apply Below Job Roles :

  • Account Assistant
  • Management Accountant
  • Financial Controller
  • Senior Accountant
  • VAT Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Credit Controller

Who Is This For?

Xero accounting course is for those candidates who are keen towards to gain their skills and knowledge. Doors are open for every individual who is highly motivated in the field of accountancy.

Benefits Of Taking Xero Certificate In Future Connect Includes :

  • Xero Certified Company
  • Taught by friendly and expert Tutors
  • Take classes according to your flexible schedule
  • You will get 24/7 hours help through online, email or phone
  • Improve your skills and better-earning opportunity
  • Earn free CV building and placement opportunity
  • Provide reference as well

Practical Accountancy Training Fees

We are flexible in payment options, and your course fees can depend on the study method chosen. You can pay the course fees in a number of the following ways

  • Self- funded
  • Employer-funded
  • Government-funded
  • Private education loan

Xero is secure and reliable, and our tutors are here to enhance your skill and pursue your dream. Call us for more details about our training and courses by calling on 02037908674 in London office and 01212959988 in Birmingham Office or email on

Why is it necessary for accountants to be Xero certified?

Simply put, a Xero certification assures employers and consumers that an accountant understands how to use Xero.

Certification demonstrates that your accountant is up to date on industry developments and, as a result, understands how to use them to benefit your company effectively. Those Xero certified also understand which apps and programmes operate best with Xero, improving the accounting process even more.

Why is it necessary for bookkeepers to be Xero certified?

You can automate certain processes using a cloud-based solution like Xero, giving you more time to focus on other things.

The application provides real-time financial data, giving business owners the confidence to monitor their cash flow whenever they need to. A Xero certification for bookkeepers shows potential employers that you are comfortable working with cloud-based software and are ready to be productive in your position.

Demonstrate your qualities

Xero Advisor Certification is the most common way for accountants and bookkeepers to show how to use Xero in the real world. Previously, this was only available to individuals already working and using Xero, but that is no longer the case. Advisor Certification has made it possible for anybody interested in working in the new world of cloud accounting to do so.

Xero can benefit your business in six ways

1. Smart banking

Xero automatically integrates all of your bank, credit card, and Paypal transactions, eliminating the need to enter data manually.

Once you've entered your data into Xero, the intuitive bank reconciliation will automatically match your transactions, so all you have to do now is double-check and click OK.

2. Invoicing is easy

In Xero, you can create and send attractive invoices. The design is customizable, allowing you to produce professional invoices that will make you feel proud.

It's simple to email invoices to clients who can pay online, allowing you to be delivered faster. Xero will even notify you when your invoice has opened, eliminating any excuses about "missing invoices." Repeated invoices may be automated, saving you the time and effort of sending them out manually.

3. Take Charge of Your Bills

Xero makes it easy to know what you owe and when it's due. Payments can be planned and arranged ahead of time to keep your financial flow under control. It's simple to add a bill to Xero, and you can pay several invoices in one go using online banking, saving you time from having to pay each one separately. You may set up recurring invoices to avoid being shocked by your bank account in the future.

4. Financial Reports with a Single Click

You may build reports and budgets utilizing your real-time company data with just one click. You may dig down into the source transactions using the interactive information. By automatically computing your GST return, Xero takes the guesswork out of preparing your return. There are approximately 40 reports available, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and more.

5. Work from any location

You only need a good internet connection on your PC, laptop, Mac, or tablet to use Xero from anywhere, at any time. There's nothing to install or update, and Xero backs up your data automatically.

Even better, you can use your smartphone to access Xero. Xero Touch allows you to run your business from the palm of your hand.

6. There's a Whole World of Add-Ons

Xero lets other firms' software developers link their products with Xero. Everything communicates with one another, saving you time and effort.

There are add-ons for every purpose, from payroll to stock control to the point of sale. New add-ons are released regularly, expanding your business's potential.