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Xero Accounting Course

Xero Accounting Course

Xero Accounting Course is one of the highly demanded courses in the digital game of bookkeeping and accountancy field. This course is reasonable for anybody trying to or officially working in bookkeeping and accounting and sees abilities expected to improve accounting utilising Xero programming. By taking this course, you will raise your skill to short out the accountancy problems more effectively.

The Xero Accounting and Bookkeeping Course is organised into 19 modules and incorporates all that you need to become fruitful in this profession. Throughout the course, Future Connect will teach you how to set up a Xero software from the beginning point as far as possible, including how to enter opening balance, post client details, invoices and credit notes. Not only that, but you will also upgrade your insight about supplier bills and credit notes, pay the supplier, petty cash, set up a VAT return, accommodate the bank and the credit card, and entries of journals.

Pros of Taking Xero Accounting Course in Future Connect include

  • Gain a free CPD certification upon successful completion
  • Taught by friendly and expert Tutors
  • Take classes according to your flexible schedule
  • You will get 24/7 hours help through online, email or phone
  • Improve your skills and better-earning opportunity
  • Earn free CV building and placement opportunity
  • Provide reference as well

Course Design

The course is conveyed through our web-based learning stage, open through any internet-connected device. There are no formal due dates or showing deadlines, which means you are allowed to consider the course at your own pace.

You are instructed through:

  • You will get quality Video lessons
  • Online study materials

Course Modules Include

  • Get prepared by accessing the software and study material
  • Getting started by logging in for the free trial and create the company
  • Setting up the system by adding bank accounts to the system
  • The Normal Ledger
  • Entries of customers and suppliers
  • Post-sales invoices
  • Entre Suppliers invoices
  • Petty Cash
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Payroll unit
  • VAT return


Future Connect is a Xero certified company. Upon the successful completion of the course, we will provide you with a CPD certificate, which will add value to your profile.

Who Is This For?

Xero accounting course is for those candidates who are keen towards to gain their skills and knowledge. Doors are open for every individual who is highly motivated in the field of accountancy.

Xero Accounting course is about how to utilise Xero base on the most popular functions which you should know how to use as the Xero operator to be proficient in using the system.

For more queries speak to our expertise in London office 02037908674 or Birmingham office 01212959988, you can also email us on for more information.

What makes Xero such an excellent option?

Business snapshot:

A business snapshot is a home screen report that provides performance indicators to help you better understand the financial status of your firm.

Before any financial indicators are visible and useful, you must have at least two months of reconciled transactions in Xero. Among the metrics are your company's profitability and the average time it takes for your customers to pay you.

To keep your information on the Dashboard up to date, you must reconcile your bank transactions regularly.

Access from any location, at any time

You may use Xero from any PC at any time because it is web-based.
Xero software may be used from mobile and does not require any IT assistance or programs and applications.
To begin using Xero, purchase the monthly plan that best suits your small company needs and enter your login and password.
When you add other users to the user's list, any information you add or update becomes accessible.
Permissions can be layered so that critical data in your organisation is only accessible to you or critical decisions.


The time of using Excel sheets to manage all incomings and costs and then creating invoices in Word Documents are long gone.
Your invoices are not only personalised for your company needs, but they are also quick and easy to create, send, and monitor using Xero.
You can easily produce an invoice for a customer on your computer, laptop, or mobile device with only a few clicks and then send it.

The major features of the Xero invoicing module are as follows:

Create recurring bills

Xero allows you to create, store, and email recurring invoices automatically.

For invoices in the bulk quantity

You can send all of your invoices simultaneously or email multiple invoices at the same time.

Invoice from your phone

Once you've completed a task, you may immediately create and submit online bills from your phone device.

Payment on the spot

One of the finest advantages of Xero is the ability to make invoices "payment-enabled."
As a result, once it is received, the consumer may click and pay with any major debit or credit card right away. To integrate with Xero, you may utilise Stripe, GoCardless, or other payment gateways.
Expenses that you can bill on the spot
You can now compensate for the money you pass on to your clients.

Recreate the previous invoice

You may save time by duplicating your previous invoices, making any necessary changes to the amount or description, and then sending them.


You have the option of billing a customer in GBP or several currencies. If the account is multi-currency, Xero maintains track of any exchange gains and losses automatically.

Statement of Accounts

The client account statement can also be sent directly from Xero.

Daily bank feeds that are automated:

You may link your bank account to the Xero programme, which is a tremendous convenience. It's in the beginner, regular, and premium plans for free.

This feature allows a company owner to set up a bank feed that updates and imports your bank statements into Xero Software automatically.

These daily bank feeds provide real-time tracking of sales invoices, allowing for better matching payments to purchases and saving bookkeeping time and expenses.


When examining department or cost centre reports in Xero, you may use tracking categories and settings to tidy your chart of accounts. It's in the beginner, regular, and premium plans for free.

You can only have two active monitoring categories at a time, such as Geography and Departments.

Within Geography- UK, EMEA, North America, Far East Asia, and South Asia, you can have up to 100 tracking choices for each monitoring category.

Pensions and salaries

Using the Xero payroll tool, you can track, manage, and process employee pay and pensions all in one location. It's a free add-on.

Employees may also log in to Xero and seek leave and submit timesheets online.

Furthermore, Xero payroll allows you to manage and alter any part of your payroll and pension, and the data can be submitted straight to HMRC or pension organisations from the system, removing yet another task from your to-do list.

Last but not least

Xero accounting software training has made accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses much easier with all of these capabilities.

In a world where most small businesses fail within the first three years, these qualities will offer yours an advantage over the competition.

Overall, Xero is a simple, versatile accounting programme that can scale with your company.