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Bookkeeping Certification in Birmingham

Bookkeeping Certification in Birmingham

The bookkeeping is necessary for all businesses, regardless of their size. It is essential to prepare the annual balance sheet, tax returns and profit and loss statement which, must be submitted by law to various government departments, the business must make an accurate record of all the financial transactions. To keep the books in a systematic and orderly manner, standard methods and processes taught in many bookkeeping courses.

In accounting, the Professional Bookkeeper represents a person who is proficient in the day-to-day practical application of the accounting process in small and mid-sized businesses. It shows the accountant’s expertise and promises in this profession while providing quality service for their employer or client.

If you’re looking to become an accounting professional who specialises in small and midsized businesses, or you want to earn it takes to advance in your current career, you owe it to yourself to check out Professional Bookkeeper Certification.

Why Get Professional Bookkeeper Certification in Birmingham?

  • Advance your career & potentially increase your wages/earnings helping you get paid what you are worth
  • Raise your value to your employer, clients or company
  • Demonstrate you have proven skills in bookkeeping and accounting
  • The practical, real-time, hands-on emphasis with training in multiple industries using video instruction that you can do at your own pace (very flexible)
  • Professional Support (academic and practical)

Getting Certified

The Professional Bookkeeper Program offers three learning modules:

  • Bookkeeping Made Easy: Fundamental principles of bookkeeping for small business
  • Advanced Accounting: Train in the more refined issues associated with creating a set of books from auditing the results internally, scratch, and closing out the books at the end of the year
  • Practical Small Business Application: Study the day-to-day procedures used by industries each month to record and organise their financial events
  • Building a Successful Bookkeeping Service: Completion of the Professional Bookkeeper™ program is your first step in accelerating your Accounting and Bookkeeping career where you can also learn what you need to know. To get promotion and a raise that goes with, it could pay for the entire course in the first month or two.
  • By completing a bookkeeping course and getting a bookkeeping certification, shows potential employers that the candidate understands the basic principles of bookkeeping and how to apply them. By choosing bookkeeping training, it is advantageous to select a bookkeeping certification course.

  • Computerised Bookkeeping Certification in Birmingham:
  • There are several organisations that keep their accounts using one of the widely available Accounting software packages (Sage, Quickbooks, TAS & VT, IRIS). This software has many features which perform the more complex and regular bookkeeping tasks consistently in minutes. We at Future Connect training provides courses in computerised bookkeeping with certification.

  • Competitive Job Market of UK and Bookkeeping Certification in Birmingham:
  • The employers will look for certificates that show a candidate is familiar with bookkeeping principles and practice. The bookkeeping certification will confirm that you are capable of doing the job.

  • So what are you waiting for?
  • If you want a good return for your money and time spent on the course, contact us and book your bookkeeping certification course.