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Sage Payroll Courses In Birmingham

Being in charge of your company’s payroll is a massive responsibility as there’s nothing more important to the morale and productivity of employees than knowing they’re going to be paid the right amount of money at the right time. Sage has added an extra course which is Sage Payroll. In Sage payroll you be in control and responsible for handling employers business by producing record and making payments for employees that are working there. At Future Connect Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we make sure our trainees are aware of the Sage payroll courses in Birmingham we offer and the opportunity out there looking for a job if you are looking for HR for employers business. Also benefit you if you have own business and you know what happening on a daily bases when you handle the finance.

In the ever-changing times we live in, people are constantly changing circumstances – whether that means they’re starting at your company, leaving it, changing their hours or going on sick, maternity or adoption leave, you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to them getting exactly what they’re owed at the end of the month.

We want our trainees at Future Connect Training and Recruitment in Birmingham to be aware of these while working for employer or working in your own business. We want our trainees to become aware of how to handle each person payment, hours, sick pay, holiday and etc by making sure they are getting paid correctly. We want them to know exactly that the employees are getting paid for while working for an employer’s company. Also benefit our trainees if they have their own business in order to know what is what and what type of payment they are giving their employees. It makes life easier for employer

Since HM Revenue & Customs introduced Real Time Information (RTI) in 2014 in an effort to improve the efficiency of Pay as You Earn (PAYE), every company in the UK has been legally obliged to get up to speed with the new legislation. In addition to this, everything else you need to run a smooth, efficient payroll - from getting a new payroll off the ground to more complex aspects of payroll management such as tax month end processing - is covered too.Address your Automatic Enrolment Queries. This course will explain the Automatic Enrolment regulations and terminology and take you through what is required of you as an employer with templates for documentation and reports that can be obtained to make the process simple and pain free.

At Future Connect Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we make sure our trainees ar aware of the rules and regulation that HM revenue and customs has put upon every business, making sure when handle these responsibilities making sure you completed them correctly and up to speed with the new legislation that government has set upon employers business and even your own business as well. We make sure our Sage payroll courses and training is provided to the best of standard and making sure you are aware of everything so when you working for employer or starting a business do know the law and legislation that government has set upon and you complying with them all the time.

What Sage payroll courses you going to cover at Future Connect Training and Recruitment:

  • You learn how to: use shortcuts, backup, rollback and restore data, set up legislation and company details, create employee records, set up pay elements, process your payroll run, use pension schemes, produce P32s, deal with starters and leavers, use the Government Gateway, deal with holiday pay and management information reports
  • Work with Automatic Enrolment, understand the importance of data security, deal with attachment of earnings orders, learn how to process and understand the difference between statutory and non-statutory payments and deductions, set up and process student loans, apply SSP, SMP, SAP and SPP to your payroll, understand the Payroll Tax Month End process and calculate the true cost of the payroll to an organisation including employer contributions and the statutory requirements.
  • Whether you’re an employer or an employee, investing in Sage 50 training saves time, increases productivity and best of all means you can wave goodbye to payroll-induced workplace stress!