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AAT Bookkeeping Course – Job Opportunities & Salaries

AAT Level 4 Syllabus
Table of Contents
  1. AAT Bookkeeping Course
  2. Advantages of AAT Qualification
  3. Entry Requirements
  4. What can you learn at different levels?
  5. Course Fees
  6. Methods of learning AAT Bookkeeping Course
  7. Certifications
  8. Expected Jobs and Salaries

AAT Bookkeeping Course:

AAT course in accounting can assist you start your career in bookkeeping. Whether you are looking forward to going further in your accounting career or want to become a qualified accountant without any experience? An AAT qualification could be an excellent start to start your career. It is the UK’s leading professional body for accountancy.

By accomplishing this course, you can develop your knowledge and understandings in AAT and gain professional recognition. This helps you to prove yourself that you are having practical skills and fundamental knowledge which employers looks for. What are the levels and outcomes of the course and the average salaries expected after completing AAT bookkeeping course is discussed below.

Advantages of AAT Qualification:

  • This is the qualification which is recognized worldwide.
  • Helps in career progression and development.
  • A member of professional body.
  • Enhancement in abilities and skills.
  • Various career paths and options available.
  • Eligible to study further certifications.

Entry Requirements:

No prior knowledge in accounting or bookkeeping is necessary to start this AAT Bookkeeping course. Basic entry level qualification is for the students who are not having proper background knowledge in bookkeeping can also start their career. AAT qualification is globally recognised. There is no specific age limit, qualification or experience is required to start this course. But a person who has a strong desire to start his career in accounts sector is welcomed.

What can you learn at different levels?

AAT Access Level 1:

This is the basic entry level qualification which requires no experience and knowledge in bookkeeping. Basic introduction to accounts and finance is been covered. Once you complete the AAT access level 1 certification you will be eligible to further progress your career in AAT with different other advanced levels. The candidates who are willing to study this course should be 16yrs old and above. AAT Access level 1 gives you a strong base of single-entry bookkeeping

What can be learnt in detail-

You will be understanding the basic bookkeeping concepts and the role of a bookkeeper.

Financial transactions are being explained and taught.

Simple techniques of bookkeeping are been learnt.

Processing of payments and receipts

AAT Level 2 Qualification: Foundation stage

This is the foundation certification in bookkeeping, it is a fast track route towards the AAT qualification and most of them prefer starting at this foundation level. This course gives you an overall aspect of various financial transactions within the bookkeeping. AAT level 2 gives the adequate information about the financial activities such as dealing with customers, suppliers records, entering invoices, discount calculations.

Learning the AAT bookkeeping foundation course helps you to build up strong foundation of bookkeeping knowledge and skills, which helps to progress in your career with high-level and professional bookkeeping and accountancy positions .At this AAT level you will be learning about payment methods, recording journals and dealing with bank reconciliations. This course helps you to gain more confidence in manual bookkeeping. After completing AAT level 2 qualification further progression would be AAT level 3 qualification which is discussed below.

What can be learnt in detail-

You will be learning about double entry bookkeeping

Bookkeeping transactions and bookkeeping controls are being detailed

Various elements of costing

How to use accounting software to produce various transactions and reports.

Knowledge about the financial operations or functions.

AAT Level 3 Qualification: Intermediate Stage

AAT level 3 qualification which is also known as Advanced Diploma in Accounting. This course will give the necessary professional knowledge and skills for progressing into further career path. This qualification is for the one who have finished their foundation course and further wants to develop their skills in bookkeeping to become an experienced bookkeeper. This course involves technical training in accounting. You will experience the in-depth and complicated accounting disciplines which includes advanced bookkeeping, financial accounts preparation, management accounts costing and indirect tax. Once completed you will be getting the AAT Diploma in accounting certification.

Such technical and practical qualifications of AAT are highly encouraged by the employers. AAT level 3 helps you to apply for the high-quality and professional positions in bookkeeping and accounting. After completing the level 3 qualification which is Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping you will be eligible for AAT bookkeeping membership and can earn (AATQB) status

Course Fees:


Length of course

AAT fees

Training provider fees

AAT Access level1 GCSE Grades(D-G)

6-12 weeks



AAT Level 2

GCSE Grades(A*-C)

12 weeks



AAT Level 3

A level/AS level

6 months



Methods of learning AAT Bookkeeping Course:

There are different ways in which you can study and complete your AAT bookkeeping course, this includes:

  • Classroom learning: Classroom studies is perfect for the students who wants to experience mutual learning. This would be helpful to ask any queries and find the solutions promptly. This type of learning can be natural and strong to gain more knowledge. The course materials are given, and support is provided.
  • Distance and online learning: Distance learning helps you to study remotely with available materials and notes, online access is provided, scope of individual learning. While, online learning helps to have access on the online learning resources, live lectures by the professional tutors and webinars.
  • Full-time and Part-time courses are also available as per the flexibility of the individual’s choice.


  • AAT level 2 certification
  • AAT level 3 certification
  • AAT associate Bookkeeping membership
  • Professional AATQB status.

Expected Jobs and Salaries:

AAT qualifications are in high demand. Employers are looking for the technical and practical knowledge and skills, which would be gained in this qualification.

AAT Levels



AAT Access level 1


Clerical Assistant


AAT level 2

Trainee Bookkeeper

Accounts Administrator

Account Clerk

Finance Assistant

£19,500 - £22,000

AAT level 3

Professional Bookkeeper

Senior Bookkeeper

Accounts Manager

Ledger Manager