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Sage Training in Birmingham

Sage Training in Birmingham

Sage is the most in-demanding accounting software. It’s designed to assist a business in dealing with cash flow, billing, invoicing and submitting data. At Future Connect Training we offer Sage Training in Birmingham. The features of Sage include automated audit trails, tax calculation and VAT Returns. Also, it deals with Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and along with other analysing, reporting and forecasting tools that help you keep track of the financial health of a small to medium-size companies. Sage is integrating with cloud Accounts to give you everything you need to run your business wherever you are. Sage manages your VAT which is quick to use and easily calculate it for your business. Automatically it reconciles to only pay what you owe and automatically file returns securely online with HMRC. Relax, knowing that you’re up to date with the latest VAT legislation. Also, Sage has a Payroll tool enabling small companies to manage payroll in-house efficiently. The accounting software is suitable for short to medium-sized companies and is popular among large-scale retail outlets, small manufacturing units, construction firms and many not-for-profit organisations.

Sage Provides The Following Versions To Many Small Businesses:

  • Sage, Line 50, v8.
  • Sage, Line 50, v7.
  • Sage, Line 50, v6.
  • Sage, Line 50, v5.
  • Sage, Line 50, v4.
  • Sage, Line 50 DOS v9.
  • Sage Instant Accounts v8.2.
  • Sage Instant Accounts v6

Sage is a recording system whereby many companies used it for managing cash, sale and purchase transactions and inventory management without requiring any specialised technical knowledge of accounting terms. Sage designed merely for the accounting and consulting companies to maintain high quality and advanced accounting and bookkeeping.

Sage accounting packages have the following strength:

  • Available in bilingual versions
  • Sage offers a broader range of services, including training and online support
  • Sage software is user-friendly with many add-on facilities which help many-sized businesses, such as online advertising and invoicing mobile payments, credit card transaction, and many other modern facilities.

Do Business Where And When You Want:

Sage is available everywhere you go in term of operating at work, home or anywhere else. So your payment and invoices can be done in your laptop, tablet and even on the phone and it does not matter where you are Sage is there for you. Sage is well-known to control and it a quicker way to accelerate your cash flow. You have an option to see payments coming in and out, manage your cash flow, and are stored in the Sage business cloud. Sage software, spend less time on admin work by stopping spending hours of reconciling your bank accounts; match every transaction on your statements – automatically. Sage software are always compliant, always on time it stays on top of the latest rules and regulations, calculates what tax you owe automatically, and take a headache out of submitting your returns. Sage, help you grow your business by doing Cloud accounting. It’s easy to add more users and manage all your business interests in one place. Our Sage Training Birmingham helps you to learn how to use Sage effectively.