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Could you give your next AAT assessment from home?

Could you give your next AAT assessment from home?

AAT assessment consists of a synoptic examination that evaluates the knowledge you have acquired at different levels and covers all assessment topics. Now you can sit your next AAT assessment from home as most institutions have launched their computer-based exams. The AAT assessment centres are moving towards remote examination and learning.

The COVID-19 restricted the mobility of individuals, including students, to go to their educational institutes for classes and examinations. Governments all over the globe issued social distancing and lockdown protocols; thus, remote education and assessment plans are implemented for all academic fields.

What are AAT qualification levels?

Association of Accounting Technicians is abbreviated as AAT and is the managing body for accounting professionals. AAT qualification levels offer a starting point for initiating an accountancy career without having prior experience and qualification. It consists of three levels, including Foundation level, Advanced Diploma, and Professional Diploma, and each group completes in a year. Completing all four levels can guide you to ACCA qualification, accelerating your qualification through the exemption of some exams. The detail on each level is provided below.

AAT level 1 qualification

It is referred to as the Award in Accounting level that provides basic information on topics to facilitate students to build necessary business and finance skills. It contains four units and a single assessment to complete the module.

AAT level 2 qualification

The module is the AAT Foundation certificate in accounting and is equivalent to the GCSE level. The qualification teaches accounting technical training and is important for someone pursuing a career in finance and accountancy.

AAT level 3 qualification

This level is an Advanced Diploma in accounting and is considered equivalent to A levels degree and QCF, Qualification and Credit Framework. The module provides technical information on accountancy and required finance and accountancy skills.

AAT level 4 qualification

It provides lifelong accountancy and finance knowledge and skills and requires completing four essential, two specials, and five optional courses in 420 learning hours.

The AAT levels 2, level 3, and level 4 can be studied through virtual resources and completed after computer-based online assessments. With the flexibility of not attending the official assessment centres for AAT assessment, they can be given on any day at a suitable time at home.

Are in-centre AAT assessments still available in UK post-Covid-19?

As the covid-19 cases have significantly decreased across Europe, particularly England, the government has allowed the institutions to conduct on-campus examinations. The AAT assessment centres are obliged to ensure the social distancing protocols in the centres. Moreover, covid-19 restrictions are relaxed to execute AAT assessment ensuring students’ health and safety.

However, students can choose to avoid visits to stuffy and hot AAT assessment centres and can give exams at home on weekends at their preferred time. Students must remember that only a few institutions are permitted to schedule an online invigilated assessment. The AAT training institutes must update the candidates on their status of examination.

Future Connect Training Institute is offering remote AAT assessment and has issued its booking form on the website. Students can fill the form and schedule their assessment time and date with the institute. They need to know about the additional fees that the institute is taking to offer high-quality invigilation to all candidates.

What will be the AAT assessment procedure for remote examination?

Remote invigilation refers to the innovative procedure of supervising the student’s examination over the internet rather than calling them in assessment centres. The student can give exams at home or any other secure location where they will be closely monitored and recorded the entire time during the exam. With its proven effectiveness on small pilot study participants, the procedure is set to be conducted on a larger candidates’ population.


Accountancy is a popular field in the UK and has flourished in pandemic times as well. The associations for accountancy are seeking to continue their studies through online classes and remote examination systems. Now students can give exams while sitting at home and earn their qualifications.


How many attempts can I take to clear the AAT exam?

If your ages are between 16 to 18 years, you can resit in any qualification level exams only two times in 2 years.

Can I prepare for the AAT exam myself?

Self-studying for preparing for the AAT exam will require an in-depth study of AAT textbooks or choosing a self-study package where trainers work through the course units. However, registering with AAT is a must to get support and supervision for exams.

Is the AAT qualification beneficial for me?

Even if you do not seek to continue the accounting pathway, the AAT qualification will offer you an advantage in your professional life. Moreover, it sets a foundation for your finance and accounting career.

What is the AAT qualification level equal?

AAT level 2 qualification is equivalent to GCSE level, AAT level 3 qualification is equivalent to A levels degree and QCF, Qualification and Credit Framework, and AAT level 4 is a professional level diploma.

Which is easier, ACCA or AAT?

Both qualifications are tough and need effort and time for passing the exam. However, the amount and time for studying for AAT is less and requires less effort to learn and exams than ACCA. The AAT exams are straightforward and easier to pass.