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AAT Exams Strategies for Beginners

AAT Exams Strategies for Beginners

AAT qualification is open to everyone – you don’t have previous qualifications or experience, and you can work at a speed that fits in with your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re considering for your first job in accountancy, or simply want to improve your existing accounting skills. Association of accounting technicians will provide you with the training you need to get your dream job.

Table of Contents
  1. AAT Exams
    • AAT Exam Format
  2. Types of AAT Exam question
    • Foundation -Level 2
    • Advanced -Level 3
    • Professional -Level 4
  3. Book AAT Exam
    • Exam Fee Strcture
  4. Strategy for the AAT Exam

AAT Exams

Future connect training is an assessment centre for AAT examinations; this booking system is only accessible to those individuals for which accounting study has been completed. Please choose a date and place for your exam, and you will add your chosen exam and AAT information during the checkout process.

In the AAT accountancy qualifications, there are:

  • Level 2-Foundation Certificate in Accounting: 5 exams
  • Level 3-Advanced Diploma in Accounting: 5 exams
  • Level 4- Professional Diploma in Accounting: 6 examswith four mandatory units and two optional units from the list)

In the AAT Bookkeeping qualifications, there are:

  • Level 2- Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping: 2 exams
  • Level 2- Award in Accounting Software: 1 exam
  • Level 3- Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping: 3 exams

AAT Exam Format

All AAT exams are done on a computer using the AATs online access system. Exams must be sat at an AAT permitted assessment venue.

Types of AAT Exam question

Foundation -Level 2

Students must successfully go through four mandatory unit assessments and one synoptic assessment to get this qualification.

  • Questions usually consist of multiple-choice, choosing answers from a drop-down menu and typing numbers into form fields
  • Do not have to type any text into a form field
  • For the "Using Accounting Software" assessment, you will also have to use a computerised bookkeeping package, Sage software is most generally used in business dealings and work

Advanced -Level 3

Students must complete all unit assessments and one synoptic assessment to attain this qualification.

  • Questions include MCQs, selecting answers from a list of options and typing numbers into form fields
  • For "Spreadsheets", you will use Microsoft Excel software.
  • You will be required to type text into form fields. In the assessment, there will be a major amount of text input for the "Ethics" element of the assessment.

Professional -Level 4

In AAT Level 4 qualification, you will cover advance and complex accountancy tasks including drafting, managing, evaluating and documenting financial performance, as well as optional units including business and personal taxes, cash and treasury management. Students performances are evaluated through these synoptic assessment exams.

  • Questions include multiple-choice, selecting answers from a drop-down menu and typing numbers into form fields
  • For some assessments, you will be required to type quite lengthy amounts of text, in particular with the Synoptic assessment

Book AAT Exam

Book AAT exam is easy - you can select your preferred date, location and time according to your personal preferences, giving you peace of mind that all is sorted. Now you just need to make for it. Below is the general guide to the exams fee for each level qualification.

Exam Fee Structure

  • Foundation £88
  • Foundation Synoptic Assessment £95
  • Advanced £88
  • Advanced Synoptic Assessment £98
  • Professional £88
  • Professional Synoptic Assessment £99

Strategy for the AAT Exam

We all have various approaches to be successful in exams, and you may like to consider the following strategies for the AAT level synoptic exam:

  • You should revise each unit in turn, i.e. one at a time. Once you have complete studying for a unit, you will be capable of sitting the exam for it. And then, you should move AAT exam booking, and then sit the exam for it, and so on.
  • You will able to sit in the examination whenever you think you are completely ready to sit them.
  • It assumes that you desire to do calculations other than writing about those calculations. You should maximise your marks per minute towards the start of the exam allowing you to take some more time to the end.
  • Subject to availability at your nearby chosen exam centre. You may find on a few days’ notice, so you should be ready for your exam.
  • Make sure that you are aware of study material and that you have already recognised the opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and threats. Just assumed that you are working in the real world, so make use of your learning and knowledge and solve questions. You should have computed every ratio you can on the economic statements provided in the exam.
  • Make sure that your answers are relevant by referring to the task requirements often before writing anything.
  • You have worked hard to get this, so keep up your good work and be confident during the exam. Keep your mind positive and fresh.