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Sage Certification in Birmingham

Sage Certification in Birmingham

Future Connect Training and Recruitment in Birmingham helps you stand out from the crowd and show employers you know how to use Sage. A Sage Certification in Birmingham is an accredited performance-based certification program which is approved by Sage. It the ideal within the next step in your training and practical development as an experienced Sage software user. That is why Future Connect Training and Recruitment are so keen about Sage certification to help people become professional and help people recognised this certification to train them and find them a job in Accountancy. You m have attended our Sage training course, so why not take the next logical step and become certified with Future Connect Training and Recruitment?

Why Sage Certification?

Sage Certification is a valuable but straightforward way to show that you're good at using our software, and it's the certification approved by Sage. That why Future Connect Training and Recruitment help you learn them exam-based and learning them practically as well. Sage Certified gives you an added boost to your skillsets and makes you stand out in the job market, in particular, looking for a job in HR or Accountancy. That is why Future Connect Training and Recruitment are so keen to have a Sage certification by helping people gain them so they can kick-start their career in the job market as soon as possible. For employers, it makes their decision a lot manageable by having Sage Certification in order to make staff selection and promotion a lot easier. Research shows that people with an approved qualification are more productive and more motivated to several job roles within the employer's company. Also explain that they can handle other responsibilities and know that the gap is there, the only thing they should do is apply and look for the training where Future Connect Training and Recruitment comes in.

The Official Sage UK Qualifications:

All courses are directly from Sage UK created in partnership with Awarding and Professional Bodies to develop Sage UK's Accredited Qualification Programme.

How Certification Works:

Until now, proving your capability in the use of Sage software has been difficult. Since the launch of Sage Accreditation, however, you can now gain official acknowledgement of your skills. Providing you are successful, you will receive a diploma in Sage Instant Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts or Sage 50 Payroll. These would set you apart from your peers in the great job market. The certificate is a valued credential, recognised as proof that you have the skills desirable to work productively and efficiently with Sage Immediate Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts or Sage 50 Payroll.

How Does Future Connect Training And Recruitment Relate To That?

What we do as a company is that we help people gain industry knowledge and software knowledge. Once they have learned the knowledge side it a lot easier for them to look for that job because they meet most of the requirement when looking for an appointment along with the certification it adds value and 95% chances that you would get the tasks within the Accounting sector. We've kept the method for gaining Sage Certification as simple as possible so that you can focus on getting the best possible mark.

Three Steps To Gaining Sage Certification With Future Connect Training And Recruitment:

Evaluate Your Skills:

Use our free online Analytical Test to assess your knowledge of how much you learned from our class.

Fill Any Skills Gaps:

Select to attend the relevant classroom or self-study course to brush up your experience. Book a performance review with us so we can help in the area that you have weakness within.

Take your Sage Accreditation Exam:

Once you're confident you have reached the precise level for your software, just speak to one of our consultants to book your review; you'll receive an email with login details and then sit the exam online. Each syllabus is geared up around processes and activities you need to know to use Sage 50 Accounts to its full potential.

Sage Certification is set out like this:

  • Sage Instant Accounts Certification
  • Sage Instant Accounts
  • Sage 50 Accounts Certification
    • Sage 50 Accounts Level 1
    • Sage 50 Accounts Level 2
    • Sage 50 Accounts Level 3
    • Sage 50 Accounts - all three levels
  • Sage 50 Payroll Certification
    • Sage 50 Payroll Level 1
    • Sage 50 Payroll Level 2

Once you have completed the Sage certification in Birmingham with Future Connect Training and Recruitment, you would be award with qualification and the practical skills which build your experience a lot more and make your job hunt a lot easier. The chances you have of finding a job is a lot higher when you first came in lacking this knowledge and practical skillset within Accountancy.