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What AAT Courses are available in London

What AAT Courses are available in London

Future Connect Training & Recruitment is the finest option if you're searching for AAT courses in London, with lessons available during the day, nights, and weekends. Whether you want to further your career or start in accounting, our training and credentials will provide you with the information and confidence you need to succeed. Enrol today and begin building your accounting and finance career.

AAT courses in bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is at the core of any organisation. It is the cornerstone of enterprises all around the world. Employers have a significant need for bookkeepers with accounting and financial management degrees. By going through each certification level at your speed, you may work your way up from entry-level accounting, starting with bookkeeping, to a senior-level position. As you continue through your education, get on-the-job experience to help you accelerate your path to becoming a chartered accountant.

AAT is the major professional association for entry-level accountants in the United Kingdom. Studying for your AAT certificate with Future Connect Training & Recruitment can help you achieve your future objectives if you want to gain real-world skills that will help you create a career in accounting or finance.

AAT is the world's largest professional organisation for accounting technicians. It is generally recognised as the established industry benchmark for technical accounting competence, with international recognition and recognition from sponsoring groups such as CIPFA, ICAEW, and ICAS. In reality, the AAT is responsible for almost 80% of all vocational accountancy degrees. Companies like Morgan Stanley, Sainsbury's, P&G, the Ministry of Defense, and many more continue to use AAT-certified accountants.

Accounting training can provide you with life-changing benefits. Our AAT courses with hands-on training are ideal for getting a jumpstart on a career as a bookkeeper accountant. AAT Bookkeeping Courses are typically completed over several months. BAn AAT Bookkeeper is qualified to provide bookkeeping services to organisations of all sizes and types, ensuring that financial records are correct and accounts are checked.

A bookkeeper also assists firms in maintaining total financial management. They handle day-to-day accounting chores, including data entry, payroll, and VAT returns, and can prepare anything. The following are examples of services:

  1. Invoices and purchase orders
  2. Credit control and sales accounting
  3. Administration of cash and banking
  4. Making financial statements using data
  5. processing of data
  6. Accounting for payroll

AAT level 2

The AAT level 2 qualification is the first step in the AAT programme. The most critical stage of all is to complete Level 2 AAT. The AAT certificate level will teach you all of the accounting fundamentals. Furthermore, it will provide a solid basis for your future career in accounting. As a result, you'll be better prepared to succeed in the subsequent stages of the AAT certificate.

In other words, you will struggle with the following levels of the AAT trip if you do not complete level 2 AAT and master the foundations. You will need the information from level 2 to continue your studies.

Overview of the Course

Studying for an AAT certificate can help you prepare for an entry-level accounting career and expand your knowledge of financial management. We provide a comprehensive choice of industry-recognized AAT courses, including this AAT Level 2 training course. You'll study double-entry bookkeeping, fundamental costing principles, costings, and how to utilise accounting software, among other things.

This AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate is an excellent starting point for anybody interested in pursuing a career in accounting. We recommend enrolling in our AAT Foundation & Advanced in Accounting courses if you want to earn the knowledge and qualifications needed for more advanced accounting jobs (Level 2 & 3).

AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping (Level 2)

The AAT level 2 course will equip you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform basic bookkeeping chores, as well as a worldwide recognised certification. The programme is a popular way to get started in accounting. The AAT bookkeeping course is perfect for novice financial students. It's also a great way to improve current foundational knowledge, competency, and abilities. You don't need any previous formal credentials to obtain this short qualification. The only criteria are that you are enthusiastic and have basic math abilities.

Student Assistance

Students will have access to their AAT tutor. Our teachers are experts in remote learning and AAT experts and professional accountants. Our student support coordinators are also available to assist delegates with course materials and any technical difficulties they may encounter.


AAT qualification is the best standard in practical accountancy, with over 70,000 persons trained each year and accounting qualifications accounting for more than 90% of all vocational accounting qualifications. It is listed as a Level 2 qualification on the Qualifications and Credit Framework, or Level 5 in the Scottish system. AAT, the UK’s leading professional association for accounting technicians, has accredited the course. 34 UCAS credits are available for the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting (AQ2016 Syllabus).

