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Bookkeeping Qualifications in Birmingham

Bookkeeping Qualifications in Birmingham

Bookkeeping qualifications can help you to enhance your chances to get selected by employers. More you have relevant skills and certificates that prove you have enough knowledge to perform your job well more you have opportunities to get elected. There are several accountancy courses providers in the UK but choosing the right one is a tough task. We at Future Connect Training and Recruitment are one of the leading accountancy training providers. Our bookkeeping training courses are well design and provide customised solutions so learners can gain knowledge according to their specific needs.

Any business, whether small or big, transactions keep on going in and out which includes sales, purchases, receipts and payments. It can be made by the organisations or an individual within it. Here bookkeeper plays a vital role to gather and record the financial transactions of the organisations and explains how much money the company makes and spends.

Other tasks which may include are given below:

  • Getting and preparing invoices for payment
  • Preparing payroll
  • Computing Profit and loss
  • Assessing income and expenditure
  • Managing records and ensuring the books 'balance. '

Is Bookkeeping Qualifications Right For Me?

Having a keen interest in numbers is an integral part of this profession.

Whereas other attributes include:

  • A sorted out and systematic methodology while completing tasks.
  • Computer educated
  • Substantial attention to every detail
  • Communication skills
  • Honesty and discretion

Get Qualified

Usually, an entry-level, you would not require any previous experience whereas you should know bookkeeping practice and particular bookkeeping the software. In Future Connect there are no such requirements for bookkeeping course beginners and sage bookkeeping courses.

Why Future Connect?

'Your success is our success' we deliver our student with the range of bookkeeping courses, assisted by our knowledgeable training team with flexible payment and schedule of study. After the completion of the bookkeeping course in Future Connect, you will get widely recognised UK qualification and gain valuable practical experience. Our qualification works around your life and work commitments.

We have a flexible way of payment which is herein:

  • Self- funded
  • Employer-funded
  • Government-funded
  • Private education loan

Open Days

We welcome everyone to visit our office for a careers consultation. We are open seven days a week (09:00 am to 06:00 pm). Our accountancy training advisors are available there to help you and guide you on what training courses are best for you and how they customise the path according to your requirements.

Those people who motivated and want to develop their career within a dynamic and ambitious field can take Bookkeeping qualifications at Future Connect Training. We are based in Birmingham, London and Harrow, and we are on the process of growing our business and opening new training centres in different parts of the UK.

Enrol on to get bookkeeping qualifications today. For more information, please speak to our advisor on 02037908674 or 01212959988. Our offices are based in London and Birmingham where the practical training will be conducted. You can also email us on for more information.