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Sage Line 50 Courses

Sage Line 50 Courses

Sage Line 50

Every successful company depends on talented and brilliant staff members. Having a well-grounded payroll system will assist in maintaining employee trust, confidence and belief. Manual payroll systems are time-consuming, and it's easy to make errors.

Whether you're a business, a non-profit organisation or a large firm, Sage payroll favours can help you. Sage a cloud-based software works smoothly and organised automates payroll processes like tax calculation and payslip.

As per UK rules, businesses firm are required to issue a workplace pension scheme to entitled employees among the staff. Making sure that as an employer, you are fulfilling your obligations With the help of Sage Payroll software, means you can save valuable effort as well as time. depending on the size of the business, Sage made it easy to ensure actions and to manage people who are joining the pension scheme as well as provide the necessary payments and data

Sage is simple to set up and use. Once you're comfortable up and running, you can handle your payroll at any time from any location. All you need is a web connection. Plus, sage frequently updates its software and keeps your data up-to-date, with the recent pension legislation and payroll.

Sage Line 50 Courses

For over many years, sage has been helping different industries with all sizes manages tax holdings and run payroll efficiently. Sage has maintained strong bonds with HMRC and business industries. This confirms that Sage payroll software obeys with the new rules and regulations.

Features and advantages of Sage Line 50 Courses

Sage Business Cloud entitles small businesses. Free yourself from admin with smart, easy-to-handle accounting software.

Anytime and Anywhere

Get potential features on your tablet, phone and computer whenever you need it.


Lighten the assigned work of team and accountant by working on real-time data. If errors made, they can be established and rectify with relieve.

Secures the data

With a level of security and no need for backups, ensures all the data in software, peace of mind comes as standard. Support

Future Connect and Sage Line 50 Courses

Sage Accounting modules are as follows:

Customers' module:

It entitles the ledger on sale. This module will allow you to create a customer profile, create records, credit notes, post-sales invoices, and to develop different customer reports.

Bank accounts module:

Bank transactions will get posted in this module, including receipts, fund transfer, payments, producing various bank reports.

Supplier Module:

Allows you to create purchase records and post-purchases bills.

Nominal codes module:

The module will allow you to create or edit a post and reverse journals, set up accruals and prepayments, symbolic codes generate reports including a chart of accounts trial balance, profit and loss and balance sheet.

VAT module:

This mode is used to reconcile VAT returns generate and reverse charges returns, create reports in respect of tax analysis reports and EC transactions.

Transactions modules:

All agreements posted on Sage can found under this module, Sage allows you to amend and delete sales; you can also generate an audit trail.

Future Connect Training in Sage Line 50 Courses

Our perseverance has paid off as we're recognised as the UK's number one sage trainers. So, you can get assured that our training process is designed to create a talented accountant from our institute.

Take Sage accounting and bookkeeping training to the higher level by registering in Future Connect which are located in London, Harrow and Birmingham and are also are planning to open a many more branches in London only for those who are highly motivated people and who want to build a career in accountancy with future connect. Contacts us for more details 02037908674 or 01212959988 you can speak to one of our senior Consultants or can also arrange a web demonstration to see which version is right for your business. Email us on