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Sage 50 is a well-known computer software used by accountants to record companies’ financial transactions and generates VAT return. Sage is used by small to large companies.

This course will give you the practice and experience required to use Sage 50 effectively. We will give you with step by step instructions, with video demonstrations and written instructions. Adapting to all types of learner, whether you are a visual, reading/writing, or kinaesthetic learner.

This course is good for those who are new to accounting or those who are new to using computer software for bookkeeping and need to build the confidence to use the software more effectively.

You will be working on multiple companies; each will have different VAT Schemes. You will be given all the financial data you will be required to record into Sage.

What You Will Be Learning To:

  • Set up a company onto the software
  • Set up VAT Schemes
  • Input suppliers and customers details onto the software
  • Edit customer or supplier details
  • Deal with purchase and sales invoices
  • Be able to determine nominal codes
  • Record bank payments and receipts
  • Record customer payments and receipts
  • Record supplier payments and receipts
  • Match payments and receipts to invoices
  • Edit or delete transactions
  • Create a new nominal code
  • Different VAT Rates and their tax code used in the software
  • Record refunds and bank transfer
  • Record bank statements
  • Record Petty Cash
  • Perform bank reconciliation
  • Generate VAT Return
  • Understand how VAT return is calculated
  • Generate reports
  • Submit VAT return to HMRC

You will also learn how different VAT Schemes work and how they are dealt with using the Sage software.

The VAT Schemes You Will Work On Are :

  • Standard VAT Scheme
  • Cash Accounting Scheme
  • Flat rate scheme
  • Retail Scheme

At the completion of this training, you will be capable to Sage confidently; you will understand all the main features of Sage and carry out all bookkeeping procedures using the software. You will also learn to evaluate and understand the reports generated by the software, and how to use the software to submit your VAT return to HMRC.

Who Is This Course For :

This course is for anyone who need to gain more skills in accounting. It is also appropriate for Accounting and Bookkeeping professionals. Those who want to strengthen their CV.

Career Path

This course is good for those who are looking for setting up their own business or a career in financial roles.

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