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VAT -Value Added Tax is an indirect tax, sometimes you might also see it discussed to as a type of ordinary feasting tax. VAT applies on most supplies of things and services that are bought & sold. VAT is one of the kinds of tax found everywhere the world. In European countries, cooperations have to pay the tax to the administration that collects from the customers. The net result is that tax revenues to government reflect the ‘value add’ through the supply chain.

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Course Overview

How VAT Training Courses Help You:

  • VAT Training can aid you to a crowd of job seekers. Moreover, if you are thinking of running a business, a VAT training course can benefit you to more clearly understand the matters relating to VAT and help process VAT returns more professionally and accurately. Our VAT Training courses are eligible for CPD Training for bookkeepers and attending this course can give you a complete understanding of how to do VAT return properly.
  • It is an extremely complex field that is often time-consuming to work out. However, with the training course from The VAT People, you can confirm you and your team have the essential knowledge to compute your payments with ease.
  • We offer VAT training courses for our own IT software, mostly in the UK, but sometimes definitely for our clients abroad.
  • VAT training courses VAT training course covers most of the features of VAT used in the accounting procedures used on a daily base within most businesses and organisations.
  • The VAT training displays our students how the VAT rules & regulations applied in the maintenance and planning of bookkeeping records.
  • VAT training emphasises the reputation of completing VAT returns properly.
  • We explain when a business charges output VAT, and when the company is approved to recover input VAT.

The Quality Of Our VAT Training:

  • Our VAT Training course uses situations which demonstrate how to deal with VAT on an international basis. There are additional VAT Rules for cross-border dealings and international services. Our seminars emphasis on the complex VAT treatment related to international services.
  • On the accomplishment of our VAT training course you will have:
  • Knowledge and real-world experience using computerised bookkeeping and payroll packages such as Sage, IRIS, Sage Payroll, QuickBooks, TAS or VT
  • Ability using MS Excel spreadsheets.

What is a VAT return?

Almost every firm is required to file a VAT return. The Output VAT and Input VAT information to be reported to the Taxman is contained in the VAT Return (HMRC). HMRC knows exactly how much the company owes them according to the VAT return.

Furthermore, HMRC has the authority to refund any VAT overpayments that can only be ascertained by filing a correct VAT return.

How to Fill Out a VAT Return?

Before submitting a VAT return, firms must first register with HMRC. Businesses must meet certain requirements to get VAT registered and receive a VAT Registration number. After the company has been reported, it can file the VAT return regularly using the appropriate VAT forms. In general, there are several VAT schemes accessible. Some specialised VAT schemes are exclusively available to specific sectors.

Why do you need VAT training?

VAT is a complicated and perplexing aspect of accounting, making it tough and time-consuming for businesses to understand. However, ensuring that your employees are properly trained to manage VAT should be a top concern. Failure to do so can increase expenses, accounting errors, and the danger of regulatory fines.

It is why The VAT People can provide customised VAT training for your company, ensuring that all staff members have the essential knowledge to compute payments easily. Even if you don't find VAT particularly perplexing, you may want assurance that everyone in your company is properly accounting for VAT. We have the experience and ability to assist you.

VAT Preparation and Submission Training

Understanding how to prepare and file a VAT Return might help you stand out from the swarm of job applicants. Furthermore, suppose you own or want to own a business. 

In that case, the vat training course will assist you in better understanding the challenges surrounding VAT and processing VAT returns more precisely and effectively. 

Our VAT Training courses are CPD-eligible for accountants, and completing this course will provide you with a more in-depth understanding of how to achieve a VAT return properly.

Course Content of VAT training

  1. Analysis of various VAT Schemes
  2. Using a Spreadsheet to Calculate VAT
  3. VAT reconciliation
  4. Analysis of VAT on imports and exports
  5. Using Spreadsheet, calculate VAT for a firm with zero-rated and standard-rated sales mix.
  6. TOMS (Total Orthodontic Management System) (Tour Operator Margin Scheme)
  7. Understanding the VAT Concepts
  8. VAT Return Submission to HMRC

The submission of VAT returns is mandatory for all enterprises. It entails providing HMRC with input and output VAT data to tell them how much money firms owe them. HMRC also reimburses you for any overcompensation of VAT; however, you must submit correct VAT return estimations.

Accounting Software Sage 50

Future Connect Training Institute offers practical VAT return training utilising Sage 50 Accounts software. Practical accounting instruction, such as bookkeeping and filing to HMRC websites, is included in the programme.

Who Should Attend The VAT Return Training Program?

VAT Return is for all accountants and financial professionals who want to refresh their skills and understanding of the basic VAT regulations and concepts that apply to businesses. It may be good for people who wish to improve their skills and knowledge to work in the VAT business.

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