AAT level 3


Studying the Advanced Diploma AAT level 3 in Accounting will help you advance your profession. This certificate was created for those who want to further their careers in accounting by providing them with the information and abilities they need to perform advanced accounting activities as part of a professional finance team.

Master more difficult accounting disciplines, such as:

  1. monetary procedures
  2. Advanced accounting
  3. Accounts at the end
  4. Accountants' ethical standards

After passing this AAT training, you will be able to work as a Bookkeeper and obtain AATQB accreditation, allowing you to start your firm and provide five services. The AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma is the logical next step on the road to full AAT membership (MAAT) and chartered status.

Who needs this course?

The Advanced Diploma in Accounting at Level 3 is appropriate for:

  1. After finishing the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting, individuals who want to expand their knowledge can take this course.
  2. If you already work in finance to be recognised for your skills, this is the place to be.
  3. If you need to enhance your employability or your chances of advancement,
  4. If you want to join the MAAT, this is the place to go.

Choosing a career path

Anyone interested in continuing a career in accounting or finance would benefit from this course. The Advanced Diploma AAT level 3 in Accounting can lead to work in the following fields:

  1. Assistant in Accounting
  2. Supervisor of Accounts Payable and Expenses
  3. Clerk, Accounts Payable
  4. Accountant's Assistant
  5. Trainee in Auditing
  6. Bookkeeper with experience
  7. Controller of Credit
  8. Assistant to the Finance Department
  9. Administrator of Payroll
  10. Supervisor of Payroll
  11. Bookkeeper Practicum
  12. Assistant in Taxation

What criteria are used to evaluate it?

Students must complete five computer-based tests to receive this certification. We will assist you in passing your exams by providing progressive tests that run throughout the course and example answers for self-evaluation. The cost of the system does not include the assessment costs.

AAT level 4


Study Books and an FMAAT Professional AAT Tutor are in the AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting programme. The Professional Diploma AAT level 4 in Accounting is the final and most advanced level in the AAT Accounting series, allowing you to apply to become an AAT Licensed Accountant and open your practice. Drafting financial statements, managing budgets, and analysing financial performance are all covered in the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting and optional specialised courses, including business tax, personal tax, external auditing, credit management, and cash and treasury management.

AAT Level 4 provides the door to a variety of senior accounting positions, including:

  1. Financial Accountant's Assistant
  2. Analyst, Commercial
  3. Manager of Payroll
  4. Senior Accountant
  5. Supervisor of Taxes
  6. Accountant for VAT

How AAT level 4 course will be assessed?

Students must complete six computer-based tests to receive this certification. We will assist you in passing your exams by providing progressive tests that run throughout the course and sample solutions for the examinations. All students are required to join the AAT as student members. Register as a student member within 14 days of the commencement of your course to have access to additional content and take your exam. 


Each of these courses has four unit assessments and one synoptic assessment, all of which are computer-based and administered at an external test centre. The eight-unit evaluations are accessible on demand all year, but the Synoptics are only available on specific occasions. Consequently, you will complete eight-unit exams and two synoptic examinations during your studies.


While strengthening your abilities in finance administration, bookkeeping, accounting software, and buying, you will acquire a comprehensive and complete introduction to accountancy. You do, however, have two years to finish your course. You will receive all course materials and Sage software via mail after enrolling. For the next two years, you will get complete tutoring support. The Association of Accounting Technicians will grant you an AAT Level 2 Certificate and a Level 3 Diploma in Accounting upon completing your AAT examinations (AAT).


Q.1: Is the AAT recognised in the United Kingdom?

AAT's certifications are internationally recognised and are designed to fulfil the current and future demands of businesses, governments, and students.

Q.2: Is it worthwhile to take an AAT course?

On the other hand, AAT courses are a great place to start before going to university to pursue a finance-related degree. AAT training is a wise investment.

Q.3: What is the duration of the AAT course?

An AAT accountancy qualification typically takes 6 to 8 months for most students. Most bookkeeping students require 3 to 5 months to earn an AAT bookkeeping certificate.