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Why should you learn the Sage course in 2022?

Why should you learn the Sage course in 2022?

Why sage course?

Our Sage Accounts training classes will teach you how to handle your suppliers' information properly, process invoices and sales, generate financial reports and manage your business's VAT records – all through hands-on, step-by-step instruction. Sage course at Future Connect Training is split into manageable sections, so the technical element of the curriculum doesn't have to be intimidating because you can take it one step at a time.

Sage courses are an important aspect of the accounting profession. If you want to work as an Accounts Assistant in a company's Finance Department or as the 'go to' accounts team member in a small business, these skills will be extremely valuable.

Sage course description

The Sage 50 Accounting 1 and 2 Courses are included in the Sage 50 Accounting Full Course. The Sage course will teach you how to use the Sage 50 Accounting 2022 Program easily. You'll start by creating a new firm and working with its settings to understand how they impact the automation of features and operations in the application; you'll also learn how to personalise a company's Chart of Accounts. Several products are available, such as Sage 50 Cloud.

Following that, you'll practise recording transactions in various journals, such as sales invoices, receipts, expenses, payments, credit card transactions, how to correct errors, sales tax payments, banking transactions, account reconciliation, and how to complete a business's month-end Financial Statements reporting.

After you've finished Sage 50 Course 1, you'll go on to Course 2, where you'll learn how to use various Sage 50 modules and features to advance to the next level. To name a few topics, you'll learn about the payroll module, which includes creating employees, processing paychecks, paying remittances, and Inventory and Inventory Maintenance, Projects and Job Costing, Company Budgets, Departmental Accounting, a company's Fiscal Year-End, and User security.

Our hands-on activities guide you step-by-step to prepare you for working with Sage 50 Accounting in a business, making this course the best value of any Sage 50 Accounting course. In addition, you will get an expert instructor who will assist you and answer your questions during the course.

Sage course is beneficial for office employees, bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners who have successfully learned and finished our training and are now comfortably using Sage 50 Accounting. Check out our testimonials from students who have completed the course and used it to get a job or establish their own business.

Sage Accounting Software's Advantages

Suppose you lack "real world" experience. As is the case in most businesses, employers in the accounting and bookkeeping fields are increasingly focusing on candidates' real experience rather than merely their academic background. In that case, the Sage accounting course can help you break into the area by demonstrating to employers that you have some practical understanding of utilising the accounting and bookkeeping software that many firms rely on.

At how it simplifies and facilitates a wide range of accounting duties, Sage software in accounting has become industry standard, helping accountants and bookkeepers to work quicker and more precisely. You may use Sage software for various tasks, from simple to complicated financial system management. Some of Sage's primary characteristics are as follows:

  1. Sage can assist you to keep track of your earnings and expenses.
  2. Thanks to your option of desktop or cloud-based solutions, you'll be able to work from anywhere.
  3. You'll be able to send professional, customisable invoices to your customers.
  4. With simple bank reconciliation, you can keep your finances accurate.
  5. Sage software has no limit on how many transactions you may enter.
  6. Sage can calculate and securely submit VAT returns to HMRC automatically, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Sage software is not only a programme; it's an assurance to provide live support from real people for the duration of your accounting or bookkeeping career. Support is included with all Sage software as a basic feature, or you may choose to join up for an extra support package.

Why should you do the sage course?

Reduce Human Error

Any business needs an accurate system, and even the tiniest human error when not using an online system can have significant financial consequences for you and your staff.

By saving all of your financial information digitally, you can reduce the possibility of human mistakes, and Sage Accounting Software can assist you.

High-level security

When your data is hosted in Sage 50 cloud, the cloud hosting provider is responsible for all security measures, including third-party audits, data encryption technologies, backup power sources, and firewalls.

Because the data is stored on many servers and backed up regularly, there is no risk of data loss or hacking.

Real-time financial information

You can access your account, examine all transactions, view, edit, and govern your accounting information and cash flow in real-time as long as you have an internet connection.

If you want to examine which transactions have been executed and ensure that you can pay unanticipated fees, this may be quite beneficial.

It's Extremely Budget-Friendly

Accounting on paper is time-consuming and exhausting. It implies dedicating a lot of time to it or paying a significant fee to have it done by someone else on an hourly basis. Why bother when Sage accounting solutions are efficient, fast, and cost-effective? Sage Systems may be acquired for a cheap monthly subscription fee entirely suited to the amount of assistance you require.

Support is available

Depending on your Sage supplier, you may be able to get on-demand assistance up to 24 hours a day, which means that if you ever have a query or something goes wrong, help is accessible.

What is Sage's Purpose?

Sage is a software development company that focuses on producing solutions to assist companies. Sage began by focusing on building software for accountants, but its product line has grown significantly over time. They currently provide services such as SagePay, an online payment gateway designed to ease the payment process, and Sage Live, a business management and accounting software in one.

Objectives and Goals

Sage course aims to provide you with the expertise and confidence to use Sage 50 Accounts to record and perform bookkeeping tasks.

There's also the option of obtaining a Level 2 Using Accounting Software certificate. It may need to be organised individually; if you choose to pursue this qualification, our Course Advisors can provide further information.

Before beginning the Sage course, we recommend that you have a strong understanding of manual bookkeeping operations and expertise with standard programmes like Word and Excel.

Opportunities for employment

Businesses use Sage software in a wide range of industries. Obtaining a recognised Sage qualification distinguishes you from other candidates as a work-ready candidate who can go right in.

Sage is used in a wide range of businesses; therefore, there is always a need for knowledgeable people about the programme. Whether you operate your firm or are looking for your first job in bookkeeping or accounting, taking an official Sage course can set you apart from other applicants competing for comparable positions.

Sage is glad to assist prospective students in determining where they should begin depending on their prior experience and professional goals. Anyone interested in pursuing one of the following jobs can benefit greatly from having Sage qualifications:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Bookkeeping
  3. Payroll
  4. Owner of a small business

After obtaining a core Sage certification, you can continue to enhance your career by obtaining further advanced Sage certifications. As Sage software develops and new functionality is offered, materials are updated to ensure that you are learning the most up-to-date information available.

Accounting and bookkeeping experts are in great demand, and enrolling in a Sage certification is an excellent method to demonstrate your abilities and dedication to potential employers. You will be able to emphasise your professional competence by obtaining these sought-after abilities, which will help you satisfy the need for Sage-qualified employees across all sectors. As you grow from an administrator to a fully certified accountant or payroll manager, this will surely influence your career possibilities and earning potential.


Our Sage 50 Training courses will offer you the skills and knowledge needed to function with the software programme and transferable strategies that you may use in the software regardless of the business or sector you work in. Our Sage training uses live software, which allows you to learn more rapidly and immediately put what you've learned into practice.

The Sage payroll training course gives you the skills you need to process a company's weekly or monthly payroll. If you're presently processing payroll manually and want to move to a computerised payroll that's more efficient and precise, this practical training is for you. We also provide Xero training in addition to Sage Accounting training.


Q.1: What are the requirements of this course?

This course does not have any requirements.

Q.2: When do you think I'll be able to start?

You can begin this course whenever your schedule allows.

Q.3: What is the structure of a course?

Lessons are set out step-by-step on the course website, along with a Getting Started Guide and the course curriculum. Future Connect begins processing your registration and creating your account login as soon as you submit it.