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AAT Level 4 - Professional Level Accounting Course

AAT Level 4
Table of Contents
  1. AAT Level 4 Course Description
  2. Entry Requirements
  3. Course Syllabus
  4. Career Path

4th level of AAT qualification is the professional level of accounting certification. AAT professional level of accounting course is ideal for anyone wishing to progress their career towards the senior-level position. The purpose of this diploma is to specialise an individual with maximum knowledge and understanding of the business and finance sector. Other than that if someone qualified at this level, of course, you would touch maximum opportunities in current or new employment. By studying the AAT level 4 course, the learner will get professional stability and skillset throughout the career. This level will suit those who are already having experience in accountancy industry and want career growth to achieve a high position.

AAT Level 4 Course Description

Professionals should go for this course as it maximises employment opportunities within a broader level of accountancy context. The final level of the AAT qualification emphases on high-level bookkeeping and finance tasks, containing drafting business statements for companies, formulating accountancy systems strategy and documenting complex management accounting reports. Company administration always welcomes a person with full confidence, which had this level of qualification. For a senior position, this is very important to have expert level education. Studying this qualification, AAT has carried out a wide variety of participants, including industry professionals, employers and students. This level of qualification will typically take around one or two years to achieve an advance level. Duration of training depends on the study method, your pace of learning and course material. It maybe happens to complete this qualification in an as little amount of time because of your experience level.

Professional Diploma paper includes a computer-based exam to access learner knowledge. You will pass through internal and external synoptic assessments. The exam schedule is available on the AAT official website. A certification letter is issued after passing all type of evaluation criteria. This course is very flexible. Morning, evening and weekend sessions from home or on-site are available for industry professionals .

Entry Requirements

As this is an advance level of AAT qualification, so there are some pre-requisites to apply for this level. A person should have to complete level 2 and level 3 qualifications. Relevant school or college qualification will help you in your career and training. Basic knowledge about accounting and numbers should be present. Numerical and communication skill should be established in personality with English proficiency. Now a day, IT is the major part of any business or services. Know-how about the accountancy software like Sage, Xero and spreadsheet should have in your side to get specialisation certification of level 4.

Course Syllabus

AAT level 4 qualification covers advance knowledge of accounting. Students will look at a wide range of topics to gain competences in management accountancy reports. This qualification contains four mandatory modules with two selected modules to specialise.

Management Accounting in Decision and Control:

In this module, you’ll learn the right choice and supervision skill. Estimation of budgeting and other resources is essential to control business.

Management Accounting in Budgeting:

This module builds on your accounting knowledge of management in budgeting.

Accounting System and Control:

Bookkeeping system management is studied in this unit. Supervision of all the accounting system is considered here.

Financial Statement of Companies:

In this unit, you’ll learn how to formulate financial accounts, how to write record business activities and the business performance reports. Financial statements are audited for quality assurance of business activities.

AAT professionals need to choose two subjects for specialisation.

Business Tax:

This unit is divided into two, the computation of business tax for companies, and the tax returns for sole traders.

Personal Tax:

This module covers income from occupation, comprising services taxes. It also includes pensions, tax planning, salary and insurance.

Cash and Treasury Management:

It will cover all the source of finance if you are working in the financing sector specifically. Credit control and management expertise are discussed here in this section.

Career Path

Once you accomplish this level, professional become AAT member and, with significant work experience, will be eligible for full AAT membership. This qualification will allow you to use the designation letters MAAT after their name. The important benefit of the AAT professional diploma in accountancy is that it can come up with a wide variety of highly paid accounting and finance jobs, some of which are:

  • Professional accounting technician
  • Professional management accountant
  • Senior auditor
  • Senior bookkeeper
  • Senior financial officer
  • Commercial analyst
  • Payroll manager
  • Costing manager
  • Accounts payable and expenses supervisor
  • Fixed asset accountant
  • Payments and billing manager
  • Senior insolvency administrator
  • Indirect tax manager
  • Senior fund accountant
  • VAT accountant
  • Tax supervisor

The AAT professional certification in accountancy is part of the accounting technician apprenticeship. There are convincing reasons to select to take this high-quality qualification. AAT qualification is valued because of its record of providing successful employment outcomes. You will get employment directly as a result of accomplishing this qualification. This certification is an investment for your bright and glorious career!