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Book-keeping comprises the records of transactions that held regularly in a company. With proper book-keeping, companies can trace all information on its books to make key working, investing, and sponsoring decisions.

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Course Overview

The bookkeepers are responsible for achieving all financial data for companies. Without bookkeepers, businesses would not be awake of their current financial position, as well as the dealings that occur within the company.

At Future Connect Training, we are offering accounting courses that deal with all features of book-keeping topics, which will train learners in all the basic to advanced level book-keeping, business and accounting skills. Our Book-keeping courses will allow students to systematically equip for beginner to senior roles. Here at Future Connect Training, we use our method when it comes to inspiring education and will happy to take you on board to improve your skills and help you bloom within the workplace. With the combination of a comprehensive syllabus and qualified teachers, you can fulfil your targets and be learning goals quite quickly.

We offer five little accounting qualifications. These qualifications provide training courses for a vast range of book-keeping roles and are respected by employers worldwide.

Employers worldwide recognise bookkeeping certifications, which provide training for many bookkeeping professions. They can help students become AAT bookkeeping members while also allowing them to work for themselves.

Bookkeeping course

We provide bookkeeping courses at Future Connect Training that include all parts of bookkeeping and will teach students everything from fundamental to advanced bookkeeping, financial, and accounting abilities. Our bookkeeping courses will prepare students for various positions ranging from junior to senior.

Future Connect Training is recognised for its commitment to supporting education. You may easily achieve your aims and learning goals by combining a comprehensive syllabus with skilled professors. We'd be glad to welcome you onboard to help you improve your abilities and blossom in the workplace.

Why Should You Enrol in Bookkeeping Training?

Although the necessity of bookkeeping in any business may seem self-evident to most, it is frustrating for many small enterprises. It might be difficult to grasp the fundamentals of financial statements, basic financial statistics, and what a bank or investor is looking for.

Bookkeepers are on the front lines of accounting, responsible for entering transactions into the accounting system and creating reports and paperwork for customers and accountants. They're also in charge of processing payroll and directing staff in that direction.

Accounting and bookkeeping are always important to businesses and other organisations, even though they are always altered due to new technology and rules. No owner, management, non-profit board, or government agency can hope to make sensible economic judgments without the financial data that bookkeepers and accountants give.

Solid bookkeeping abilities and computer literacy may pave the way for a long and rewarding career supporting business owners or starting your bookkeeping firm to achieve financial success.

Overview of Bookkeeping training

This bookkeeping course will teach you every important practical skill and theoretical notion you'll need to succeed in this highly competitive field. 

Candidates will be able to seek professional roles in major areas of accounting after completing the course, or they will be able to start their consultancies from scratch. 

Finally, the Accounting course's goal is to help students transition from eager beginners to fully certified and employed professionals.

Candidates learn about the major tasks and everyday activities of a practising accountant through the Bookkeeping Course modules. A wide range of key fraud-detection methods, efficient evidence-gathering strategies, the growing threat of cyber-crime to different organisations, and the importance of proactive fraud prevention are all discussed. The forensic accountant's job as part of a larger fraud-prevention team is also covered in the Accounting course.


An automated multiple-choice based test will measure your learning when you have completed all of the modules in the Bookkeeping course. Before attending the Bookkeeping course completion, you may select to take a Mock Exam. There is no additional charge for the final exam.

Who is suitable for the bookkeeping course?

This bookkeeping diploma is for those interested in a bookkeeping diploma or an accounting and bookkeeping course.

Individuals enrolled in or intending to enrol in Foundation in Bookkeeping Diploma, AAT Access Award in Bookkeeping - Level 1, AAT Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping Level 3, and AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping Level 2 can take this course to improve their bookkeeping skills and knowledge.


Since no prior knowledge or experience in Bookkeeping - Accounting is necessary; there are no specific criteria for the Bookkeeping Accounting Certificate.

