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What is the average salary of AAT qualification?

What is the average salary of AAT qualification?

AnAAT qualification can help you enhance your earning potential whether you're exploring a career in finance or are a seasoned financial professional.

These highly-regarded credentials may impress employers, demonstrate your financial talents, and assist you in achieving your professional objectives.

AAT publishes the results of their wage survey every year to demonstrate the worth of their qualifications. We've put together this helpful infographic to illustrate how much an AAT certificate may make you.

Having an AAT certification may help you advance in your finance job. Not only do many AAT members report making more money, but they also report being happier in their jobs.

Types of AAT qualification

AAT Access course

Since the AAT Introductory Award in Accounting (AAT Access) is a beginner-level course, it will not automatically qualify you for a variety of different jobs. It will, however, show companies that you are enthusiastic about accounting and that you understand the fundamentals, making your CV stand out to possible employers. To acquire your first foot on the accounting career ladder, look for junior and assistant positions.

Roles that might be available and average salaries:

£15,000 for a junior administrator

£19,000 for a Junior Accounts Assistant

AAT level 2

You'll be qualified for entry-level accounting positions with the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2). The course's themes tend to prepare students for jobs in finance administration, but you may apply the core accounting skills you acquire to a wide range of occupations. Because many individuals – especially graduates – begin with this course, many businesses will seek it when hiring for entry-level positions.

Level 2 AAT jobs and salaries

£20,500 Accounts Payable Clerk

£21,000 Accounts Officer

£23,000 Payroll Administrator

AAT level 3

The AAT Complex Diploma in Accounting (Level 3) focuses on evaluation while developing your skillset with more advanced accounting processes. It means you may start looking into more specialised professions, like tax and insolvency, with your newfound expertise. Furthermore, after obtaining this certificate, you will be eligible for AAT Bookkeeper (AATQB) status, allowing you to operate as a freelance bookkeeper.

Level 3 AAT jobs and salaries

£23,000 for a finance officer

£25,000 for an assistant accountant

£25,000 for a bookkeeper

AAT level 4

When you finish the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting, you'll have completed the whole AAT pathway (Level 4). Having this certification on your resume demonstrates your dedication to the accounting field and personal growth. Although you'll be qualified for more senior jobs, businesses will frequently seek experienced applicants to fill these positions. So, even if you've completed the entire AAT qualification, you might still need to put in extra time in a lower-level job. You can also choose employment with managerial duties since you'll be well-qualified for the added tasks.

Level 4 AAT jobs and salaries

£32,500 Accounts Manager

£37,500 for a commercial analyst

£42,500 for a financial accountant

MAAT status

Once you've completed Level 4, you'll be able to join the AAT as a full member (MAAT). After that, if you've been a MAAT for five years or longer, you can upgrade to an AAT Fellow Member by paying an extra fee (FMAAT). You can use these (MAAT) letters after your name to demonstrate your qualification and your constant dedication to professional development, and the AAT's quality expectations.

MAATs and FMAATs are more senior accountants, which means they are paid more lavishly, as seen in the graph above. The AAT also gathered information on incentives received by different membership levels: on average, Affiliate members received £1,282 in bonuses, while Full or Fellow members received £2,212 - over £1000 more.

What is the average duration to learn AAT?

The time it takes to learn AAT is determined by the study technique you select.

In general, you'll be able to earn your certification in around a year - however, some methods allow you to finish in as little as six months.

With part-time and full-time study choices, as well as the possibility of remote learning, you'll be able to fit AAT around you and your schedule.

Workplace Satisfaction and Safety

A huge 80 per cent of AAT students say they've increased their earning potential, and 85 per cent say they're happy in their jobs. Seventy-six per cent of employed members are pleased with their jobs, whereas 81 per cent of self-employed AAT Licensed Accountants are.

This happiness and security might be attributed to the information gained via AAT courses. It's no surprise that these students feel comfortable in their jobs and are pleased with work since they have good qualifications and up-to-date information on their side.

Salary Averages by Job Level

It might be difficult to break into the banking industry, yet AAT members excel even in entry-level positions. The average income for an accounts assistant or administrator with an AAT certificate is £21,000. The average income climbs to £27,000 when you advance to the position of accounts officer.

You'll earn an average of £28,000 a year as an AAT-qualified team leader, rising to £31,000 as a junior manager with an AAT qualification.

