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Payroll Management Course in Birmingham

Payroll Management Course in Birmingham

The Payroll Management Course will help you build the skills required to start a career in payroll. This course is good for those who are new to pay or those who are looking to gain practise in using computerised payroll software. You will be learning to process payment using Accounting software Sage 50 Payroll, reputed accounting software used in many businesses.

This course will give you a detailed outline of the main steps of the processing payroll. You will gain all the essential knowledge of the payroll system required, which will provide you with an advantage if you are looking to pursue a career in accounts or payroll.

What You Will Learn

  • How to set up a company onto the software
  • Adding new employees and editing employee details
  • Creating pay elements and different types of deductions
  • Setting up the process date
  • Entering employee payments, making payment adjustments
  • Generating payslips and summary reports such as P32 Employer Payment record
  • Understanding what information each story will provide you and why you may need them
  • Updating and backing up records
  • Understand why we need to update
  • Processing leavers
  • Processing Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP)
  • Understanding RTI (Real Time Information) submission
  • Processing Payroll Year-End
  • Understanding what is FPS (Full Payment Submission)
  • Understanding what is EPS (Employment Payment Summary)
  • How income tax and National Insurance Contribution (NIC) is calculated
  • Submitting FPS to HMRC

How We Will Help

The Payroll Management Course will provide you with material to guide you throughout the course. We will aid you with the practical work with step by step instructions, as well as providing an understanding of the theoretical side of processing payroll. The material will give you a detailed explanation of each step of the payroll process, and our employee will be there to assist you.

By the end of this course will gain all the practical skills required to use the Payroll software effectively. You will have a good know-how of how Statutory Sick Pay and Maternity and Paternity Pay work. You will learn what PAYE is and the different types of forms that can be submitted to HMRC. How to submit to HMRC and why we use Real Time Information (RTI). The interests and penalties that may be charged for different circumstances.

Job Roles

  • Payroll Manager
  • Payroll Officer
  • Payroll Advisor
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Account Manager
  • HR Manager

If you are interested / have any queries

If you are looking to get enrolled or required further information about this course, get in touch on 02037908674 or 01212959988.

Why do you need payroll management training courses?

Accounting and payroll professionals are in demand in a variety of settings

One of the best reasons to enrol in an accounting and payroll school is that graduates need various settings. Payroll and accounting clerks will be required as long as corporations, governments, and nonprofits exist.

Professionals in the accounting and payroll clerk sectors might operate in several settings. You might start your career in science and technology, finance, insurance, or real estate, but you could also work in transportation, warehousing, government, or non-profit organisations. Accounting professionals may expect relative stability and security throughout their careers as a result of this.

Accounting and Payroll Management Training can assist you in getting ahead in your career

One of the best aspects of an accounting and payroll course is that the skills you'll learn are broad and geared to help you join the job with confidence. Students study a range of theory, practical skills, and communication skills during this schooling. Communication abilities are among the "soft talents" required for success in any field and are highly valued by employers.

Financial expertise and the ability to deal with technology such as Quickbooks, Sage 50, Microsoft Office Suite, and MS Project are advantageous in this field. These abilities can help grads establish a name for themselves by enhancing their resumes with important qualifications. You're also ready for success during your studies with the aid of a career services department that can help you find a job, prepare for your job interview, and more.

Enrolling in an accounting school has the advantage of allowing you to go right into a new job without having to spend years and years studying.