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Enjoy Christmas Discounts on AAT Courses from Future Connect Training

Enjoy Christmas Discounts on AAT Courses from Future Connect Training

Four reasons why you should get an AAT course this Christmas

The AAT certificate is a great way to start a career in accounting or finance, and it's also the best method to certify your current skills and knowledge with a worldwide recognised credential.

The AAT programme offers a wide range of professional options.

Regardless of your previous employment and educational status, you may obtain an AAT certificate at any time in your life. There are no prerequisites for taking AAT training (though it is recommended that you be numerate and ready to put in the necessary study time, of course). No prior accounting or bookkeeping expertise is required. AAT courses also provide a flexible range of qualification levels. It allows you to choose precisely how much and when you want to study. 

You can stop learning after Level Two and earn a respectable salary as a Junior Auditor, earning around £22,000, or you can explore to Level Four and beyond, earning a salary of about £42,000 as a management accountant, or even more than £65,000 if you decide to become a financial controller.

After completing AAT courses, you have several possibilities, including immediately starting employment, becoming a chartered accountant, opening an accounting firm, or continuing your studies at university. There is no "wrong" method to complete the AAT Levels, and many people opt to work for a long time before continuing their education.

AAT certification is highly regarded, and it increases your employability.

AAT certifications are internationally recognised and provide both legal and professional prestige—in fact, without an AAT certificate and diploma, one cannot legally function as an accountant.

The AAT has over 133,000 members worldwide, with branches in Hong Kong and South Africa, making it the world's most recognisable financial organisation. As a result, after you've earned your certification, you'll be allowed to work as an accountant practically everywhere.

Even if you do not plan to pursue a career in accounting, having AAT certifications on your resume will give you a significant competitive edge in the workplace. Financial management is essential in any organisation, so whether you're assisting in the administration of a small firm or planning to establish your own, you'll be well-prepared to ensure its financial success. You'll be able to manage finances, budgeting efficiently, and cash flow after completing AAT Level Two and plan for long-term business growth.

AAT certificates can also assist university graduates who have trouble finding work since they indicate a plethora of practical skills and knowledge that companies value. They may be considered a better guarantee of "real world" talents than a highly academic university degree.

AAT training is a practical choice.

AAT courses are reasonably reasonable, and you can study at home in your own time, so you won't get into significant debt or lose out on years of income while learning. 

On the other hand, AAT courses provide a substantial return on a small investment, providing you with employment stability (there is always a need for accounting services) and potentially adding thousands of pounds to your annual earnings.

You may want to study with the AAT while being on parental leave, through a period of unemployment, or even while taking a break from your university studies because of the minimal upfront cost. It not only allows you to enter or re-enter the workforce with more confidence and qualifications, but it also helps you avoid the dreaded "skills gap."

AAT courses offer a stimulating challenge.

Finance affects practically every part of our lives, so pushing yourself to learn more about money management at any age can be incredibly beneficial. Trying out even just the basic AAT Access course (Level 1) can broaden your financial horizons in various new ways. Whether you have a small business and want to run it better, want to manage your investments and retirement planning properly, or want to learn to budget better on a day-to-day basis.

Future Connect AAT courses.

One of the most well-known accounting credentials is the AAT. The AQ2016 course is divided into three levels: Foundation, Advanced, and Professional, each taking around a year to complete. There's also Bookkeeping, a specialised certification that combines Foundation and Advanced studies to provide a Bookkeeping certificate.

AAT Qualifications in Bookkeeping 

Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 2, CIB), Foundation Award in Accounting Software (Level 2, AIAS), and Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping are the three bookkeeping certifications (Level 3, CIB). You may become an AAT Professional Bookkeeper if you complete and pass all three certifications.

To begin studying for an AAT Bookkeeping certificate, you don't need any prior accounting certification or qualifications; all you do is learn. It's perfect if you're a high school or university graduate or considering a career change and want to experience AAT before committing to the full certificate. After passing this level, you'll have the ability to work as a bookkeeper, earning up to £25,000 per year. It will exclude you from specific subjects in the Foundation or Advanced Levels of AAT if you wish to go further.

AAT level 2 Foundation Certificate

The foundation covers accounting fundamentals and is a good place to start if you've never studied the subject before. You'll learn basic accounting principles, including double-entry Bookkeeping, costing, and financial statement preparation, as well as how to utilise accounting software. You may complete this level in six to twelve months.

After passing this level, you can work as an accounts payable clerk, accounts officer, payroll administrator, or financial assistant, earning up to £25,000 per year. We recommend learning Level 3 AAT Advanced if you wish to advance further.

