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What is the career progression after the Level 3 AAT course?

What is the career progression after the Level 3 AAT course?

The Level 3 AAT Accounting Advanced Diploma programme will provide additional instruction in various accounting operations. These tasks include preparing final accounts for sole traders and partnerships, handling VAT, using spreadsheet software, and costing.

A full-time AAT Fast Track programme also takes a year and leads to an AAT Diploma in Accounting Level 3 with level 2 subjects in bookkeeping and Sage (computerised accounting).

AAT is an excellent stepping stone to a variety of other credentials. You may decide to pursue further certifications to advance your career, increase your earning potential, and better understand how accounting and finance function.

Future Connect intends to provide AAT students with an overview of accounting professional certifications that they can pursue after completing Level 3 AAT courses.

Level 3 AAT course content

This certificate covers a variety of difficult accounting procedures. Accounting principles and ideas, advanced bookkeeping, final accounts, VAT concerns in the company, management accounting costing methodologies, and ethical guidelines for accountants are among the financial operations you'll study and master. Spreadsheet training for accounting will also help you obtain software abilities.

Upon completing this course, you will receive an AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Its globally recognised AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) accreditation allows people who work in accounting or want to pursue accountancy as a profession to receive knowledge, practical experience, and the all-important certification that companies search for.

Description of AAT level 3 content

AAT Advanced Diploma Level 3 in Accounting will build on your existing knowledge and abilities. There are six units in the AAT Level 3 exam.

  1. Advanced Accounting
  2. Preparation of the final accounts
  3. Indirect Tax
  4. Costing is a part of management accounting.
  5. Accountants' Ethics
  6. Accounting Spreadsheets

Student Assistance:

As a classroom-based delivery, you'll have full access to your tutor and all of the resources you'll need to succeed. A specialised training manager will monitor your practical training and aid you with employment and CV support.

  1. Provider of AAT-accredited and authorised training.
  2. Expert classroom assistance is available.
  3. Practical training and AAT concepts are combined to give you the best of both worlds.
  4. AAT academic programmes include a free e-portfolio to track your performance and training milestones.
  5. CPD Certification is required to join the AAT and is included in all AAT levels.
  6. There are classes offered on weekends and evenings.

Study methods

You'll learn from award-winning video courses that are accessible on-demand and can be seen on your device like a mobile, tablet, or computer, providing you with the access to study how, when, and where you choose. Lessons are 45 minutes long and include animations and motion graphics to help bring topics to life. Practice questions, downloadable lecture materials, and interactive case studies all contribute to a better learning experience, and students should plan on spending 5-6 hours a week studying independently online.

You may take normal classes with a college tutor on campus without committing too many evenings each week. Your tutor will review everything you learned throughout online AAT courses and offer feedback on your progress and evaluation.

What criteria are used to evaluate it?

Students must complete five computer-based tests to receive this certification. We will assist you in passing your exams by providing progressive tests that run throughout the course and example answers for self-evaluation. The cost of the system does not include the assessment costs.

All students are required to join the AAT as student members. It will give you access to more information and take your assessment. We may provide AAT Membership for an extra fee.

When you're ready, start taking your tests.

Online Assessments: To schedule and pay for your assessment from the convenience of your own home, please get in touch with e-Careers Customer Service. The Synoptic Assessment is not accessible.

Test Center Assessments: You can still take your test in an AAT-approved assessment location.

Who requires this Level 3 AAT Course?

If you already have some accounting experience and want to enhance your profession, the level 3 course will help you build advanced accounting abilities. You'll be prepared for additional responsibility in your present career or a new one once you've completed your course and earned the AAT Level 3 Diploma.

What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

Our students should have prior accounting and financial experience or have an accounting background comparable to the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate.

If students have no background in accounting, we recommend starting with the AAT level 2 Foundation certificate. It is important to have a good literacy level in both English and math. You must first register with the AAT before taking this course. For the exams/assessments, the AAT will give an AAT student number.

