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AAT level 3 Advance Accounting Online Courses London

AAT level 3 Advance Accounting Online Courses London
Table of Contents
  1. About to Choose AAT Level 3 Advanced Accounting Course
  2. AAT Level 3 Course Introduction
  3. Entry Requirement
  4. Syllabus
  5. Career Path

About to Choose AAT Level 3 Advanced Accounting Course

Advanced diploma in accounting is categorized in level 3 qualification of association of accounting technicians. It is a practical based qualification that delivers a valuable opportunity to develop skills, gain knowledge and understanding of accountancy field. The advance accounting course is open to all students and professionals who have some experience or knowledge about accounting. Those with the capacity to operate and work smoothly at level 3. It is a suitable training course for those looking to choose a career in accounting. It is very efficient for those already working in this industry. So, enhance your learning and working skills their way up the career ladder. It provides progression in the accountancy and finance sectors. This level will encourage you to master more complex accounting principles in both bookkeeping and management accounting. You can progress in your career, and this will allow you for further studies onto level 4. Continue to improve your skills with an in-depth look at the accounting career.

AAT Level 3 Course Introduction

This course aims to boost the skills developed at the introductory certification level. This qualification provides high-quality knowledge through recognized AAT qualification. It is the third level of AAT qualification which is required to achieve to be a fully qualified AAT accountancy technician. Modules of this course allow for certification of prior experiential learning- APEL in other accountancy job roles such as a chartered accountant. This level demonstrates the double-entry process that many learners will have covered at level 2 or through the aat level 3 courses. It then leads some basic costing concepts, discovers VAT, familiarizes ethical theories and builds on current spreadsheet skills. When we talk about the course structure of the advance level, you’ll need to study six units. All units added in course structure are mandatory to pass. All units are accessed individually. Synoptic assessment exam is taken at the end of this level. The synoptic assessment will obtain students’ knowledge and skills gained through the qualification. Assessment scenarios will change every time to ensure the validity of the evaluation.

Entry Requirement

AAT does not establish any specific entry requirement to impose learners. This qualification is accessible for all learners. For students, if you are considering getting entrance for aat online course, relevant knowledge of level 2 mandatory units are essential. You must be 18 years old. Passion for learning new things is the primary requirement of this level.


You’ll study sophisticated accounting tools and techniques, including maintaining accountancy records and the formation of reports and returns. The AAT advanced diploma certification in accounting covers six units of complex accountancy tasks, including accounts preparation, management accounting and accounts reporting. Mandatory units of learning are:

Advanced Bookkeeping: In this unit, you’ll acquire knowledge by learning the accounting system to formulate bookkeeping reports. Understand accounts for irrecoverable debts and non-current assets.

Management Accounting-Costing: You’ll learn to manage to budget for company resources like labour, material and expenses etc. Estimating of company resources and revenues are considered in this unit of the qualification.

Final Accounts Preparation: You’ll learn how to formulate accounts for your business, accommodate changes in the business structure and prepare final statements.

Indirect Tax: This level will discover further advance elements to vat course london legislation. In this, you’ll acquire knowledge of VAT tax returns.

Spreadsheets for Accounting: Use of spreadsheet is a vital part of any document reporting. Learn how to create accounting sheets using a spreadsheet. How to use accounting formulas and formatting a sheet?

Ethics for Accountants: Not only accountancy but ethics are also the spirit of every working field. You will discover ethical guideline to work and manage business formalities.

Other than these mandatory units you will have to choose two from the elective Options:

Preparing Personal Taxation Computations: If you want to be specializing in personal tax computation, select this unit to study. It is about to make individual tax computations and returns.

Preparing Business Taxation Computations: In this unit, you will learn to make tax computation for business.

Handling Cash Management and Credit Control System: This unit is concerned with the management of cash control and flow.

Implementing Auditing Procedures: Internal and external audits are significant for the supervision of any business.

The knowledge you’ll learn on this AAT level 3 course will get you ready to take on accountancy roles with more accountability. It’ll eligible you for AAT bookkeeper -AATQB status, which will let you be a certified bookkeeper.

Career Path

In short, the level 3 qualification is a path to some of the most demanded skills in the world. It provides our members and students with a qualified status to be proud of:

  • Accounts assistant
  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Accounts payable
  • Expenses supervisor
  • Audit trainee
  • Assistant accountant
  • Credit controller
  • Finance officer
  • Senior bookkeeper
  • Finance assistant
  • Payroll supervisor
  • Professional bookkeeper

This advanced diploma of AAT level 3 is a certification in its own right. Upon successful completion of this level, students may enrol to continue to the AAT level 4 professional diploma to get more senior post.