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The Top Courses to Help you Get Recruited in 2022

The Future of Accounting Courses: Demand and Evolving Technology

It is crucial to know the hiring potential of any course before opting for your future job choice. Therefore, you should research the top courses that can help you get hired in 2022. The present article will list top accounting courses that increase your hiring ability. 

AAT courses

AAT courses offer baseline information to set your accounting journey. The AAT level courses, including AAT level 2, AAT level 3, and AAT level 4 courses, are extremely beneficial for new bees in accountancy. 

AAT Level 2 course

To enrol in the AAT level 2 qualification, you do not need prior experience or skill. It can guide you towards important skills, including bookkeeping, accounting software, costing, and financial statement. After completing the level, you can apply for an account clerk, finance assistant, account payable clerk, and payroll administration job.

AAT Level 3 course 

You can further polish your accounting skills with the AAT level 3 qualification and learn advanced bookkeeping, accountant ethical principles, and financial processes. You can also undertake the AAT Bookkeeping qualification after the AAT level 2 course. After completing the course, you can apply for finance officer, assistant accountant, and advanced bookkeeper jobs. 

AAT Level 4 course

The professional diploma course equips you with more advanced accounting skills such as budgeting, management accounting, tax, financial statement, and accounting system. You can get jobs such as tax manager, finance analyst, forensic accountant, and accountancy consultant. 

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

ACCA qualification is the most demanding and popular career choice for most accountants as it has both prestige and monetary value. Business people seek ACCA members to utilise their expertise for business success. Therefore, if you have an interest in accounting, you should undertake ACCA qualification. 

You can start ACCA after completing the AAT qualification and earn courses exemption to make the degree quick. After becoming ACCA qualified, you can work as an Account Administrator, Financial Accountant, Fund Accountant, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Courses in Bookkeeping

You have several bookkeeping courses to choose from if you want to become a bookkeeper. The courses include Bookkeeping Training courses, Bookkeeping and VAT Return Practical Training, and Bookkeeping and Payroll Training. Accountants with bookkeeping skills have numerous opportunities in industries, local organisations, and government. Also, you can work as a freelance bookkeeper and secure your future in accounting. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing course is one of the popular trends in accounting as the feature is very demanding in post-covid-19 accounting. Several firms and enterprises are adopting cloud computing software to upgrade their accounting practice and effectively use technology. 

Top recruiters seek accounting professionals with cloud accounting knowledge, so choosing cloud accounting courses will offer you a bright future ahead.

Management Accounting 

Every business needs a management accountant to manage its finances and cash flow. So, it is a progressive career choice for you as it will polish your leadership skills and improve your strategic thinking, decision-making, management, problem-solving, and communication skills. 

You can become a Cost Accountant, Cost Clerk, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Financial Investment Advisor, and Management Accountant after completing a management accounting course. 

Digital Marketing courses

You have several options for digital marketing courses to have a secure career with recruitment potential. With increased digital advancement, the interest of managers and recruiters in digital market experts is rising. It involves effective communication and convincing skills for marketing your company online and selling its services. 

After the digital marketing course, you can become Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Digital Content Producer, Digital Analyst, E-Commerce Executive, and User Experience, Specialist. 

MBA in Finance 

Finance is an extended field with numerous job opportunities for you in insurance, investment banking, pension, tax planning, financial statements, reporting and analysis, assets finance, international finance, hedge fund management and accounting. 

Having a degree in Finance will open your gateway to the biggest UK firms. You can work as Cash Manager, Manager Consultant, Credit Manager and Specialist, Insurance and Risk Manager, And Finance Officer and Treasurer. Moreover, fresh finance graduates earn around £30,000 annually and have a secure career in future. 

Accounting software courses

The demand for accounting software is increasing in the market with more digitalisation of accountancy. You have various software options available, including Sage Training, XERO training, Advance Excel training, and QuickBooks training. Accountants having expertise in accounting software have the edge over other employees and are preferred by employers and recruiters. You can work as a Bookkeeper, Tax Expert, Financial Analyst, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and freelance bookkeeper. 

UK Tax Accounting Course

Tax accounting course also offers you great career progression as it teaches you the basics of Taxation and accounting. It involves UK taxation details and legislation, tax on the individual, and allowances and benefits. 

The job opportunities after the taxation course include Tax manager, Senior Account Officer, Manager Taxation, and Tax accountant. 

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

You can start a CA course after twelve years of education and extend it up to five years. You get exemption of classes during the degree if you have aced your English in intermediate or have completed AAT training. The course equips you with advanced accounting skills and offers you careers in different countries as well.

The job opportunities after Chartered Accountancy are numerous such as Account Administrator, Financial Accountant, Financial Controller, Fund Accountant, Finance Manager, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Accounting is still trending in the market despite the coronavirus crisis, and you have a secure future in accountancy in upcoming years. The AAT courses at Future Connect can polish your accounting skills, and the courses mentioned above can offer you high recruitment opportunities. 


Is AAT good for my accounting career?

AAT offers you foundation level knowledge to an advanced diploma in accounting and teaches you all accountancy concepts. Moreover, you can apply for the jobs after attaining the required training in AAT.

Are accountants offered high salaries?

Starting pay of a chartered accountant or ACCA is £45,000 and above, and an accountant with short training courses can earn from £19,000 to £45,000 per year. 

Is AAT an official qualification?

AAT UK is an internationally recognised qualification and offers practical training in accountancy.