Choosing a career path

You will have a thorough understanding of advanced accounting procedures after completing the AAT Level 3 course, and you will be qualified to become an AAT Full Member (MAAT). The Professional Diploma in Accounting is the next level in the entire AAT programme (Level 4).

Assistant in Accounting

Accounting Assistants assist the accounting department. It's an entry-level position that entails processing invoices, creating reports, documenting transactions, and other administrative duties.

AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2) or AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting is required (Level 3).

Attention to detail, organisation, time management, computer literacy, and good communication skills are essential.

Controller of Credit

Credit controllers assist businesses and people in managing money that has been borrowed and owing to them. Credit Controllers must arrange payment schedules, keep correct records, and handle payments to get capital.

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting is required (Level 2)

Customer service, patience, computer literacy, organisation, and administrative abilities are essential.


Bookkeepers are responsible for maintaining financial records accurate and up-to-date to provide firms with a comprehensive picture of their finances. They're also in charge of completing VAT reports, issuing purchase orders, and processing financial information.

AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping or AAT Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping are required.

Data entry, customer service, attention to detail, analytical thinking, and dealing with numbers are essential talents.

Manager of Payroll

Payroll managers design and execute procedures to guarantee all payroll account transactions are accurate and paid on schedule. They're also in charge of keeping correct records, reporting financial statistics, and overseeing the payroll department.

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (AAT) is required (Level 4)

Attention to detail, numeracy, leadership, organisation, and problem-solving are essential.

Manager of Taxation

Tax managers create and implement customised tax strategies for their customers (companies and individuals). They're also in charge of guaranteeing tax compliance, handling tax documents, and resolving tax problems.

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (AAT) is required (Level 4).

Stakeholder management, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail are essential talents.

Accountant for Value Added Tax

VAT Accountants provide VAT and financial assistance to businesses. They also manage HMRC's important contacts, engage with other VAT regulatory bodies, and predict VAT payments depending on company development.

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting (AAT) is required (Level 4).

Critical thinking, stakeholder management, attention to detail, and problem-solving are the top abilities required.

Why do you are should you study at AAT courses from Future Connect?

Future Connect is useful not just for studying but also for passing tests and evaluations. Among the distinctive success elements are the following. 

Future Connect

  1. is an AAT-certified training provider
  2. The AAT has authorised the location for the evaluation.
  3. has a partnership with a company of Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors
  4. has a success record of 97 per cent on the first try
  5. Will offer you course materials, including textbooks, an exam kit, and flashcards.
  6. will provide you with complete assistance in obtaining MAAT membership
  7. Will provide you with a Sage 50 and Xero Advisor certification for free.
  8. will give you free Sage 50 practical training utilising real-world business papers
  9. will assist you in preparing your CV, interview, and job placement


The Advanced Diploma Level 3 builds on the knowledge gained at the Foundation Certificate level. If you work in accounting or have previously studied accountancy, you may start at this level. To begin at the Advanced level, you need to have completed the AAT Foundation exam (Level 2). If you've worked in an intermediate accounting capacity or have applicable A Levels, you may be qualified for relevant exemptions.

If you wish to start at Advanced Level, it's assumed that you know a lot about Double Entry Bookkeeping; thus, getting an AAT Bookkeeping certificate is a smart option.

At the Advanced Level, you'll study advanced accounting techniques and master a variety of accounting disciplines, such as financial processes, advanced bookkeeping, final accounts, and accountant ethics. This level takes the average individual six months to a year to finish.


Q.1: Can I work as a bookkeeper to complete AAT Level 3?

The qualification for you is Level 3 Bookkeeping. The AAT Level 3 in Bookkeeping is for students who wish to gain more advanced bookkeeping abilities and work in positions like accounts manager, professional bookkeeper, or ledger manager.

Q.2: Is AAT a better option than a bachelor's degree?

AAT is a wonderful option to further education whether you've recently completed your A-levels, want to change careers, or wish to advance in your accountancy profession.

Q.3: Are AAT exams difficult?

The nice thing about AAT is that it is entirely centred on practical learning, which means that even if you have no previous experience, you may still excel if you put in the time and effort.