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Sage line 50 courses in Birmingham

Completing our Sage line 50 courses in Birmingham with Future Connect Training and Recruitment, we will help you achieve the jobs as it guides you through all the steps of all the accounting software. Also makes you one step ahead of your competition as well.

If you to want to enhance your knowledge of bookkeeping and become familiar with computerised accounting, our Sage line courses is the right choice. With our Sage line training courses, you develop practical skills which will make you stand out in the workplace. That is why Future Connect Training and Recruitment gives you that course for you to learn it and apply them in the workplace.

The Sage line 50 Courses in Birmingham is a comprehensive course that requires hard working hours. That is where Future Connect Training and Recruitment comes in we would help you learn this course by doing 2-day session which you can learn or what you can do book a performance review and tell us how we can help you with the Sage line 50 course.

This Sage line 50 Accounts course is all about how to process a business’ finances within the accounting software. It is essential for knowing manual bookkeeping processes work.

Sage Line 50 Courses Content:

  • An insight into the Sage Program, methods for backing up accounts data, data security, the financial year, entering new suppliers and customers and changing the system date.
  • Producing regular reports, entering budgets, setting up assets, liabilities and capital balances, preparing and printing a trial balance, entering opening balances in the nominal ledger and restoring data from a prior lesson.
  • Generating customer letters, checking communication history, creating customer invoices, updating ledgers, entering details of new products, monitoring the activity on the selected customer account and printing and previewing customer invoices.
  • Making stock adjustments, posting error corrections, amending existing supplier and customer records, entering supplier invoices for goods and services, and managing products.
  • Producing statements for customers, entering customer receipts, the supplier and customer dashboards, part payment, and bank transactions.
  • Performing a bank transfer, processing bank payments for non-invoiced payments, entering petty cash payments, making use of journals to include payroll details, restoring the petty cash float, processing payments made against supplier invoices, using a journal to correct errors, adding a new nominal account, the structure of theoretical considerations and printing a trial balance.
  • Printing out the audit trail, reconciling the creditors and debtors control accounts, correcting fundamental entry errors, use appropriate criteria to analyse specific reports, printing and viewing daybooks, bank reports and reconciling the bank statements.
  • How to create sales credit notes, process purchase credit notes, adjust stock records for returns, set user access to receive settlement discount, and delete obsolete supplier and customer records.

It is where Future Connect Training and Recruitment comes to help you learn every single aspect of Sage Line 50 courses in Birmingham and being able to use them in the workplace. Also getting used to the latest version of Sage, this will help you impress potential employers because you are going in depth of learning different Sage software which shows you have become experienced and knowledgeable which help you get a job and be always one step ahead of your competition.