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The system through which employees paid for the amount of work they have done, by the companies is known as payroll. However, it may seem like an ordinary duty” payroll has many complex aspects that include taxes and retaining accuracy that has to perform with extreme.Payroll is a critical activity in any company. This course combines theory and digital payroll abilities. You'll have hands-on experience running a payroll, knowing the processes, regulations, and procedures.

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Payroll Course Overview

This Payroll course is for professionals who desire to succeed in their field. This Payroll course will teach you real-world information and expertise from industry professionals and practitioners. The Payroll course includes all of the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the Payroll industry.

This Payroll course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of PayrollPayroll, including important ideas, techniques, and in-depth expertise. 

The Payroll course begins with a basic knowledge of PayrollPayroll and progresses to more advanced topics. The Payroll course is self-paced. You may take this Payroll course from anywhere if you have a smart device and internet connection.

Why should you do a payroll course?

The Payroll Administrator Training is a popular training course for people who wish to start a career as a payroll manager or for professionals who want to brush up on their skills and knowledge. This training is ideal if you're going to learn everything there is to know about Payroll Administrator Training.

Our courses are available for life, and there is no time restriction for completion. As long as there is a secure internet connection, you may access each training from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Who should attend our payroll course?

  1. Have a rudimentary knowledge of payroll terms and processing
  1. Want to improve their payroll knowledge?
  1. Have some control over the payroll process, including examining PayrollPayroll before it is paid.
  1. If you work in HR or finance, you may have to deal with an employee or third-party questions.
  1. Have some computerised payroll experience but little/no manual payroll experience

Payroll training course

Even though most payroll processing is automated, anybody involved in preparing or reviewing payroll must have the appropriate knowledge to guarantee that all activities are completed properly and follow the law.

This in-depth course analyses the rules and regulations and equips you with the information and expertise necessary to guarantee that your company's payroll system runs smoothly. It will be an engaging, fast-paced day, with discussions and activities to put what has been learned into practice.

Payroll Software

Payroll software training courses teach you payroll services, reimbursement, payroll taxes, end-of-year bonuses, benefits administration, end-of-year pay, and employee record-keeping.

Computerised Payroll

The training contains courses that explain the regulations of benefits in costs and walk you through filling out the P11D form. The government has published updated guidance on benefit reporting and processing.

The Updated Payroll

The updated Payroll training course in Hounslow is the greatest approach to ensure that your knowledge and abilities for implementing HR regulations and payroll are current and that you will be able to follow the requirements.

Payroll Accounting Software

To provide the greatest payroll training to its learners, we employ the most recent and best version of accounting software. The programme has the following features:

  1. Accounting software Sage Line 50
  2. XERO is a training programme.

Course Modules

  1. Payroll training includes the following topics:
  2. Reconciliation of payroll training
  3. Year-end tax training in its entirety
  4. Refresher Tax Year-End Training
  5. Basic User Instructions
  6. Training in Payroll Administration
  7. Training for Payroll Pro
  8. Training in Leave Administration
  9. Report Writer Education
  10. Payroll Tax Basics
  11. Sage Intelligence Connector 
  12. Training for Sage Intelligence Report Manager
  13. Training in Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  14. Training in Employment Equity
  15. Training for Skill Development


This Payroll Training course has no academic prerequisites and is available to students from all educational backgrounds.

You can enrol if you are seventeen years old or older and have a basic understanding of English, math, and ICT.

Choosing a career path

This Payroll Training course creates a new door for you to access the relevant job market and the opportunity to get in-depth information and the necessary abilities to become successful in no time. You'll be able to improve your career and become more competitive in your chosen field by adding your new skills to your CV.

How can you get started with a payroll course?

Future Connect recommends starting your trip at our local Future Connect Training centres for more productive people in a focused learning setting. It's simple to get started with Future Connect Training's basic payroll training. Register online and choose whether you want to study at home or at one of our local learning centres. 

We also offer online training payroll training if you choose to learn from the convenience of your own home. Our payroll classes are offered on our website, which acts as an online school so that you may study anytime and whenever you choose.


This Payroll course will provide you with comprehensive information and marketable abilities. The Payroll course also comes with an Accredited certificate, which will help you stand out in the job market and add value to your resume. In a nutshell, the Payroll Course is an excellent way to advance your career.

Why Future Connect Payroll Training?

  1. We provide cloud-based payroll training to assist you in working remotely after COVID-19.
  2. We have knowledgeable and courteous teachers that plan engaging sessions with students to help them better understand accounting topics.
  3. We allow students to create their timetables and daily schedules.
  4. The majority of courses are available online, and you may access the content at any time and from any location.
  5. Future Connect will provide you with the option of taking personalised courses.
  6. We use the most up-to-date tools to help you become more tech-savvy and advance your accounting profession.
  7. For AAT credentials, we provide fully-funded scholarship possibilities.
  8. You can locate your ideal future employment at our recruiting agency.
  9. We provide a free expert CV writing service.

Our training courses include basic, advanced & professional level solutions, designed to support users of the software with their day-to-day tasks. It also developed and accessible by expert lecturers who have years of experience in providing hands-on training. Including basic, advanced & professional-level training in payroll, designed to help the learner. This training explains how decentralisation has led to differences in law across the UK, concerning tax and employment law.

It will deliver delegates with a refresher on the necessary practical procedures and calculations relating to payroll to confirm that they have the right knowledge and skills.Payroll is necessary for anyone that has to process payroll for education establishments in the UK.

Payroll training courses empower payroll professionals to keep up to date their knowledge of new or future legislation that will impact the payroll function.

Payroll Training Includes:

  • Payroll reconciliation training
  • Refresher Tax Year-End training
  • Comprehensive Tax Year-End training
  • Basic User training
  • Payroll Pro training
  • Payroll Administration training
  • Leave Administration training
  • Principles of Payroll Tax training
  • Report Writer training
  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager training
  • Sage Intelligence Connector training
  • Skills Development training
  • Employment Equity training
  • Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) training

Certified Payroll Training:

Payroll is such an vital part of an organisation. It is no wonder that payroll training plays a vibrant role in the health of any company’s payroll department. Our training programs can aid your staff stay current on payroll laws and recent rule that affects your operational bookkeeping. These training can also design to teach employees how to:

  • Correctly "classify" workers
  • Calculate gross pay
  • Apply for the numerous exemptions
  • Requirements for garnishments
  • Correctly identify, pay, and taxes for employees
  • Accurately complete and file all recording requirements
  • Handle stock options, relocation, expense reimbursements, and other "expenses"
  • Administer deferred compensation, sick pay, cafeteria plan, and other compensation
  • Implement and maintain fraud, disaster recovery, audit, and record retention processes & procedure.
  • Handle stock options, relocation, expense reimbursements, and other "expenses"
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