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Crazy Halloween Costumes Ideas for Accounting and Tech Geeks

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Halloween emerged with the Samhain festival of ancient Celtic, where people would wear crazy clothes such as ghosts and other weird costumes and lit bonfires. Soon Americans included traditions of Samhain in All Saints Day. The night was initially named All Hallows Eve, which later developed into Halloween.

Halloween originally originated in Europe, and immigration in the 19th century brought the tradition to North America that gradually spread to America with several additions and modifications. The idea behind the practice is that dead spirits come back to life on Halloween night and harm crops and people in the living world.

Halloween is celebrated all across America, and we at Future Connect encourage our employees to engage in festive creativity. If you are planning a Halloween party at your accounting company and are confused about the dress code, here is the solution to your worry.

Crazy CPAs Halloween costumes

Call in your CPAs who like to wear a formal dress with a fancy tie in the office and ask them to dress something like this.

A money man

You are a money saver in your company as well as a money builder. So, why shy away from dressing as a cash note and showing your worth to your boss. But wearing a giant cash bill sounds boring. You can also wear a locker and cash machine with some hands putting the statements in the machine and locker.

Be an Auditing pirate

Seems like your CPAs’ auditing role is exhausting them big time! How about giving them a pirate look with an eye patch, swashbuckling sword, and a little stuffed parrot on their shoulder. You can steal some tax advantages for your C corporation and treat yourself at sea.

Invite Uncle Sam to the party

Ask your CPAs to learn some one-liners and wear that signature Uncle Sam’s hat with white gloves in hand. CPAs would not agree to wear striped pants in public, but at least they can be an Uncle Sam for your firm. If you mind being Uncle Sam, would Oscar Martinez work for you? Then, remember to do comprehensive research on current marketing trends and throw intelligence all around.

Halloween costumes ideas for Tech geeks and Marketing nerds

Become an Instagram

You upload plenty of posts on Instagram to promote your company and their services. How about becoming an Instagram and uploading all your companies’ products on yourself? You can enable the ideas on shirts or caps and ask your marketers and other employees to wear them outside. Why shouldn’t Halloween be used to make a profit for your firm? Do fun and make your profit simultaneously.

Become an SEO Ninja

Search Engine Optimisation is your craze, so why not embrace (wear) all your keywords on your white shirt. Do not forget to buy a ski mask with some words marked on them. But remember, the keywords shouldn’t be just words. They must be promoting your firm. How about writing ‘Future Connect-Accountants’ on your shirt.

Be a ghostwriter

Are you tired of writing under the cover and want to protest to your boss for that? Then buy a big white sheet and make a hole for your eyes and mouth. Cover yourself from head to toe with papers and quills on your sheet. You are a ghostwriter now, with all your accomplishments hidden under the white sheet.

You are an Error 404 code

Does the Error 404 code annoy you? How about wearing it on yourself and checking people’s reactions. You do not need any fancy shopping; grab your casual clothes and wear a sash saying, ‘Error 404- Halloween costume not found’ and use ink to make a sad face. Or maybe a happy look because ‘Error 404’- sad face not found’.

Become a Low Wi-Fi and Dead Battery

For a tech geek, dead battery and no Wi-Fi are not less than a nightmare, and nothing on Halloween is more creative than bringing a nightmare into reality. Wear some skeleton or zombie makeup and signs of no Wi-Fi and low battery on your shirt. When your boss asks for the work, point at your shirt, and go about your day.

You can also include your friend in the plan and ask them to wear a low battery or down internet signal sign.

Design Snapchat filters and be the Dog, Cat, or flower crown lady

Snapchat has been gaining popularity in recent times, and every selfie lover clicks around 40 to 50 snaps in a single day. You can make numerous Snapchat filters and ask your employees to wear signature company shirts. Do a photoshoot with Snapchat filters and company shirts and share on social media to attract clients.

Be on social media

Design the t-shirts matching the top social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Whatsapp, and Pinterest. Ask your social media team to wear these shirts on Halloween and enjoy the day.

Ask your employees about their favourite accountant from any movie

You do not have to be bossy all year and ask your employees who their favourite accountant is. Is it Oscar Martinez, Angela Martin, Kevin Malone, or Andy Dufrense? Adopt the attire of any famous accountant and be your favourite accountant for a whole day.


Accountancy may sound like a boring career, but you can make it interesting with little effort. Days like Halloween offer you opportunities to engage your employees and provide them with a chance to relax in a hectic office environment.


Is it unethical to celebrate festivals in the corporate sector?

It is not unethical to celebrate festivals in the corporate sector. Instead, the culture should be promoted to keep the employees motivated and fresh.

What other occasions can be celebrated in the company?

Companies can also celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Eid, and New Year Eve to offer stress relief and mood buster. Moreover, they can celebrate famous religious or traditional events of foreign employees to show solidarity.