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Sharpen your assessing skills and improve your abilities to progress your career with our wide range of audit training courses. Our audit courses can help you to reach your career goals. Our training courses cover many details from understanding the auditing methods through managing and controlling the program and providing the accounts and coordinating with the higher management.

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Course Overview

We offer custom training programs rendering to your need. Our experts will discuss with you your title role and plan an auditing course to offer the right skills & knowledge to enable you to progress your career.

Our audit training courses permit you to have the satisfaction of doing your job efficiently and with sensible planning and preparation using the checklist to confirm and validate that your audit is of high worth. In this training course, you can know how to review management system helps in quality control, conservation issues such as health and safety.

AT Future Connect Training you can get proficient advice for your career. Our professional auditing trainers are happy to assist you. You can set

free consultation and discuss your course need our expert will assist you in choosing the right direction for you.We have professional trainers who have years of experience in providing hands-on training. Our trainers are well aware of how to offer you the maximum understanding and give you practical experience.

After completing the course, you will be capable of working as a professional auditor and acquire a higher salary.

Features of Audit Training Courses by Future Connect Training

  • The candidate will acquire all the materials which are required in an audit training course
  • Every candidate will get individual responsiveness and have the chance to ask questions
  • Get training from the industry's expert trainers, who have the specialist in their field.
  • The applicants will get the training in the business environment with numerous practical examples so they can easily comprehend and recognise everything in the course.
  • Future Connect Training helps you with finding. The work placements with many links within the industry upon completing one of our audit training course.

Why do you need Audit training?

Reason: there have been significant changes to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards

Both standards have undergone significant revisions, including several for which written processes are unlikely to exist. Consider the following four examples:

  1. The monitoring and assessment of information regarding external and internal concerns impacting the organization is a completely new idea in the organization's context.
  2. Leadership, in which management's role substantially extended, and senior management's participation in internal audits as required.
  3. Planning, where assessing activities to handle risks and opportunities has become a must, necessitates knowledge of how these words are applied.
  4. Organizational knowledge is required in situations when both tangible and intangible assets are necessary.

Reason: To Protect the Benefits of Effective Auditing Techniques

Internal auditors must imitate the behaviour of CB auditors to audit a QMS/EMS properly. External auditors collect data from various sources, which vary depending on the scope and complexities of the audit and may include the following

  1. Policy, objectives, plans, procedures, standards, instructions, licences and permits, specifications, drawings, contracts, and orders; observations of activities and the relevant work environment and conditions; documents such as policy, objectives, plans, procedures, standards, instructions, licences and permits, specifications, drawings, contracts, and orders;
  2. Documents, such as inspection reports, meeting minutes, audit reports, monitoring programme records, and measurement results;
  3. A summary of the data, and analysis, and performance metrics;
  4. Information on the auditee's sample programmes and sampling and measurement process control methods;
  5. Customer feedback, other pertinent information from third parties, and supplier ratings are examples of reports from other sources; computerized databases and websites.

What are the goals of auditing training?

Small and Medium Practices will benefit from the Audit Training of Trainers workshops. (SMPs) improve their capacity to apply International Standards on Auditing by building the profession's capacity to provide high-quality training and ongoing professional development programmes (ISA).

With our unrivalled choice of auditing skills training courses, you may improve your auditing abilities and advance your career. We can help you reach the pinnacle of your job if you deal with management systems. We cover all elements of auditing, from advanced skills to audit training.

What Is An Audit?

An audit is a systematic, independent inspection of an organisation's books, accounts, statutory records, documents, and vouchers to verify financial statements and non-financial disclosures. An audit might cover the entire company or focus on a single function, process, or manufacturing step, and it may include on-site verification such as inspection or examination.

Why Audit Training from us?

We offer tailored training programmes to meet your specific requirements. Our specialists will review your work with you and design an auditing course to provide you with the necessary skills and information to further your career.

Our audit training classes provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that you did your work well and planned ahead of time. You practised utilising the checklist to confirm and validate that your audit was high quality. The audit training course will teach you how to use an audit management system to aid quality control, environmental challenges, and health and safety.

Future Connect is a leading institute.

You may obtain professional career counselling at Future Connect Training. Our auditing experts would gladly assist you. You may schedule a free appointment to review your course requirements, and our expert will help you select the best career path for you.

Professional teachers with years of expertise offering hands-on instruction are available. Our instructors understand how to provide you with the most information and practical experience possible. You will be able to work as a professional auditor and earn better pay after completing the course.

Perks of getting our course

  1. The candidate will receive all of the resources necessary for the audit training course.
  2. Every candidate will receive personalised attention and will have the opportunity to ask questions.
  3. Get instruction from industry professionals who are experts in their sector.
  4. Candidates will get training in a corporate setting with several practical examples, allowing them to comprehend and recognise everything covered in the course readily.
  5. After finishing one of our audit training courses, Future Connect Training will aid you in securing work placements through a network of industry connections.

Course Content

Process Auditing

This kind of auditing guarantees that the audit processes follow the established guidelines. It evaluates the process's adherence to standard and preset instructions and the usefulness of the instructions by assessing the efficacy of operating procedures.

Process audit, resource examination, and process control examination are all part of the training. Furthermore, training entails analysing process interactions, reporting the results, and identifying areas that require improvement.

Product Auditing

It entails the examination of specific items or services, such as hardware, software, performance standards, or processed materials. Students will understand product audit potential as a result of the course.

System Audit

It entails a management system audit and documented activity training, which teaches the student how to study and evaluate objective evidence to identify functioning and effective system parts. Specifications must be followed while writing, formatting, or implementing the document.

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