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Make Your AAT Qualification Levels a Reality

Make Your AAT Qualification Levels a Reality
Table of Contents
  1. "What is AAT?"
  2. What are the different AAT qualification levels?
  3. Advantages to getting AAT Qualification
  4. Why do I need an AAT?

Whether you have a dream to take the next step up in a current accountancy role, or you’re just intent to be an accountant but you don’t have any prior experience. An aat qualification levels is the perfect way to start your career.Future Connect, one of the UK’s top providers of accounting qualifications, a quick overview of everything you should know about AAT qualification:

"What is AAT?"

Most asked question is "what is AAT?" It is abbreviated for the "Association of Accounting Technicians". It's the UK's top professional and vocational membership body for accounting staff and has over 150,000 affiliates in over 90 countries worldwide. AAT is funded by four of the UK’s leading chartered accounting bodies – CIPFA, CIMA, ICAEW and ICAS.

What are the different AAT qualification levels?

There are four key levels of AAT qualification. These series from the introductory AAT access level 1 certification course, through to the other advanced level 4 diploma.

Here’s a quick overview of the different AAT qualifications:

AAT Access -Level 1: Basic introduction to bookkeeping and finance skills. This short course is the first step to becoming an AAT member. Once you have completed the AAT Access qualification, you have opened the door to a huge range of accounting jobs. No prerequisites, although applicants must be 16 and over.

AAT Level 2: This is the foundation stage of AAT, this course familiarises essential bookkeeping skills and expertise such as the double-entry system, trial balances and credit control. No prerequisite to complete level 1 to gain this qualification.

AAT Level 3: This intermediate stage of AAT, level 3 builds on the theory study at the previous stage, but places more of an emphasis on specific accounting tasks. Once you completed this level, you will be awarded the AAT certification in Accounting.

AAT Level 4: The most advanced stage of AAT qualification levels, level 4 teaches key skills such as budget preparation and drafting financial statements. Once you completed this education, you will automatically be a certified AAT member, confirming your advanced skills in accountancy.

Advantages to getting AAT Qualification

Some key advantages to get AAT qualification equivalent certification include:

  • A nationally and globally recognised qualification
  • A corridor for career development and progression
  • Greater self-confidence in your skills and abilities
  • It is in demand qualification by employers in both the public and private sector, with many companies considering AAT qualifications as needed
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  • Access to, and the provision of, a professional body within the accounting sector

Why do I need an AAT?

The AAT qualification is significantly respected in the financial industry and is intended to give students all the practical skills they want to build a career in finance.

AAT qualification cost are internationally recognized, and are generally demanded prerequisites for several accounting positions. They can be studied irrespective of age, previous knowledge or experience, so are perfect for anyone extremely considering a career in the accounting sector. This qualification is the need of today’s business because:

  1. It's the industry leader for Bookkeepers or Accountants

AAT is the UK’s best accountancy qualification and membership body for professional accountants. This occupational training and certifications in accounting is officially making them familiar with the business standard for proficiency in the profession. Because these trainings are globally recognized, many renowned companies want to hire AAT professionals for their skilled knowledge in the field.

  1. It can fit it around your schedule

No matter what your timetable looks like, anyone can study AAT online.You could select to take one of their self-paced courses and start right away or pick their group study method, which offers you with the support of a group of learners and organized deadlines to help keep you on track.

  1. You're practically guaranteed to pass

You’ll be offered with the essential help and provision necessary to pass in your vocational training through AAT webinars and discussion forums. Many attempts are considered to pass in this qualification. You can sit for the exam again and again until you succeed. You get all the confidence you need to get skilled as quickly and painlessly as possible – no excessive stress required.

  1. You’ll save money

Invest in your future is all about to save money for a better future. So whatever level of AAT you’re considering at, and whatever your budget, you can get a discount.

  1. You can earn more than £50,000

The main reason you should be considering an AAT qualification right now comes down to your earnings.Even junior level AAT certified professionals, such as junior managers, can command earnings of almost £20,000. However, once you’re fully capable, your possible salary could rise to an inspiring £47,500 – well above the business average. By achieving the full AAT accounting qualification can increase earnings by 51% more than definite colleagues, proving that careers in bookkeeping really can pay off.

Begin a prosperous career in finance with an AAT qualification equivalent qualification!

If you’re looking to advance the skills and knowledge needed to launch an effective career in finance, a distance learning bookkeeping qualification awarded by the association of accounting technicians -AAT can support you reach your career goals! Being globally recognized and highly valued by employers, the AAT qualification is the ideal way to begin an expert career in finance and accountancy from the relief of your own home. Get numerous skills of accountancy with full confidence to work in a professional environment.