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Accounting CPD Courses

Accounting CPD Courses
Table of Contents
  1. Why CPD Courses?
  2. CPD Education Summary
  3. Distance Learning
  4. Why Home Learning Courses Is So Famous
  5. Accounting Courses Part-time
  6. Why Future Connect Training and how to contact

Why CPD Courses?

As an accountant, it is important to obtain CPD points to meet with Certified Accounting Bodies (such as ACCA, AAT, CIMA, ICAEW, etc.) obligation and to maintain your membership. CPD or Continuous Professional Development courses are essential to hold your expertise and abilities up to date.

CPD Education Summary

You will enter numerous realistic accounting CPD courses built to create the connexion between information and realistic facets of accounting and tax. For Future Connect Training accounting CPD courses, other aspects in tax and finance are provided about Computerised Finance & Payroll. Upon completion of CPD training, you will have the opportunity to get the hands-on experience which will give you a leading edge and open the door for high paying positions in Accounting, Tax & Payroll industry.

Distance Learning

  • Distance learning helps you to learn at a time and location that suits you, whether at home or work. We recognise that often it may be challenging to get to the middle for a variety of purposes. That's why accounting courses from home learning gives you the best opportunity to suit your studies into your everyday obligations, rather than the opposite way into, as is always the case.
  • Our helpful course advisors will provide you with all the instructional materials and tools you need to get going. You will have access to our state-of-the-art VLC (Virtual Learning Campus) where you will have access to enough tools to sustain your studies.
  • For the listed distance learning classes, please contact us.
  • In fact, from time to time, you can contact your mentor via email or phone if you have any questions.
  • We mail the study books to your home address for chosen courses.
  • You would also have access to a personalised archive of books and research materials for accounting courses from home.

Why Home Learning Courses Is So Famous

  • With Distance Learning, Future Connect Training is coming to you, wherever you are in the country.
  • You do not have to place your life on pause to learn the training you need to get to your dream job.
  • You choose when, where and how to study to fit your other obligations.
  • According to estimates, more than 65 per cent of full-time employees would take distance learning courses or accounting courses from home if they had a choice.

Accounting Courses Part-time

Develop your skills with accounting courses part-time. This qualification may offer a path to employment, support you in your existing job or help you pursue further studies with AAT. It is also likely to be of concern to those who are self-employed or who operate in a small company or are expected to perform their accounting.

AAT level 2 foundation certificate in accounting

This course is perfect whether you are employed in the accounting and would like to get a structured certification in the industry, would like to learn new skills to help improve your profession, or whether you are searching for practical training before going on to other AAT qualifications. You will study five units and gain skills in processing payments and receipts, preparing invoices, completing bank reconciliations, using accounting software and effective business communication skills, including letters, memos and informal reports. You will need to complete four-unit assessments and one synoptic assessment to achieve this qualification. The synoptic evaluation will include four of the five units, which should require two hours to complete. Both tests are set and labelled with an AAT and are computer-based. It is highly advised that you have GCSE English and Mathematics or similar before beginning this training. Please notice that membership of the AAT would also be needed. After this course has been effectively completed, you will pass on to the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3.

AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level 3

This certificate is suitable if you have obtained a base certification and would like to step up your qualifications, or if you are currently employed in finance and would like a structured acknowledgement of your abilities. It is also sufficient if you want to continue to be an AAT full member (MAAT) or a chartered status report. They review six modules, including Intermediate Accounting, Final Accounts Preparation, Management Accounting: Costing, Indirect Tax, Accounting Ethics and Accounting spreadsheets. You may learn expertise in making allowance for uncertain or irrecoverable loans, reconciling accounts with currency, the value of professional integrity in the operating world, evaluating variances and utilising spreadsheets to process details in the accounting setting. You would need to pass four unit tests successfully and one synoptic assessment to obtain this certification. The synoptic assessment will cover all six units. Both tests are set and labelled with AAT and are computer-based. You must have completed Level 2 or have significant experience of manual double-entry accounting techniques to start Level 3.

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting Level 4

Professional certification is suitable if you have obtained an advanced accounting degree and would like to step up your qualifications, or if you are currently employed in banking, and would like a structured validation of your expertise to be an AAT full member or a chartered rank report. In this well-respected course, you can review five units (three compulsory and two optional) including the Financial Statements of Limited Firms, Management Accounting, Budgeting & Management Accounting and Decision & Control. You can learn expertise in writing and analysing limited company financial statements, planning sales and expense estimates, drafting draught budgets and revising them as required by industry, handling expenditures and disclosing variances back to management, and evaluating the finance feature to detect threats and making suggestions for change. To order to obtain this certification, you would need to successfully pass unit tests to all five units and successfully perform one synoptic evaluation. Synoptic assessments cover all the topics in the three mandatory units as well as the Accounting Systems and Controls. All unit tests are computer-based and set and labelled AAT.

Why Future Connect Training and how to contact

At Future Connect Training, our accounting courses London free are designed to help students who want to develop their skills and improve their knowledge. Our course and training are available in London. We also offer CPD accounting courses London free on practical accounting.

  • Please dial 02037908674 for more information on the accounting CPD courses and book a free consultation.
  • If not, please contact us through