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Payroll Management Courses

Payroll Management Courses

Payroll management courses help you to understand how to manage payroll accounts. Payroll is a system in which all employees of a company payback done for the work they have done for a particular pay period. Payroll may seem easy; however, there are a lot of tasks when it comes to the payroll system, which has sophisticated features like adjustments and tax calculation.

These payroll management courses teach all the essential components of payroll processing with live examples. Monthly deductions like National Insurance contributions (NICs), income tax, and other deductions from pay calculated.

All our course materials are available for Future Connect Trainees.

  • The training has in-depth components from basic to intermediate to advanced level of training to assist the trainees in being confident in using payroll software. The training is developed and given by an experienced expert coach in the payroll.
  • This training explains how decentralisation has led to differences in legislation and regulation across the UK, concerning tax and employment law.
  • It will provide delegates with a refresher on the necessary technical procedures and calculations relating to payroll to ensure that they have the right knowledge and skills.
  • Payroll is necessary for someone that has to prepare payroll for educational establishments in the UK.
  • This training course allows payroll admins and experts to have up to date knowledge of new or upcoming legislation that has an impact on payroll.

Course Content for Payroll Management Courses

  • Classifying taxable and NICable pay elements
  • Learning what makes a deduction from reimbursement lawful
  • Calculating pay apportionments correctly
  • Classifying the three types of deductions
  • The administrative considerations for voluntary deductions
  • Distinguishing deductions which affect taxable and NICable pay
  • Recognising the names and current amounts of NIC thresholds
  • Identifying the correct NI category letter for employees
  • Listing the current rates of NICs for each category letter
  • Calculating NICs using the exact percentage method
  • Calculating NICs using the Table method
  • Identifying circumstances which warrant 'emergency tax codes.'
  • Identifying different tax codes
  • Categorising different tax codes
  • Distinguishing Scottish tax codes
  • Identifying the different allowances available
  • Calculating income tax
  • Navigating through pay adjustment table A
  • Calculating income tax using the manual method
  • Calculating income tax using the table method
  • Administering starters and leavers correctly
  • Awareness of circumstances where tax refunds may be processed
  • Completing forms P45 and New Starter Checklist correctly
  • Listing information required for processing starters & leavers
  • Identify the various tax relief mechanisms for pension
  • Pensions and automatic enrolment
  • Summary of the auto-enrolment process
  • Overview of different types of pension schemes
  • Implementing opt-outs, pension contributions refunds and re-enrolment
  • Student Loan deductions
  • Classifying the various categories of workers for auto-enrolment
  • Identify employees liable to student loan deductions
  • Calculate Student Loan Deductions
  • Distinguishing court orders from arrestment orders
  • Distinguish the different student loan repayment plans
  • Define attachable earnings
  • HMRC Remittances
  • Administer remittances due to HMRC accurately
  • Identify the diverse array of court orders.
  • Summarising the key features of the apprentice levy
  • Recognise the statutory payment offset amounts
  • Explaining the purpose and employer eligibility for the Employment Allowance

Certified Payroll Training:

Payroll is a very vital part of any company administration. Payroll system plays an essential role in the well being of the company's payroll department. Our courses help you to have updated knowledge on the current legislation that affects your accounts.

This training is designed to understand

  • Apply for the various exemptions
  • Correctly "classify" workers
  • Calculate gross pay and properly make deductions
  • Administer deferred compensation, cafeteria plan, sick pay, and other compensation
  • Accurately identify, pay, and withhold taxes for employees
  • Correctly complete and file all reporting requirements
  • Handle stock options, expense reimbursements, relocation, and other "expenses."
  • Implement and maintain fraud, audit, disaster recovery, and record retention processes and procedure.
  • Requirements for garnishments and levies
  • Handle stock options, expense reimbursements, relocation, and other "expenses".
  • Correctly complete year-end requirements and establish year-beginning requirements

Future Connect Training is all about flexibility. We are open all the days of the week from Monday to Sunday. It is very convenient and easy to book your training session through our online Student Portal available at your fingertips. We have Branches all over London.

If you are willing to enrol with us or would like to have more detail information about our payroll management courses, please contact us.