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8 Jobs you can get with AAT in 2021

8 Jobs you can get with AAT in 2021

AAT qualifications increase the likelihood of attaining a rewarding job in various accountancy careers. The post-Covid-19 period has been fertile for AAT qualified individuals as 2021 has offered numerous accountant jobs. AAT qualification levels are well-recognised as the gold standard for bookkeeping and accountancy careers as they showcase your skills, expertise, and experience to your prospective employer.

The following passage enlists the eight jobs that you can get after excelling at AAT level qualifications. The jobs are divided into three different sectors of accountancy and bookkeeping, corporate finance, and taxation

What are job opportunities after AAT qualification in the Accountancy and Bookkeeping sector?

Three job opportunities are present in AAT qualifications in the accountancy and bookkeeping sector.


After completing the AAT level 2 Foundation certificate and Bookkeeping training courses, you can become a bookkeeper. Job responsibilities of a bookkeeper include management of financial data through accurate record-keeping, payroll record management, account payable and receivable, and ledger payment. It is an entry-level job, and with the advanced level qualification, you can progress more in the field.

Trainee accountant

By completing the AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in accounting, you become eligible for a trainee accountant. The intermediate level role can guide your development of a thriving career in accountancy. The job responsibilities of a trainee accountant include financial obligations such as payment analysis, logging receipts, examination of the debtor and creditor list, and managing general accounts of the organisation.

Accountancy manager

AAT level 4 Professional diploma qualified you for the role of accountancy manager in a reputable organisation. The job responsibilities mostly include supervisory jobs of bookkeeping and accountancy of the staff members and ensuring the implementation of strategic orders. Moreover, it involves some general accountancy roles, but it also has more managerial coordinating positions.

What are job opportunities after AAT qualification in the Corporate Finance sector?

Corporate finance accounting involves structuring the finances to reach optimum value for business shareholders. Two types of jobs are available for you in 2021 after the AAT level qualification.

Trainee Corporate Finance Assistant

The trainee role does not demand high-level qualifications or prior experience from the candidates. Candidates with an AAT level 2 foundation certificate, AAT level 3 Professional diploma, and AAT 4 Advanced diploma are eligible. Thus, students will have no experience and doing their degree can apply for the job as this corporate financing role does not involve direct client dealing. It is an internal accountancy job, and responsibilities include examining purchase invoices, checking the expenses claims against the receiver, maintenance of ledger, and general administrative and office roles.

Accounts Payable Clerk

AAT Level 2 certificate and AAT level 3 certificate qualify you to apply for the accounts payable clerk job. The job responsibilities include intermediate-level job roles include maintenance of purchase ledger, staff expenses and invoices processing, recording invoices, and ad hoc duties of finance.

What are job opportunities after AAT qualification in the Taxation sector?

Taxation accountancy involves dealing with taxation and all its elements such as submission of tax returns, collection and processing of information, analysis of tax legislation, audits, and general company finances. Following job opportunities are available for candidates in taxation after AAT level qualification.

Tax Accountant

AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting makes you eligible for a tax accountant job. The job responsibilities of the tax accountant include helping clients and organisations to continue on the right paths of tax laws and legislation. They are responsible for ensuring that the client is paying the required tax amount according to legislation. Moreover, you will be responsible for preparing tax documents, interpreting the tax law, and filing tax returns for the client.

VAT Accountant

With AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting, you can get a job as a VAT Accountant. Your job responsibilities will include offering financial advice regarding VAT and its impact on the organisation. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing links with VAT bodies such as HMRC to look for VAT transaction implications and other facets of VAT compliance.

Trainee Tax Assistant

AAT Level 2 Foundation certificate and Advanced Diploma in Accounting have required AAT qualification levels for trainee tax assistants. The entry-level job responsibilities include preparing various tax documents such as Estate, Trust, or personal tax returns for different clients. Also, the job role includes offering advice on various tax types such as corporation tax, income tax, and capital gain tax

These eight jobs are available for you after AAT qualifications in the UK. Beyond that, you can also become a chartered accountant after gaining exemptions of several courses after AAT qualification levels. That is, your career pathways to reach Chartered Accountant status will be faster than those without AAT qualifications.

The exemptions are also applicable to ACCA, CIMA, and ACA. These qualifications are internationally recognised and can boost your career to another level.


AAT qualifications are significant in making you eligible for various accountancy, taxation, and corporate finance. It also helps you to progress in your career to get your desired and dream job. Therefore, you can avail of Future Connect services to make the best out of your accounting career and AAT qualification levels.


Does AAT have more worth than ACCA?

AAT is not equivalent to ACCA, a more professional accountancy qualification than AAT that is an entry or intermediate level qualification. However, having an AAT qualification can be beneficial for you to become a CA as it leads to the exemption of various courses.

Does AAT qualification have any value?

AAT qualification can be seen as a sound investment as they offer huge job opportunities and thriving career pathways. It provides job security and helps you to become a freelance accountant.

Why should I attain an AAT qualification?

  • There are various benefits of AAT qualifications; some are listed below.
  • The pathways are flexible and can lead you to more promising careers.
  • It increases your chances of employment and is highly regarded by employers.
  • AAT courses offer enriching challenges.
  • It increases your earning likelihood with high salary ranges.