Students interested in enrolling in this bookkeeping course must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • a strong command of the English language
  • Basic computer skills and understanding of the English language
  • A sincere desire to learn and achieve in the institute.


  • Sales Day Book
  • Purchase Day Book
  • Credit Notes
  • Debtor /Creditor Reconcileons
  • Petty Cash Reconcile
  • Bank Reconciliation

Learning outcomes

  1. You will do the following after completing this course:
  2. comprehend and apply the necessary arithmetic abilities for bookkeeping and accounting
  3. recognise and explain the connection between the accounting equation and double-entry bookkeeping
  4. Using the double-entry accounting technique, record transactions in the relevant ledger accounts.
  5. After an accounting month, balance off ledger accounts.
  6. Make a trial balance, a balance sheet, and a profit and loss account for your business.

Career path

The bookkeeping abilities acquired via the study of this certification will enable a student to confidently pursue work as a professional bookkeeper, senior bookkeeper, accounts manager, or ledger manager. AAT certified bookkeeper status can also be obtained by a student who wishes to operate as a freelance bookkeeper. Following are professional positions where you can apply after this training.

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Financial Assurance Manager
  3. Financial Assurance Specialist
  4. Internal Auditor
  5.  Senior Auditor
  6.  Senior Budget Analyst

Why Future Connect for Bookkeeping course?

  • Our Accredited Bookkeeping Course content is geared for students of all levels and may be customised to meet your specific requirements.
  • We can provide certifications after your AAT Bookkeeping Training.
  • We provide customised training courses that you may complete full-time or part-time, online or in a classroom setting.
  • We have the extensive in-house knowledge to create custom training courses.
  • We provide the most effective and simple follow Bookkeeping Courses in the UK.
  • Our bookkeeping courses are designed to improve your ability to handle records successfully.
  • More learning resources and utilities are included in each course than other institutions or training providers.
  • Up to date, highest quality. Every unit has printed and bound workbooks that are simple to follow. You will engage in practical hands-on exercises throughout the course to ensure that you have both knowledge and skills.
  • Extra lessons, e-books, and examinations are available in this online enhanced learning resource.
  • Assignment marking with immediate results and feedback from a personal tutor
  • The student Services section operates with a dedicated individual tutor to motivate and assist students via e-mail and phone.
  • We have quick and excellent customer service for e-mail and phone inquiries.

Bookkeeping Training in Birmingham:

  • Our customised training courses can appropriate for your training and lifestyle needs.
  • Our Accredited Accounting Course material is aimed at students of all levels and can modify to your needs.
  • We can offer Institute of Certified Bookkeepers - ICB and City & Guilds recognised qualifications as well as AAT Accounting Training
  • We provide custom courses that can be taken full-time or part-time or any flexible timing.
  • We have the essential in-house expertise to tailor training course.
  • Book-keeping training are specialist in providing education and training for Bookkeeping, Business, Accounts & Payroll
  • We offer the most active easy to follow tutor-supported ICB Accounting Courses in the UK
  • Our book-keeping courses are planned to enhance your abilities to manage records effectively.
  • We offer the most effective easy to follow tutor-supported ICB Bookkeeping Courses in the UK
  • We include more learning resources and utilities per course than any college or Training Provider
  • Highest quality up to date easy to monitor printed and bound workbooks for every unit. Practical activities throughout ensuring you have both understanding and skills
  • Online Improved Learning Resource with extra lessons e-books & tests.
  • Assignment marking with immediate results and personal tutor feedback
  • Devoted private tutor to encourage and help by e-mail and phone.
  • We have fast and operational customer support to responses to questions by e-mail and phone
  • We comprise the best of everything at our prices and don’t ask you to reference materials, purchase add-ons such as exams or additional resources.

Bookkeeping Training that fits your life:

After completing the accounting course you can be ready to start making $38,000 per annum as a Bookkeeper. Our Book-keeping courses will clarify you everything you need to know to begin employed as a Bookkeeper, no prior experience required.

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