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Bookkeeping courses

Bookkeeping courses

Bookkeeping courses helps learners to understand how to manage and effectively handle any companies’ record. Bookkeeping is the writing down of all the financial operations, which is also part of the procedure related to accounting in business. Transactions include receipts and payments, sales and purchases by an independent person or a company.

The bookkeeping activity involves a few necessary steps:

  • Examine financial transactions and assigning them to specific accounts;
  • Maintaining original journal entries that credit and debit the appropriate accounts;
  • Posting the journal entries to ledger accounts;
  • Regulating entries at the end of each accounting period.

Keeping precise, up to date records is essential for any business, Where this task drops to the owner or manager, it is also a diversion from getting on with running your business and making money. Outsourcing your Bookkeeping is also one of the methods for maintaining books of accounts. All companies need to record their accounting transactions during the year to comply with the Taxes Acts. Larger businesses need to prepare monthly, or quarterly VAT returns based on their accounting transactions during the applicable period.

Our fully computerised Bookkeeping and VAT training programme are designed to give you confidence that your training related to accounting and VAT are up to date so that you can concentrate on making your career in this field.

Bookkeeping Courses include Top 5 Accounting Software for Businesses

  • Slick Pie

Slick Pie is a networking accounting software program that is specially designed for smaller businesses.

  • QuickBooks Online.

A product of Intuit, QuickBooks has long heralded as the go-to accounting software for small businesses.

  • Sage 50

Sage 50 cloud is a set of accountancy and payroll products developed by Sage Group aimed at small and medium enterprises. Sage offers different products under the Sage 50 name in different regions.

  • Kashoo

Kashoo is an easy-to-use accounting solution for freelancers, small business owners, and independent entrepreneurs to track income and expenses, manage taxes, send invoices, and other accounting functions.

  • Xero

Xero is best suited for mid- to large-sized businesses. The software is well-developed and offers strong accounting and ample features, reports, and integrations. Xero also supports unlimited users for every plan, which is almost unheard of in the accounting software world.

Bookkeeping and VAT

VAT – What is VAT

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a type of tax charged on the value added to goods and services. In many countries, VAT is also called GST. As products and services make progress through a supply network, they rise in value. VAT taxes the value VAT is a tax, meaning that it paid by the end-user rather than the business selling the goods or services. Our bookkeeping courses emphasis on how to manage VAT accounts with real life scenarios.

VAT Inspections

VAT inspections happen when few entries have been entered incorrectly, because of the firm you are working in and sometimes just at random. VAT Inspections are always time consuming and exhausting. An accountant prepares clients data and files VAT returns for them; VAT Inspections are usually carried out in premises and accountant can deal with all matters relating to this. Doing this saves essential accountant time and the problem of dealing with the VAT Inspectors. The accountant usually ensures that inspections are completed rapidly with minimum or no adjustments.

Bookkeeping and payroll

Payroll processing deals with the task of managing the payment of an employee. This process involved in payroll includes collecting details like employees timing for a selected period, managing benefits & deductions, and distributing employee pay for that period. A profession in salary requires necessary qualifications and industry knowledge and skill. Our payroll qualifications training are designed to provide just that. With the completion, of course, you would be provided with an IAB certificate. We ensure you that our training will provide with a highly qualified professional in accountancy.

After completing training with Future Connect-

  • Trainees would understand and will be able to apply essential numerical skills.
  • Learn the accounting equations and double-entry Bookkeeping.
  • Able to record all the transaction in the appropriate ledger accounts
  • Able to prepare a trial balance, profit and loss accounts, balance sheet.
  • Preparing invoices and making payments.
  • Calculation and submission of VAT return to HMRC.

After completing the bookkeeping course successfully, you will be ready to get payment £38,000 per year as a Bookkeeper. Our Bookkeeping courses will teach you every essential thing you need to know to start working as a Bookkeeper with no previous experience required.

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