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Step-by-step and easy to use guide that helps develop your knowledge and skills throughout the software. Future Connect Training and Recruitment is the place in Birmingham.

Future Connect Training and Recruitment trains you on 12 clients from different industry sectors. We use actual client files and no dummy data so you can understand how it has done and what you would come across when working in the Accounting sector in Birmingham.

We train you on Sage. We give yourself the freedom to learn in your own time and at your own pace in our training classroom and home as well. We provide you with all the information about Sage and how it is update year after year. You can choose from a selection of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll training within Sage at Future Connect Training and Recruitment.

Future Connect Training and Recruitment take the all-important first step in getting you in grips with accounting and payroll methods you need from us to teach you, and you apply them to training and work. Future Connect Training and Recruitment are aware of the job market becoming increasingly more competitive. It has never been more critical to gain certifications and skills that will help you expand and increase your marketability, so that is why we are here to help you learn several skills and apply them at work to take out the competition as soon as possible.

If you want to learn sage in Birmingham Future Connect Training and Recruitment helps you become the Sage 50 certification because it is a staple in the accounting industry and one of the most desirable accounting certifications.

Sage 50 always had superior inventory management features and a robust software program to manage almost any companies accounting infrastructure. That is where Future Connect Training and Recruitment comes to help you learn these skills set, understand them and use them in the workplace. Also, it adds value whereby employers are looking for that type of people to help them manage their accounts.

Sage 50 does more than assist users in managing the day to day accounting tasks. It’s a feature-rich program that allows accounting professionals to run a company’s books in a timely and efficient manner. How does Future Connect Training and Recruitment relate to this? During the training session, we tell people general knowledge about what information they should put on Sage, how to input data into Sage than process them. We give them in-depth detail in critical areas such as Customers, Suppliers, Bank, nominal codes and tax codes. We show and explain to trainees how to do that, why to do that and what is the outcome. Remember it as they are doing for 12 different industry sectors during our training session.

Future Connect Training and Recruitment give you all the skills ranging from the configuration of a chart of accounts & invoicing all the way capabilities such as bank reconciliation, setting up a stock system and managing P&Ls.

While your learning Sage with Future Connect Training and Recruitment, you would know all areas of accounts. You’ll have complete skills in sales & purchase order processing, project management, alongside stock control and foreign trading tools.

Why Choose Future Connect Training And Recruitment?

  • Verified experts teach all courses
  • Students enjoy 24/7 access to their courses
  • Classes can access on any device
  • Students have access to their routes so they can work at their own pace and freedom while at work and home as well.
  • On completion of the training with Future Connect Training and Recruitment, students receive a course certificate from a recognised educational institution.
  • Become a member of Future Connect Training and Recruitment where you can talk with trainers and consultant about referring other people to our accountancy course and how it would benefit them.

Learn Sage In Birmingham

  • People with Accounting qualification
  • People with a university degree and non-degree
  • People with no Accounting qualification
  • People that are interested in the accounting sector
  • People in the accounting sector but looking for basic upskilling