If you continue as middle management with an AAT certificate, you can expect to earn an average of £36,000 per year, and if you advance to director level, you can expect to earn an average of £46,000.

Salary Averages based on AAT Membership Status

The average salary for students pursuing an AAT qualification is £22,000. Full members with MAAT rank who have completed the AAT Professional Diploma can earn up to £30,000.

Fellow Members of the AAT earn an average of £40,000 per year after becoming full members for at least five years. AAT Licensed Accountants who are self-employed or have their own accountancy business can earn up to £52,000 per year.

The majority of the incomes included in the survey have increased from the 2019 edition, with some average salaries increasing by as much as 9%!

Opt to AAT qualification

The industry leader for accountants

The AAT is known as the Association of Accounting Technicians. It is the premier qualification and membership association for vocational accountants in the United Kingdom. They grant almost 90% of all vocational accounting certificates, establishing them as the industry benchmark for accounting expertise. Companies like Sainsbury's, P&G, Morgan Stanley, the Ministry of Defence, and many more continue to recruit AAT experts for their specialist understanding in the industry since the certifications they give are internationally recognised. They are also supported by professional accounting organisations CIPFA, ICAEW, CIMA, and ICAS, demonstrating that just about everyone in accounting realises AAT is the best.

Flexible schedule

They can learn AAT regardless of how hectic their timetable is. You may enrol in one of their self-paced courses and begin right away, or you can enrol in their group study programme, which offers you the support of a group of like-minded students as well as defined deadlines to help you stay on track. In reality, Future Connect pass rates show that learning in a group increases your chances of passing the first time. So, no matter which strategy you utilise, there are no longer excuses for not keeping your career on track.

Good passing rate

Future Connect has now had a 92 per cent pass rate for AAT courses. Although we cannot guarantee that you will pass all of your examinations the first time, we will offer you the necessary assistance and support to maintain the odds in your favour. They've even established a new Pass Promise system, which gives you a free resit when you're ready to try again if you don't pass an exam the first time. You'll get all the assurance you need to become qualified as swiftly and easily as possible — with no needless worry.

Face to face feedback

Even if you prefer online learning, there are occasions when you need to speak with someone directly. With an AAT certification, you'll have access to a network of expert teachers who are always accessible to answer your queries. You may benefit from their years of expertise in the industry by simply calling, emailing, or messaging them online. There will be no more tedious FAQs or unanswered phone calls. It is exactly the kind of advice you need to keep going.

Flexible payment plans

There are a variety of online discounts to help you budget for your education, as well as flexible financing alternatives to enable you self-fund your studies. Company financing is possible if your employer is prepared to cover a portion of the expense. Payment plans can be spaced out over a period that works for you. Exam fees are also included in all programmes, so you won't have to worry about any unexpected costs during your study. When you enrol, you'll also receive a free Android tablet. So, whatever degree of AAT you're interested in and whatever your budget, there's something for you.

What are the benefits of studying with Future Connect?

Future Connect is the UK's largest professional credentials training provider, with over 20,000 students studying for their next promotion, higher pay, or to change careers.

The following are some of the other advantages of learning AAT with Fc training:

Not only pre-recorded lessons but live interactive classes as well.

All-inclusive fees and financing alternatives that are 0%

Virtual Learning Campus (VLC) is a multi-award-winning virtual learning environment.

Tutors are available by phone, email, and the internet.

A step-by-step course that is simple to follow.


Studying may be difficult, and adding it to an already hectic work and home schedule can add to your stress. We want to make sure you can handle the workload and get the most out of your education.

We all need a little extra assistance and support now and again. Therefore we have blogs and supporting material to assist you when you need it. You can also seek help from tutors or student services. It would help if you didn't struggle; we want you to succeed.


Q.1: To study AAT, what credentials or experience do I need?

To begin learning AAT, you don't need any prior certifications or accounting experience. Anyone can start the qualification, from high school graduates to job changers.

Q.2: Does AAT qualify you as an accountant?

It's a popular query among individuals considering a career in accounting. There are no legal criteria that prevent you from working as a professional accountant without obtaining certification.

Q.3: Is AAT a better option than a bachelor's degree?

AAT is a fantastic alternative to traditional higher education. In this post, we'll compare the professional benefits of an AAT diploma to those of a university degree.

Q.4: With AAT, can you become a chartered accountant?

All of the UK's chartered accountancy organisations provide extensive exemptions and a fast track to chartered status for AAT full members (MAAT) and fellow members (FMAAT).