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Accountancy Practice Jobs Birmingham

Accountancy Practice Jobs Birmingham

Accountancy is a well-respected career that requires persons to be both systematic and logical in their work. To be an accountant, you must be good with numbers. Excellent skills are also needed as the job moves towards being a paperless environment. Accountants regularly deal with customers so to be able to understand their needs they must use in all their transportations, both written and verbal.

Working as an accountant has many different benefits. It firstly allows individuals to have an extensive range of career choice and flexibility in job routes they choose to follow. It also means they will gain lots of experience in making informed investment and business decisions. However, at several times of the year, the workload can be quite substantial, so accountants are required to work hard to keep on top of it all. You also need to ensure that you stay updated with the continually changing legislation that will affect your clients and their needs.

Job Description, Duties and Requirements of Accountancy Practice Jobs in Birmingham

Candidates who qualify for accountancy practice need to fulfil multiple job responsibilities. Some of the duties are listed below:

  • Prepare, analyse and scrutinise financial statements, accounting records and other financial reports assess conformance, completeness and accuracy of reporting standards and procedural
  • Formulate taxes owed and prepare tax returns, ensuring compliance with reporting, and tax requirements payment.

What accountancy jobs are available in Birmingham

CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant)

CPAs are upper-level accountants acknowledged as specialists in accounting records, taxes, and financial positions. While part of their job involves taxes, their involvement is usually more extensive than simply dealing with taxes.

Accountant forensic

The detectives of the accounting world are forensic accountants. These experts look over financial documents to ensure they're up to par with industry norms and legislation. In addition, forensic accountants are hired to investigate financial records for mistakes, omissions, or blatant fraud.


Auditors are the organization's accuracy specialists. Many corporations and NGOs are obliged to undertake an annual audit to confirm that their records are accurate. Auditors are usually called in from outside the company to look at the data without prejudice.

Accountant in management

Business executives need to know the state of an organization's financial health and its impact before making critical strategic choices. Management accountants are responsible for providing this information to make smart decisions about a company's future.

Accountant for projects

An accountant who works on a project-by-project basis is known as a project accountant. This individual is in charge of all project parts that can potentially impact the total cost, such as drafting and collecting bills, authorizing expenses, confirming employees' billable hours, budgeting and managing budgets, and ensuring the team meets project deadlines.