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Guide for AAT Level 2 Online Course Success

Guide for AAT Level 2 Online Course Success
Table of Contents
  1. AAT Level 2 Books: Overview
  2. Entry Requirements
  3. AAT Level 2 Online Course Success Tips

As a vocational qualification or as a first step to the advanced levels AAT level 2 online course is the best choice to succeed. It is the basic level of the AAT qualification allows you to move up to more study in accountancy and finance. And we are here to help you through your studies and support you every step of the way. The level 2 certification in accounting enables you to study the specialist knowledge of being a certified accountant Technician. This course is an ideal step to be a qualified professional. The AAT level 3 certificates are the basic level of the AAT accountancy qualification. You’ll grow your skills in finance management: double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing and purchase principles, sales and purchase ledgers.It is a great option and is where many people start their accounting studies.

  • Acquire the skills to record dealings up to trial balance
  • Introduction to management accounting, and
  • Understand how to use different accounting software.
  • No prior entry requirements - you can start the course today!

AAT Level 2 Books: Overview

Major AAT level 2 books topics are stated below:

Basic costing- BCST:

  • Knowing an organisation’s cost recording system and recording data
  • Using different spreadsheets to carry info on actual and budgeted income and expenditure

Computerised accounting –CPAG:

  • Entering data at the start of a bookkeeping period to set up customer and supplier accounts
  • Record and reconcile bank and cash transactions
  • Record and process customer and supplier transactions
  • Managing journals to enter accounting transactions
  • Production of reports (day books, aged analysis, account activity, statements or payment advice)

Working effectively in accounting and finance -WKAF:

  • Using numerical competence and literacy communication skills
  • Understanding an organisation’s bookkeeping or AAT payroll function
  • Working self-sufficiently or in a team to prioritise tasks and accomplish all responsibilities
  • Understanding moral values, principles and significance of confidentiality
  • Understanding and clarifying benefits to organisations of sustainable values

Processing bookkeeping transactions –PBKT:

  • Manage a double-entry accounting system
  • Making customer and supplier invoices and credit notes
  • Understanding discounts, bulk discounts and trade differences
  • Computing, balancing and reconciling petty cash accounts within an analysed petty cash book
  • Processing ledger transactions and trial balance

Control accounts, journals and the banking system –CJBS:

  • Understanding the use of control accounts & journals
  • Manage bank statement with the cash book
  • Know-how about banking process and services of banks and structured societies
  • Understanding staff retention and other requirements

Entry Requirements

This qualification is appropriate for those starting their bookkeeping career. It is also for those who now work in an entry-level finance role but want to progress further through the growth and formal recognition of their skills

  • There are no essential qualifications to begin this course
  • You must have a good knowledge of literacy and numeracy
  • With a passion for accounting

AAT Level 2 Online Course Success Tips

If you worried due to your AAT foundation, synoptic assessment is approaching. Don’t need to panic, and you are not alone. You know, you can succeed this, and you can gain your AAT foundation certificate in bookkeeping qualification. Many institutes offer AAT courses Birmingham to help accounting students and professionals.

Below are some common mistakes to bear in mind of your assessment – and good luck for your career!

Read the instructions and questions carefully

A common mistake is lack of attention while reading the questions or instructions properly. Make sure to read the paper carefully.Don’t skim anything; take your time and re-read if required so that you are clear on what you need to do. Understand what the question is asking. After thorough analysis and remember to relate your response to the given scenario.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are important to answer questions. Simply stating one-word answers is not good practice to answer. Explain or expand your answers with different real-world examples. Remember that all the units are correlated; review what you have studied previously.

Grammar and Spelling

Poor spelling and grammar may be a problem to solve a paper task. When you are done with your answer and read it. Please read it to yourself to confirm it makes sense and double-checks your spelling.

Lack of revision

Another big mistake is lack of revision. Once you complete your training sessions revisions are very important to succeed in AAT payroll courses. Do not lose your hope and knowledge. Review all units. Make sure you are still fresh in your memory. Remember to revise your study materials; complete the practice material again to refresh your memory. Give yourself sufficient time and contact your instructor if you are unsure about something.

Exam date

Booking an exam on a personal or professional busy day is not a good idea! Pick your exam date wisely and smartly. Preferably, an exam should be booked on a personal or occupational stress-free day. Future connect provide AAT courses Birmingham. You can book your AAT training session and suitable exam date through email or call 0758 845 4536.

Manage your time; keep calm and confident on exam day. If you don’t understand a question, go to the next question and go back to it at the end. Keep your eye on the time but keep in mind it’s not a race, and the AAT have provided enough time for the exam at a good pace. Good Luck!