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AAT Revision Courses

AAT Revision Courses
Table of Contents
  1. AAT Revision Course - Overview
  2. AAT Revision Course - Description
  3. Who Is It For?
  4. Benefits
  5. Study Options
  6. What's Included In Classroom - Based AAT Revision Courses?
  7. Course Duration
  8. What’s Included In Online Distance Learning For AAT Revision Courses?
  9. How to Enrol

AAT Revision Course - Overview

AAT Revision Courses are significantly beneficial for people who want to prepare for AAT- synoptic assessments. For each AAT Qualification, there is a synoptic assessment which students wish to pass to qualify for any specific level. (Level 2/Level 3/Level 4). Getting extra tuition and provision just before the synoptic evaluation can help you understand several exam strategies to achieve more exceptional marks/grade and avoid wasted time and cost of resitting.

Future Connect Training is an AAT Approved Training Provider, and we are proud to uphold the highest standard of teaching. It is observed that people who attended the revision course more likely to pass the Synoptic Assessment on the first sitting. This is a great course and is where most people would start their accounting studies. Our Tuition and Revision Stages are designed to be seamless. The Tuition Phase will give you the information and support it through question practice. You will then good in your skills in the Revision Period.

Each revision course ends with a full pseudo exam to ensure you are ready to handle the real exam. You will study the skills required to record transactions up to trial balance, learn administration accounting and Sage

AAT Revision Course - Description

This has always been a prevalent course, and many students use it as a quick way to level 3. You study the skills and procedures to record business transactions and prepare a trial balance. Once completed; you can either transform it into the level 2 Certificate in bookkeeping or move up to level 3. You get tuition recordings which cover the whole curriculum, making it easier to pass your assessments the first time.

We offer a full, step by step, work through of AAT practice exams, so you know exactly how the exams are organized, and what to expect. Your trainer is accessible seven days a week - no one else offers such inclusive support. You get study scripts, student notes and exam preparation material for both subjects.

Foundation Level:

Accounting transactions and controls - Part 1 and Part 2

  • Elements of costing
  • Sage Accounts
  • Synoptic assessment foundation Level

Advanced Level:

  • Advanced bookkeeping
  • Indirect taxes
  • Management costing
  • Final accounts preparation
  • Advanced synoptic assessment

Professional Level:

  • Accounting systems and controls
  • Management accounting: Budgeting
  • Financial statements of limited companies
  • Management accounting: Decision & control

Who Is It For?

These revision courses will support students to brush up their knowledge of the subject together with the exam concerned approach. The course is appropriate for people who are preparing for AAT Synoptic Assessment on any one of the following

AAT Level 2- Foundation Certificate in Accounting

AAT Level 3- Advanced Diploma in Accounting

AAT Level 4- Professional Diploma in Accounting


For each revision course for any level, you acquire the following benefits.

  • Synoptic Workbook
  • Lectures led by Professional and Capable Teacher
  • Facilitating you to get ready for the exam
  • Exam Booking Service
  • Attain better grade/marks
  • Organize your revision by module
  • Supports you with your training for the Synoptic Exam
  • Trainer feedback and workings provided
  • Full walk-through a practice assessment by a tutor

Study Options

Classroom Based - We offer Morning / Evening / Weekend sessions for AAT revision courses from our Harrow, Mile End, Birmingham, and Finchley Central Campuses.

Online Distance Learning - We provide Online Distance Learning for AAT Revision courses which also comes with Instructor Support.

What's Included In Classroom - Based AAT Revision Courses?

For each revision course for any level, you get the following benefits.

  • Workbooks
  • Classes held in IT equipped classroom
  • Our accounting courses support
  • Facilitating you to get ready for the exam
  • Exam Booking Facility at the same location
  • Attain better grade or marks
  • AAT certified and approved training provider
  • Skilled classroom-based support available
  • A devoted e-portfolio to book your training, any time seven days a week at our North, West, East London & Birmingham offices.
  • Hands-on training and AAT subjects combined to make sure you get the best of them both.
  • Free e-portfolio to the way your performance and training landmarks integrated into academic modules of AAT
  • CPD Certified essential to become an AAT Member included with all AAT Levels.
  • Three certifications from 1 course - 1 from AAT, one from CPD and one from XERO
  • Weekend & evening course programs are available.
  • CV preparation
  • Planned mock interview
  • Recruitment support available

Course Duration

AAT Revision Courses run over one week. We provide evening and weekend session for AAT Revision courses. You catch 8 hours of training hours over (9 AM – 9 PM).

What’s Included In Online Distance Learning For AAT Revision Courses?

For each revision course for any level, you acquire the following benefits.

  • Full Support of tutor
  • Achieve better results
  • Lectures and lessons
  • Expert & Qualified Teacher
  • Leadership on Sitting the Synoptic Exam
  • An overview of the Unit & exam topics, comprising an analysis of a full Practice paper
  • Student Card

How to Enrol

Please get in touch on 0758 845 4536 or fill out the form "To book free consultation hour to get accounting course Information" form within this page. One of our professional course advisers will get back to you within 24 hours with the next starting dates, course fees & course Brochure.

In adding to the tuition fee, students will require to register with AAT and pay registrationand exam fees. For more particulars, please visit the AAT website. Future connect helps you for AAT Registration and Exam.