About this AAT qualification:

Every firm needs employees who have a great grasp of numbers, but to be in demand these days, you must also have the technological know-how to input and report financial data using the most up-to-date software. It's critical to be able to give accurate and timely reports and data analysis to corporate directors.

This certification might be the rocket to truly launch your career in accounting, whether you already have basic abilities or are stepping into the world of finance for the first time. Not only will you obtain the necessary knowledge and comprehension of fundamental accounting operations. 

The Foundation Diploma in Accounting with AAT is your roadmap for a successful financial career, and having such a distinguished certificate may open many doors.

It is the best way to start if you want to get your first AAT qualification. After completing your course, you'll be in a great position to take the applicable AAT certification test and get your Foundation Certificate in Accounting (previously Level 2 Certificate in Accounting).

This course is suitable if you want to work as an Accounts Assistant or a Bookkeeper in the Accounts and Finance industry. You could then pursue the AAT Level 3 qualification, which might lead to jobs as an accountant, management accountant, or finance manager.

AAT level 3 advanced diploma

The information learned at the Foundation level is expanded upon in the Advanced Diploma. You may be allowed to begin at this level if you work in accounting or have previously studied accountancy. You'll acquire advanced accounting procedures and master a variety of accounting disciplines, such as financial processes, advanced bookkeeping, final accounts, and accountant ethics. You may complete This level in six to twelve months.

After achieving this level, you can work as a financial officer, assistant accountant, or advanced bookkeeper, earning up to £25,000 per year. If you wish to continue your knowledge, you can enrol in the AAT Professional Level 4 programme.

About this AAT course:

This AAT training course will provide you with the opportunity to earn an AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

Since you already have some accounting and financial reporting experience, such as the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accountancy, this diploma will expand your prior knowledge and take things to a whole new level.

You'll have access to My AAT throughout your study. All students pursuing AAT credentials may receive study help, supplementary materials, and unique AAT member privileges through this extensive online resource. We urge that you take advantage of the material as much as possible as part of your preparation for the AAT qualifying tests.

This diploma comprises the following AAT courses in addition to Excel Expert:

  • Advanced Accounting
  • Preparation of the final accounts
  • Costing is a part of management accounting.
  • Taxes that are not paid directly
  • Accountants' Ethics

You'll get the necessary knowledge to efficiently and professionally handle the accounts within an organisation or maintain your financial records by studying seven major topic areas such as accounts preparation, cost and revenues, and indirect tax, to mention a few.

It is the next logical step if you already have the Foundation Certificate in Accounting, previously known as the Level 2 Certificate.

AAT level 4 Professional Certificate

Professional is the ultimate level, which teaches you more advanced accounting theory and allows you to pick between two specialisations. Budgeting, managerial accounting, financial statement preparation, accounting systems, and tax will all be covered. You may complete this level in 12 to 18 months.

As you improve and gain experience, you can work as a forensic accountant, tax manager, accountancy consultant, or financial analyst, earning wages of up to £42,500.

About this AAT training

This diploma is for anybody serious about furthering their financial or accounting career by earning professional credentials. You may advance your career to more senior management accountancy jobs by studying the Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting.

You will study four basic subjects as part of this diploma:

  • Budgeting and Management Accounting
  • Management Accounting: Control and Decision-Making
  • Limited Company Financial Statements
  • Accounting Controls and Systems

Then you select two different elective subjects from the list below:

  • Corporate Taxes
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Auditing from the outside
  • Treasury and Cash Management
  • Credit Administration


Future Connect wants to make your AAT training  as easy as possible by offering 30% discounts on selective courses, also, we've put up a study package that includes everything you'll need to prepare for your tests. It covers e-Learning, study books, Sage certification and software, as well as Tutor assistance during your course.

This AAT training course also includes Exam Prep Sessions and Live Online Classes, led by one of our AAT Experts and cover the unit topics you'll need to pass your examinations.


Q.1: Is it worthwhile to take an AAT course?

AAT is a wonderful option to further education whether you've recently completed your A-levels, 

are wanting to change careers or wish to advance in your accountancy profession.

Q.2: What is the duration of the AAT course?

An AAT accountancy qualification typically takes 6 to 8 months to achieve for most students. Most students who are studying BookkeepingBookkeeping require 3 to 5 months to earn an AAT bookkeeping certificate. Continue reading to find out how long each AAT level takes to finish.

Q.3: Is it possible for me to learn AAT on my own?

You'll need to purchase AAT textbooks or select a self-study package from a training provider to go through our lessons. Depending on the qualification you're studying, you'll also need to find an approved assessment centre to take our exams.

Q.4: Is the AAT certification valid for life?

You will instantly become an AAT affiliate member after completing the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting. This membership level will be yours until your student membership ends.