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Live Revision Session for AAT Level 4 Synoptic Assessments

Live Revision Session for AAT Level 4 Synoptic Assessments
Table of Contents
  1. AAT Revision Session - Overview
  2. How Long Are The Synoptic Assessments?
  3. What Does A Synoptic Assessment Look Like?
  4. AAT Diploma in Accounting Level 4 Synoptic Assessment Question Bank
  5. Who Is It For?
  6. Benefits
  7. Study Options
  8. Study Tips for AAT Level 4 Synoptic Exam

AAT Revision Session - Overview

AAT Revision Courses are significantly beneficial for people who want to make for AAT synoptic assessments. For each AAT Level 4 courses, there is a synoptic assessment which students’ requisite to pass to qualify for any specific level - Level 2 - Level 3 - Level 4). Getting extra tuition and effort just before the synoptic assessment can aid you to understand many exam strategies to achieve more significant marks or grade and avoid waste time & cost of resitting.

Future Connect Training is an AAT Approved Training Provider, and we are proud to uphold the highest standard of teaching. From a recent Survey, it was initiated that people who attended the revision course at the Training centre are 70% more likely to clear the Synoptic Assessment on the first sitting.

A synoptic assessment tests the understanding you have gained throughout the level, covering multiple units. It is a computer-based exam that you will try once you have completed the other fundamental units within the qualification.

It should prove your knowledge of core accounting skills, your ability to apply them in the workstation and further show employers your status as a Competent Accounting Technician - beyond just passing exams. Synoptic assessments for the AAT Level 3 Advanced & Level 4 qualifications will be available to sit at six fixed times of the year, but our tutors will aid you to plan your studies around this.

How Long Are The Synoptic Assessments?

The duration of the synoptic valuation will vary depending on the qualification:

  • Level 2 Foundation synoptic assessment is - 2 hours.
  • Level 3 Advanced synoptic assessment is - 3 hours.
  • Level 4 Professional synoptic assessment is - 3 hours.

Assessment style: In the synoptic assessment, it is probably you will be required to 1 Demonstration an understanding of the recording frameworks and moral principles that support financial reporting, Analyse a budget, Use internal management information to inform decisions, Calculate the adequacy of internal controls, Compute and evaluate ratios, Evaluate an organisation’s bookkeeping system and make recommendations to increase the system

What Does A Synoptic Assessment Look Like?

This assessment will build on essential concepts and techniques introduced and established throughout Levels 2 and 3. In particular, management accounting, financial accounting and ethics are vital parts that will be tested in the assessment. You are evaluated for the three mandatory units you have earlier studied. The units you have already considered are:

  • Management Accounting: Decision and Control
  • Management Accounting: Budgeting
  • Financial Statements of Limited Companies

Synoptic assessments aren’t trying to catch you out, and therefore the style and the appearance of these questions will be like to what you have already seen in the separate units’ assessments. Each synoptic assessment tests new content, so the whole exam itself is not established purely on the other units.

AAT Diploma in Accounting Level 4 Synoptic Assessment Question Bank

The Synoptic Exam covers the assessable units for Level 4 requires assessment standard practice questions and answers, hints, guidance of revision technique and tips. Our training resources and online equivalents will help confirm you are ready for your assessments and prepared for your career in the accountancy field.

Task 1: Questions with multiple choices

Task 2: Implementation

You are required to:

(a) Clarify the type of budget CCL used and the purpose of the budget for the year

(b) Classify the planning assumptions and computations used to calculate the costs in the budget and

 the amount to which it will have been an active motivator for managers

Task 3: How to use Payroll software?

Task 4: Company’s management accounts

Task 5: Performance Indicators KPA

Changes in the gross profit percentage, Changes in the operating profit percentage, The return on capital, The gearing ratio, The Inventory holding period, The trade payables payment

Task 6: Analyse internal controls and make recommendations, New accounts and sales orders, Transactional recording, e identified. A general point to be useful in the Level 4 synoptic assessment, make sure that you:

Check you enter all numbers precisely

Answer all requirements - do not leave any answers blank

Relate your technical knowledge to definite situations

Describe all written points in sufficient detail and a professional style.

Who Is It For?

The course is appropriate for people who are preparing for AAT Synoptic Assessment on any one of the following AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting, AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting, AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting.


For every revision course for any level, you get the following paybacks.

  • Lectures led by Skilled and professional Teacher
  • Assisting you to get ready for the exam
  • Attain better grade/marks
  • Help you with your preparation for the Synoptic Exam
  • Configure your revision by module
  • Full walkthrough a practice assessment 
  • Tutor feedback and experience provided

Study Options

Live Session: We are happy to declare that we will hold a live revision session through different medium live on AAT Level 4 Synoptic Assessment. The meeting has all the useful tips and recommendations to pass the assessment. 

Classroom Based – We offer weekend/ evening sessions for AAT revision courses from our London Campuses.

Online Distance Learning – Online Distance Learning is also available for AAT Revision training which also comes with Tutor Support.

Study Tips for AAT Level 4 Synoptic Exam

The Level 4 Synoptic Assessment Question includes questions from all four units. To be successful in the assessment you need to:

  • Accountancy tools
  • Establish an understanding of the roles and tasks of the accounting function within an
  • organisation
  • Assess budgetary reporting; its efficiency in controlling and improving organisational performance
  • Analyse the inner controls of an organisation and make endorsements
  • Evaluate an organisation’s bookkeeping control systems and dealings.
  • Analyse an organisation’s control using management