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QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks training is accounting software training with SaaS license developed by Intuit. QuickBooks software is systematic accounting software, especially for medium to small scale businesses which offer accounting methods with cloud-based accounting.

QuickBooks is for any small company to manage purchases and sales and to keep track of everyday transactions. The software produce bills and invoices, tax returns and generate financial reports.

The useful features of QuickBooks Training

  1. Manage Income and sales

Manage your purchases and sales in QuickBooks by setting up your supplier and customer contacts and record invoices and bills. Keep track of due bills and invoices from payables and receivables.

  1. Keep Track of Expenses and Bills

QuickBooks keeps records of the bills by having live feed to your bank and the software, so all your costs are classified. You can record and review transactions in QuickBooks in a few seconds.

  1. Obtain detailed Reporting

All inflow and outflow transactions are recorded in QuickBooks. Evaluate reports that provide essential insights into your company.

  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  1. Payroll Feature

Payroll is an essential and significant feature of any company. HMRC gives penalties if in case errors happen in calculating paychecks. QuickBooks has its payroll feature that can calculate and run Payroll.

The best part about using QuickBooks payroll is it is merged with QuickBooks Accounts, so the monetary statements are updated automatically for the latest payroll run.

  1. Inventory

Keep a record of sales transactions, unit costs and on-hand amounts, QuickBooks automatically records and updates every purchase and sale. There are many reports available to control the accounting records.

  1. Taxes

QuickBooks makes it very easy to calculate taxes. You don't have to worry about using multiple Excel spreadsheets. Companies can use QuickBooks Online to manage all business accounting and taxes.

Our QuickBooks Training approach:

Future Connect training will start coaching with the set of the real client for your practice. This training will include various sectors, deciding upon the accounting software, and inclusion of theoretical concepts to increase your training experience.

Training Management and knowledge Development

Future Connect Training will assign you, dedicated trainers, to manage your learning, progress, and deadlines. Trainers work with you carefully and train you on every basis to facilitate your education.

Support and Guidance

Future Connecttraining will give you a chance to deliver a mock interview and presentations sessions to increase your confidence and communication skills for job interviews.


Your trainer will hold regular performance reviews after every 20 hours of training to ensure learning and milestone achieved comprehensively. Future Connect training will give you a certification from an awarding body.

Work Placement guarantee

The most important part of the training process, which is optional but recommended, is the time you spend working on current clients as part of our accounting team. The guaranteed work placement helps control what we may call anxiety of working in the real world.

Job Hunt

At Future Connect, Our in house recruitment team will help you in upgrading your resume with newly expanded skills about bookkeeping and giving a direction to your job hunt.

Enrol with us

Located in London, mile end, Harrow and Birmingham. Feel free to call us on 02037908674 or 01212959988 where you can speak to one of our experienced Consultants or arrange a web demonstration to see which QuickBooks training is right for your business. Please email us on