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Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel Training

What is Advance Excel?

Advanced Excel is basically formula and functions. The primary function of advance Excels used for complex calculations — the services designed for easy formatting and lookup of a large pool of data. In contrast, the advanced Excel formula performed to get new details from a given particular set of data.

Advanced Excel Training

In today's scenario, many jobs need expertise in advanced Excel.

The list of 9 areas forms the basis in advanced Excel skills.

  • Advanced Formulas: Formulas make Excel smart. Among with them, Excel is just a way to maintain data tool. Formulas can help you to analyse it, crunch data, and get the solution to most compound questions. While anyone can use a quickly IF or SUM formula, but an advanced user would be able to combine and write methods like MATCH, LOOKUP SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, INDEX formulas smoothly. Apart from knowledge about the formulas, advanced Excel users also know how to identify and remove the errors in them, audit them and how to use the method for each time (and they also have knowledge about few alternatives for any given formula problem).
  • Data, Tables, Formatting and Power Query: Advanced Excel users are aware of how to present, structure and gather their data so that it looks magnificent. Good knowledge of Excel features like Tables, cell styles, formatting options Power Query (Get & Transform Data), and compulsory to make impressive Excel books.
  • Conditional Formatting: Conditional formatting is an essential feature in Excel that is many times underutilized. With the help of conditional formatting, you can instruct Excel to highlight part of your data that meet any given condition. For example: highlighting the top 5 customers, below-average executing employees etc. While anyone can easily set up simple conditional formatting, but an advanced Excel user can do a much more. They know to combine formulas with conditional formatting to high spot data that meets almost every condition.
  • Advanced Charting: Advanced users of Excel are expertise in using charts; the user can communicate successfully and stunningly present result. The skills required for advanced charting are,
  1. Use Sparkline’s
  2. Ability to combine various charts into one
  3. Knowing how to pick the right type of chart for any situation
  4. features use like in-cell charts & conditional formatting charts
  5. Ability to set up dynamic & interactive charts
  • Pivot Reporting and Pivot Tables: Pivot tables & pivot reporting permits us to examine a colossal quantity of data & answer questions within a few clicks. Advanced users of Excel are very close with different features of Pivot reporting & pivot tables, and in fact, they can use them well. The advanced pivot table features are –multi-table pivots, grouping, measures (Power Pivot) relationships, slicers, & summary by a different type of metrics.
  • Using Excel Productively: It is not sufficient to know the different features of Excel, but an advanced user should also know how Excel can productively be utilized effectively. Includes identifying important Excel customizations, mouse shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts, workarounds, & how to make everything looks slick.
  • Data Tables, Simulations & Solver: Excel has many advanced and powerful features packaged into it.
  • Data tables: Help user to practically solve issues and analyse the massive amount of data for a solution.
  • Solver: helps the user to solve model problems & find a solution by repeating thru all possibilities. For example, finding the lowest price to ship goods from one location to another.
  • Simulations: User can parallel use real-world data & situations in Excel using various statistical methods and random functions.
  • Forecasting:Create a time-series prediction to predict a future value and to analyse seasonal trends.
  • Trend analysis: We can use charting features and built-in functions to understand forecast values and trend from available data.

Content included in this Advanced Excel Training with Future Connect?

  • Using AutoFill, using functions: ROUND; SUMIF; SUMIF; IF; IFERROR; AND, using the IF function
  • Carrying out date calculations and adding a picture as a watermark
  • Creating and working with tables, converting text to columns, removing duplicates, consolidating data, using paste special, creating a custom format
  • Defining, using and managing named ranges, inserting, modifying and eliminating hyperlinks, formatting elements of a column
  • Pie charts, creating a combination chart,
  • Using the VLOOKUP function, adding a linked object into a spreadsheet, linking Excel workbooks, using the scenario manager, setting up data tables
  • Using features: COUNTA, COUNTIF, using text functions: PROPER, UPPER; LOWER, TRIM, LEFT, MID, RIGHT, CONCATENATE
  • Protecting worksheet cells, applying and removing passwords
  • Recording and running macros, running a macro deleting macros, using data validation, tracing dependent cells in a worksheet, evaluating formulas, tracking errors.
  • Using formatting cells meeting a specific condition, applying more than one conditional formatting rule
  • Sorting data using cell attributes, filtering data.

Career Path after completing advanced excel training

If you are working in the Finance team or Accounts Assistant, this training programme will save a vast amount of time. You can also apply for below job level after completing this course.

  • Executive Assistant
  • Management Accountant
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Finance Manager

Why choose Future Connect Training?

Our advanced Excel training courses provide you the hands-on experience in MS Excel. We have training staff with years of experience in providing advanced Excel training all over the London. Our training courses help you to get your ideal job.